Walmart Photo Price Guide

You may have noticed that Walmart has changed its photo printing services from film development to producing digital prints. Today, Walmart has become one of the most popular stores to create prints from digital photos.

Their low prices, fast service, and convenience because they are located inside a larger store containing groceries, products, and other services. So how much does it cost to print pictures at Walmart?

How Much Does It Cost To Print Puctures At Walmart?

Printing pictures at Walmart start at $0.09 per print. While the variety of sizes and types of print is not as varied as their competitors, they do offer low prices and great convenience in their digital photo printing services.

Walmart will blow up pictures for you. A poster size of 20×30 cost $18.86, and a even bigger print size of 24×36 cost $20.86. There are many templates available including full photo, text, or collages from Walmart’s website.

What follows are examples of Walmart prices per size of each standard size picture. This assumes you are ordering a single picture each. Bulk prices are slightly smaller and require a minimum order as stated on their website. Keep in mind that these prices may have changed since the publication of this article.

Walmart Photo Prices


You may have noticed that the prices do not fall exactly with the size of the print. A 5 x 5 is the same as a 5 x 7 for example. This is because prices are based on demand and not necessarily the size of the print. Keep in mind that sizes available which are larger than 8 x 8 cost significantly more.

Walmart Photo Types

Walmart has divided its digital printing services into different categories. Each category has its own price point.

  • Standard Prints: Starting as low as $0.09
  • Collage Prints: Starting at $0.15
  • Large Prints: 11 x 14 and larger. Starting at $5.86
  • Passport Prints: Starting at $7.44
  • Posters: Starting at $4.69
  • Framed Matted Prints: Starting at $31.96

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There is also business printing available for those who want to create banners, corporate gifts, and other business related printed. Prices start at $0.28.

1 Hour Pickup | Shipping

The difference in the prices is based on the size, number, and type of prints you want to order. Each price is listed with the type of print on Walmart’s website.

Walmart 1 Hour Pickup: You can have most prints ready in one hour. Perfect when you need prints right away. Keep in mind that some types of prints cannot be ready in one hour. That will be listed on their website.

Walmart Same Day Pickup: If you plan on shopping at Walmart later that day. Or, if you are ordering larger prints such as posters for example, then same-day pickup is available for you. Each print or size will denote whether it is limited to same-day pickup or if it can be available in 1 hour.

Walmart Home Delivery: Once the prints are ready, they can be mailed to your home. This is the slowest delivery of all digital print services offered by Walmart, but it does have the convenience of not having to go to their store. The prices for home delivery are the same per print compared to 1 hour or same-day services. The only difference is the postage you pay to have the prints delivered.

Home delivery is perfect for those who cannot get out to shop at Walmart for other reasons. This way, you can stay at home and get the prints you ordered online without having to step outside.

Once again, there is no price difference in terms of printing 1 hour, same day, or home delivery. The only exception is that there are discounts available for home delivery in certain sizes. Check with the Walmart website to find out which ones are discounted.

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Bulk Discount

Yes, there is a discount depending on how many prints you order. The discount will depend on the size and type of print that is used. For prints, there are bulk discounts for the following sizes.

  • 4 x 5.3
  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7

Walmart Price vs Competitors

When compared to the other chain stores that print photos such as FedEx, Office Depot, or Staples, Walmart offers highly competitive prices.

For those who wish to print some digital photos from their phone, Walmart offers the added value of greater convenience since it is just one part of a much larger department and grocery store.

In other words, the prices Walmart offers are as low, if not a bit lower depending on the varying prices offered by Walmart’s competitors. They are generally low enough to be considered a solid deal.

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Best Way to Order Walmart Photo

The best way to order Walmart photos is online. Walmart has created an easy-to-use site that allows you to upload your digital photos, order the type of prints you want, and pay for the service on the site as well. This means all you need to do is pick up your prints from Walmart when they are ready.

Since there is no real difference in price between same-day, 1-hour, and home delivery save for the postage, you can choose from any of them based on their convenience.

If you need the photos right away, later in the day in when you are going to Walmart on other business, or you cannot get away, choose the option that works best for you.

Although Walmart may be the most convenient, the biggest downside is that they lack variety in terms of size and type of prints compared to its major competitors. For example, they have a limited number of sizes for prints with solid backing, such as foam boards.

How to Order Photo Prints at Walmart

How to Order Photo Prints from Your Phone