Average Cost for Apple Watch Screen Repair 2022

Apple Watches are versatile, reliable, and incredibly useful to users. From outdoor activities to swimming activities in shallow water, Apple Watches can be worn by the user in a variety of environments.

Despite their sturdiness, there are instances where the smartwatch screen of an Apple Watch may become damaged or inoperable. Given the technology packed within a smartwatch, having a screen replaced must be done safely and properly.

If screen replacement is not done correctly, other parts of the Apple Watch or the replacement screen being installed can be damaged during the repair. The last thing a user wants is to damage their smartwatch beyond use when attempting to fix a broken screen.

Apple Watch users may not know that Apple can replace smartwatch screens for a service fee, dependent upon the model and coverage provided.

How Much Does It Cost for Apple Watch Screen Repair?

A typical screen replacement for Apple Watch costs around $199 for Apple Watch 1 & 2 series, $229 for Apple Watch 3, $299 for Apple Watch 4, and $399 for Apple Watch 5 or 6 series. If you have AppleCare+, Apple will replace an Apple Watch screen for $79.

If you’re considering upgrading your Apple Watch instead of repairing it, read our guide on the reasons why you should upgrade your Apple Watch.

Pricing only applies if the damage is not covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty or consumer law. For more information on the warranty for all Apple branded products, check out Apple’s one year Limited Warranty as of March 11, 2021.

Average Cost To Repair An Apple Watch Screen

The cost to replace an Apple Watch screen varies depending on the smartwatch model and if the smartwatch is covered under AppleCare+ or carrier insurance. Limited edition Apple smartwatches will cost much more to have screen replacement completed than more common models.

Screen Replacement Under AppleCare+ and Carrier Insurance

Pricing for replacing the screen of an Apple Watch covered by AppleCare+ or carrier insurance applies only to Apple Watch Series 3 or newer models, and is as follows:

ModelAppleCare+Carrier Insurance
Series 6$79$29 – $249
SE$49$29 – $225
Series 5$79$29 – $249
Series 4$79$29 – $275
Series 3$49$29 – $225

AppleCare+ is service support coverage directly from Apple. Similar to carrier insurance, AppleCare+ can be purchased for a monthly fee and provides coverage if your device is ever lost, stolen, or damaged after the expiration of Apple’s Limited Warranty. AppleCare+ also includes complimentary 24/7 technical support. AppleCare+ can be purchased at the time a new Apple product is purchased or within 60 days after either in-device, online, or at an Apple store.

Carrier insurance is coverage supplied by your cellular carrier for your device if ever lost, stolen, or damaged the after expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. A commonly used carrier device insurance plan is Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection coverage, which costs $15 per month with a $29 deductible. Carrier insurance can be purchased by contacting your provider, online, or in-store.

Screen Replacement Outside of Warranty, AppleCare+ or Carrier Insurance

Devices that are no longer covered by Apple’s Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, or any carrier insurance plans are recommended to be repaired under Apple Watch Authorized Service. For this service, Apple smartwatches are sent to an Apple Repair Center for specialized attention and repair.

This service takes up to 5 business days and costs an out-of-warranty fee.

Apple does not recommend sending watches to be repaired by any unauthorized service providers, as proper repair cannot be guaranteed and no costs inflicted through improper repair will be reimbursed by Apple. Unauthorized service providers have proven unreliable by those who have tried repairing Apple Watches through them.

Pricing for replacing the screen of an Apple Watch out-of-warranty and not covered by AppleCare+ or any carrier insurance is as follows:

ModelOut-of-Warranty Fee
Series 6$229 – $499
SE$219 – $249
Series 5$229 – $800
Series 4$229 – $399
Series 3$259 – $800
Series 2$199 – $800
1st Gen$199 – $2,800

For more information on out-of-warranty pricing, such as for specific models like Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Nike SE (GPS), refer to Apple Support’s total out-of-warranty service pricing guide.

When to Replace Apple Watch Screen

For any damage which causes the inoperability of an Apple Watch screen, replacement should be conducted soon – regardless of how severe the damage is.

Apple’s Limited Warranty only lasts for one year after purchase of any Apple branded product. If your Apple Watch screen is damaged and covered under the warranty, contact Apple quickly to schedule screen replacement, especially if you do not remember when you purchased the watch.

If you do not have AppleCare+ or insurance after the warranty expires, you will be left paying a hefty out-of-warranty service fee. Even if your Apple Watch is covered after the expiration of the warranty, move quickly to guarantee you will receive AppleCare+ or carrier insurance pricing for screen replacement.

Apart from losing out on repair savings, more damage can be inflicted to the Apple Watch if not soon repaired. Depending on the severity and location of the damage, sensor features or screen functionality can be further damaged over time. In a worst-case scenario, water-resistance could be compromised, allowing water to seep into the smartwatch and inflict irreparable damage.

You can reach Apple regarding service to an Apple Watch online through Apple Support or in-store. To find the nearest Apple store to you, refer to Apple’s retail store finder.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Apple Watch Screen?

An Apple Watch screen can be replaced on average for around $79 under AppleCare+, for $29 – $225 under carrier insurance, or $229 – $399 if paying Apple’s out-of-warranty service fee. A defective screen covered under Apple’s Limited Warranty can be replaced free of charge.

Repairing your Apple Watch on your own or hiring an unauthorized repair provider is risky and has the potential to cause more damage to your device.

If you decide to replace an Apple Watch screen yourself, please note that the procedure is difficult and intricate. Various tools are required during the process, which can inflict damage on the Apple Watch if used improperly. For more information, visit the iFixit Apple Watch Screen Replacement Guide and proceed with caution.

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