How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Carpet?

You can have a professional install your carpet by searching for a local contractor near you. Use google maps or visit your local Chamber of Commerce website and hire a member from there.

Yelp is a reliable way to look at the reviews and get an idea of the company you want to hire. From then on, talk with the contractor and make sure they are capable of installing your carpet.

You can also schedule a free in-home measurement consultation from Home Depot and have them install it for you. Home Depot has many stores so it’s best to contact one near you.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge for Carpet Installation?

Home Depot offers free installation when you choose to purchase a carpet over $499 or more. The pricing includes affordable financing(if you prefer to make monthly payments) and a lifetime warranty on labor installation and seams.

A free sample collection of carpets to choose from; sent right to your home for free when you schedule an in-home measurement and free service for getting rid of your old one for you.

What is Included in Home Depot’s Carpet Installation?

Home Depot offers a price match guarantee for any comparable product plus the installation quote by 10%, including a limited warranty for stains and soil resulted from most food and beverages.

The Soil-Stain Warranty is limited to only the result of foot traffic activity bringing dirt in the home. It is imperative to consult The Home Depot Carpet Buying Guide to learn more about the warranty.

In addition, Home Depot works on carpet stairways, rip away, haul old carpets, and move your furniture for free.

Are You Saving Money With Home Depot Installing Your Home Carpet Compared to Buying Elsewhere?

Saving money using Home Depot is probably the best option because of the free installation with a carpet purchase(including a warranty) just by purchasing a carpet from one of their selections.

Most independent contractors or businesses do not offer free installation or a lifetime warranty. If you regularly maintain your carpet using professional cleaning services, you qualify for Home Depot’s Carpet Warranty policy.

This package has a cost of only $499 altogether, including the carpet being part of the deal. The buying experience is simplified and easy to understand, and the installation process is quick and professionally done.

In conclusion, the price matching they offer for similar carpet installation of competitors makes them a clear winner in this case.

Here are some examples of the average costs a homeowner may accrual when choosing an independent contractor to install their carpet.

  • Estimates of 1,200 sq. ft x $1.50(on the lower end of price range) per square foot come to be around $1,800.
  • Expect up to $2,200 -$2,900 for 2 Bedrooms-5 Bedrooms; including the hallway and stairs
  • With the average being $2.50 per square foot or $10 per yard.
  • It cost upwards of $4000 to install carpet tile in an office.
  • $500 to install a carpet in a small studio apartment.
  • Removing old carpets can cost up to $800.

What is The Process Like Buying Carpet Installation From Home Depot?

The process starts with visiting a local Home Depot near you or contacting the store through their official website. From then on, ask for assistance if you need clarification about which carpet would look best and fit the overall presentation of your home.

Once you have selected the desired carpet, it is time to get a home measurement done. You will learn about the price and which part of the home the brand new carpet covers.

You can have the carpet shipped directly to your address or place a backorder if it is out of stock. Additional steps may apply when deciding on the minor yet crucial details of what fabric works best in your home, and the fitting of carpet space.

Be sure to ask for assistance when tearing down and hauling away the old carpet and moving furniture like bed frames, drawers, and desks. Home Depot will be able to provide you with assistance.

After the measurements and initial preparation are complete, Make sure there is nothing in the way of the professionals arriving to install your carpet.

Move the unnecessary items out of the way for the installation. The process involves noise and debris so it is best not to have children or pets in the same area as the installation.

The timeframe will last according to the size and unique outlay of your home carpet. You may need to be patient while the professionals are doing their work.

Communicate with the professionals. Figure out the answers to any concerns you may have about the installation of the carpet. You can ask about the handling of the post carpet installation care.

To satisfy the Home Depot Carpet Warranty, you must regularly use professional cleaning services to maintain the quality of the carpet.

How Much Would It Cost to have Home Depot Install Your Carpet?

Home Depot gives free installation when you purchase a carpet with a value of $499 or more. Aside from having a $0 installation fee, Home Depot provides excellent service that meets you every step of the way. On top of that, they offer satisfaction or your money-back policy.

The price includes affordable financing if you prefer to make monthly payments, scheduling an in-home measurement, professional help that installs the carpet for you, and a lifetime warranty package.

When you choose Home Depot, the money, time, and decision-making over which independent contractor will have the better price or scheduling will vastly outweigh the benefits of going a different route and choosing to seek services elsewhere.