How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Rent A Truck? (Starting $129/Day)

Home Depot is your one-stop shop for home improvement and gives you a singular location to get tools, appliances, and even rent trucks to help move everything around in a specialty rugged truck that can handle almost any job you throw at it.

You’ll be able to choose between pickup trucks, vans, moving trucks, and flatbeds to get the job done easier and in some cases can be cheaper than other truck rental companies and much more maneuverable.

Cost To Rent A Truck From Home Depot

Renting a truck from Home Depot will cost you around $129 per day, they offer short rentals to get your purchases home, which is $19 for 75 minutes, or if you need the truck longer, you can pay $903 for one full week.

Your standard options are an F250 flatbed truck, a T250 flatbed truck, or a cargo van, and you’ll need to leave a $150 deposit on a valid credit card.

Deposit75 Minutes1 Day1 WeekMax Load Capcity
F250 Flatbed Truck$150$19$129$9033,000 lbs
T250 Flatbed Truck$150$19$129$9033,000 lbs
Cargo Van$150$19$129$9033,000 lbs
Moving Box Truck$150$29$139$9733,850 lbs

Home Depot also offers a Moving Box Truck for $29 for the first 75 minutes, $139 for one day, or $973 for a full week. They’re better suited if you have more gear to move or may be using them for moving house and need extra storage space for your items.

You get unlimited mileage on your truck but must pay for any gas you use. If you return your truck with less gas than it had when you took it, you will be charged extra for refilling the tank.

You may be able to get AAA, military, or other discounts for your truck rental, so make sure you check when you call or visit Home Depot.

How is Home Depot Truck Rental Cost Calculated

Home Depot will charge you for the time you take the truck. One-day truck rental is $129, and you’ll need to leave a $150 deposit that you get back when you return the truck.

You’ll also need to pay for gas, which is currently $4.32/gallon and Home Depot trucks average 14 – 16 mpg, so you can estimate how much your gas is going to cost based on distance traveled.

Industry-wide the costs for rental cars and trucks have gone up during the pandemic, though for Home Depot, the cost increase is likely more to do with high demand from DIYers that need to get supplies and equipment home now that they spend more time working from home currently.

What to Know Before Renting A Home Depot Truck

To rent a Home Depot truck, you must be 21 years old and have a valid US or Canadian driver’s license and your own vehicle insurance.

Payment can only be taken with a valid credit card that you own, so without that, you won’t be able to rent a Home Depot truck.

You can’t rent a Home Depot truck online, but you can check for availability at your local store before going in, and you can rent the truck at the service desk.

Cost of Renting a Trailer From Home Depot

Home Depot can rent you a trailer with your truck; the cost is between $30 – $50 per day; you can also rent a trailer for a minimum of 4 hours which costs between $21 – $35; you’ll need to leave a $100 credit card deposit for any trailer rental.

5′ x 8′ Trailer3′ x 5′ Trailer
4 Hours$35$21
1 Day$50$30
1 Week$200$120
4 Weeks$600$360

If you rent something from Home Depot that requires towing, then your truck will come with a tow-hitch. Otherwise, you’ll need to supply your own, and they cost around $294 and can be purchased from Home Depot.

Cost of Renting a Penske Moving Truck at Home Depot

Home Depot and Penske have partnered to provide you with a range of trucks that you can rent for moving apartments or anything else that requires more space than a Home Depot standard truck. The standard price is $29.99 + $0.79 per mile, plus a range of other fees and costs required.

1 Day Fee$29.99
50 Mile Fee$39.50
Extra Charges$6.50
Security Deposit$150

You can rent a variety of sizes, from a 12-foot truck up to a 26-foot truck; the cost is $29.99 for one day with the added cost of $0.79 per mile you drive. With all costs added up, one day of Penske truck driving 50 miles would cost you $250.94 total.

You would get your $150 deposit back if there were no damage, so your cost drops down to $150.94

Home Depot Truck Rental Price Comparison

Comparing Home Depot truck rental to some of the bigger names, Home Depot comes out as a slightly more expensive truck rental. But, the biggest benefit is that you get unlimited mileage, so it can be a cheaper option if you combine all of your pickups and driving in a single day.

Company1-Day Cost50 Mile DriveTotal
Home Depot F250$129$0$129
Penske 16 Foot Truck$29.99$39.50$69.49
Uhaul 17 Foot Truck$39.99$54.50$94.49
Budget 16 Foot Truck$29.99$44.50$74.49

Most other standard truck rental companies for personal use charge between $29.99 and $39.99 for one day, and the cost per mile differs for similar-sized trucks. Penske through Home Depot is the cheapest at $0.79/mile, Budget is $0.89/mile, and UHAUL is the most expensive at $1.09/mile.

If you pick a smaller truck or van, then your prices can go down on the per-mile cost, but if you get bigger trucks, the costs stay the same for most companies from around 15 feet to 26 feet, so convenience and availability are the only issues there.

Advantage Of Renting A Home Depot Truck

The other big advantage with Home Depot is that you get an easy-to-drive truck, such as an F250 which is much more convenient, especially in cities where you may need to park or go underground.

An F250 is up to 6.8 feet high; most underground parking structures max out at 7 feet, so the other trucks aren’t going to have great options within cities or if you live in an apartment building.