How Much Does It Cost to Print at FedEx? Black & White | Color | Pricing

Although FedEx is mostly associated with delivery, they are also one of the leading national printing companies. Across the US, you can find FedEx offices that can print a wide variety of items. From standard documents to cards, posters, and more, FedEx printing is one of the most used of the national printing companies which includes Staples, Office Depot, and others.

FedEx generally does not advertise its printing costs. The usual approach is that you make your order online which is then calculated based on your requirements. A package price is then created for your order. That price may vary considerably depending on your needs.

It may also depend on the store itself. This is because FedEx printing is often part of a franchise or other store that may add costs to the printing itself. This means that you may find small differences between FedEx printing stores depending on the type of printing and availability. Because FedEx does not advertise a list of prices on their site, they will ask you to find and call a FedEx location near you, or you will only know what they charge when you make your order.

Below is a list of starting price for types of their printing products:

ANNOUNCEMENT CARDSStarting at $17.99 for 20
BACKLIT PRINTSStarting at $45.00
BANNERSStarting at $89.99
BROCHURESStarting at $33.99 for 25
BUSINESS CARDSStarting at $24.99 for 100
CALENDARSStarting at $18.99
CANVAS PRINTSStarting at $34.99
CAR MAGNETSStarting at $69.00 per pair
CERTIFICATESStarting at 95¢
CUSTOM FRAMESStarting at $12.50 for a 5×5
DISPLAY BANNERSStarting at $129.99
FLYERSStarting at $34.99
HOLIDAY CARDSStarting at $17.99 for 25
MENUSStarting at $17.99 for 25
NOTE CARDSStarting at $19.99 for 20
PHOTOBOOKSStarting at $25.00
PHOTO POSTERSStarting at $27.99
POSTERSStarting at $34.99
POSTCARDSStarting at $24.99 for 50
SIGNSStarting at $37.99
RÉSUMÉSStarting at $1.15

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In addition, another factor in the cost is whether you want a FedEx employee to do the printing or if you want to do it yourself. For copies of documents, it is recommended that you do the work yourself to save time and money. This means that you can walk in to any FedEx printing store and use the available machines for self-printing.

One advantage that many FedEx printing offices have is that you can contact the store directly either by phone or email and send in a custom order. If you have requirements that cannot be easily ordered through their website, this is often the best way to go.

FedEx Black & White Printing Cost

Black and white printing is the cheapest type of printing that FedEx offers to its customers. For single and multi-page document printing on small formats, the cost starts at 49 cents per page. This assumes that the format is letter, legal, or tabloid size that ranges from 8” x 11” up to 11” x 17”.

FedEx Color Printing Cost

FedEx Color printing is more expensive and generally starts at 89 cents per page. This assumes that the format is letter, legal, or tabloid size up to 11” x 17”. As with the black and white printing, this means that you are making copies either directly at the workstation provided or you make the order to FedEx through their online site.

FedEx Various Paper Size Printing Cost

Up to 11” x 17” has the same cost that starts at 49 cents for black and white and 89 cents for color. Again, these prices may vary depending on several factors which may include the size of the order itself. Keep in mind that large orders may receive a discount per page, so keep that in mind when making your order.

FedEx has additional charges for paper that is larger than 11” x 17”. There are two sizes that will determine the price that will be charged per page.

  • Up to 3 Square Feet: $5.99 per page
  • Above 3 Square Feet: $9.99 per page

Such larger sizes are generally reserved for blueprints, posters, and the like. The prices will also vary depending on the paper type as well. 

FedEx Printing Paper Type

In addition to standard type of paper, there are three different types that FedEx offers its customers for various uses. These non-standard types have their specific uses and there are no set prices, except to say that they are more expensive compared to standard paper. Again, the overall price will depend on the size of the order, the availability of the paper, and whatever additions need to be made such as lamination and the like.

Cardstock: This is thicker and heavier compared to standard paper. The cardstock may be coated or non-coated depending on your needs. The most typical uses for cardstock include postcards, paper menus, and invitations.

Cardboard: This type of cardboard is created from unbleached wood pulp. It consists of two outer layers that surround an inner layer which is corrugated. This means that the appearance of the corrugated cardboard will not be nearly as pleasing compared to cardstock. It is generally used for shipping materials where durability and strength are far more important to how it appears.

Foam Board: Sometimes called foam core, this is two outer layers of paper that surround a polystyrene core. Inexpensive, lightweight, and perfect for presentations, foam board is a popular choice for many business owners thanks to its appearance and strength.

Another factor is whether you want to coat or not coat the final product. Coating adds a protective layer that sharpens the text and images. Coating comes in matte up to high gloss finishes depending on your needs. If you want the final product to look better or be better protected from humidity, then coating is recommended which does add to the cost.

Is FedEx Cheaper than Their Competitors?

The answer will depend in large part on factors that do not apply to every FedEx, Staples, and Office Depot store. This is because the prices vary between each type of printing project which includes the size, paper, color or black and white, and other factors that go into the price.

So, depending on where you live, the price of FedEx printing may be the same, slightly cheaper, or slightly more expensive compared to its competitors. There really is no single answer because there is no standard price to compare FedEx to their competitors.

What can be said is that you can determine the price of your project by entering it online at FedEx, Staples, and Office Depot and let them present what they have to offer.