How much does Walgreens Pay?

Walgreens is a major retail and wholesale business that is focused on selling pharmaceutical and drug-related products, beauty products, and toiletries. As of today, Walgreens is present in over 25 countries with a mammoth number of 21,000 stores worldwide.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a pharmacist (which is the most common job in this industry) is in the range of $62-$67.

So, if you are looking to work in the pharmacy retail space and are wondering how much does Walgreens pay, be sure to read this article as we will clear all your doubts regarding this.

How much do Walgreens Workers make?

If you are a pharmacy technician at Walgreens, you will be entitled to a payment of $12.68/hour. Moreover, the next best preferrable job, which is of a senior customer service representative will be entitled to a payment of $15.22/hour. Other job positions like pharmacy managers and pharmacists are entitled to a payment of $42.96/hour and $50.19/hour respectively.

Also, there are other job positions like that of a customer service representative and a call center representative who is entitled to a pay per hour of $10.39 and $14.24 respectively. Some benefits entitled to Walgreens employees include

  • Timely Holidays and Shift-Offs
  • Paid Life Insurance by the company
  • Life and Personal Accident Insurance
  • Health and Medicinal Benefits
  • Timely Pay-outs &
  • Stock and Profit-Sharing Plans
Employee RoleLowest ($)Highest ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Pharmacy Technician11.5015.6812.68
Senior Customer Service Representative12.6718.2715.22
Pharmacy Manager31.2553.6742.96
Call Centre Representatives12.2516.6414.24

So, looking at the table above, we can get a brief idea of the average salary of a Walgreens employee. Now, in the next section, let’s have a detailed look at almost every job position at Walgreens. This will help you get a clear perspective of how well Walgreens pays.

Walgreens Pay by Position

The average Walgreens certified pharmacy technician earns around $14.68/hour. Moreover, if you look at some common positions such as senior and junior customer service representatives, they are entitled to a salary of $15.22/hour and $10.39/hour respectively.

Below we have mentioned the average pay/hour according to some popular job positions.

Employee RoleNational Average ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Pharmacy Assistant15.6712.16
Customer Service Representative12.8214.16
Certified Pharmacy Technician19.6711.55
Pharmacy Technician14.5312.68
Senior Customer Service Representative18.5215.22
Pharmacy Manager53.2542.96
Call Centre Representatives13.3614.24
Pharmacy Technician (Intern)12.3610.78
Pharmacy Intern18.5616.52

So, we can see that the average pay/hour at any given position is lower than the national average (except for the customer service representatives and call center representatives). Now, you might be wondering what is the highest paying job position? Let’s find out below.

What is Walgreens highest Paying Job Position?

The highest paying job at Walgreens is that of a staff pharmacist. The average pay/hour is $62.57. Also, the average annual salary is $130,145. However, this is not the final figure as there are incentives, bonuses, shares, and profit-sharing. So, this figure can reach anywhere between $130,000-150,000.

The next best salary as per the job position is that of a pharmacist manager. The annual salary can range from anywhere between $105,000-120,000. Also, this can have added incentives such as shares, discounts, and bonuses.

Also, the salaries at different positions may vary from state to state. So, next, let’s look at how pay-outs vary from state to state at Walgreens.

Walgreens Pay by State

Since the cost of living varies greatly from area to area, hence we can see varied pay-outs of Walgreens employees. These factors add in regardless of the company. So, below we have mentioned the average hourly wage and the minimum wage in a specific state.

StateMinimum Wage State-wise ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
District of Columbia17.8515.84

So, as we can see, the average salary/hour varies largely from state to state. Moreover, in a lot of states, we can observe that the average salary of a Walgreens employee is higher than the minimum wage in that state. Hence, we can say that Walgreens is a great way to start your career as an intern.

How Often do Walgreens Employees get Paid?

Walgreens employees get their pay-outs bi-weekly, usually on Thursdays. However, recent reports on state that they are sometimes late on payments. Also, the management staff gets a monthly pay-out schedule.

Moreover, payments get directly deposited into the employee’s bank account or even through a payment card system.

Now, you might be wondering about bonus schemes at Walgreens. Well, let’s look into that in the next section.

Do Walgreens Employees Get Bonus?

Walgreens has been very generous with bonus schemes and profit-sharing. In September 2021, Walgreens announces a $1250 one-time bonus to pharmacists practicing full time. Moreover, part-time pharmacists would be entitled to a bonus of $1000.

Also, Walgreen announced a $1000 bonus to pharmacy technicians who became certified to administer the Covid-19 Vaccines.

Apart from bonuses, Walgreens employees are entitled to certain benefits which we will cover in the next section.

What Benefits do Walgreens Employees Get?

Walgreens offers all employees basic benefits such as proper health insurance and a 401k. Moreover, their benefits can be comparable to industry giants. Some of its benefits are listed below.

  • A 401k, which helps employees have retirement savings
  • A proper stock purchase plan and profit sharing
  • Flexible working hours with recess time in between
  • Paid sick leaves and paid travel/vacation or offs
  • Free medicine and other drug-related requirements
  • Proper medical insurance for all employees. The medical insurance is around 1.5 times the base annual salary of the employee.