Home Depot Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

Home Depot sells an extensive range of garbage disposals in-store and online; for people looking to get theirs installed, Home Depot can also provide installation services through trusted third-party plumbing companies. 

The garbage disposal installation must be a replacement for the existing garbage disposal; the installation service won’t install a garbage disposal for the first time under your sink.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install A Garbage Disposal?

The average cost for Home Depot to install your garbage disposal is $119 plus the cost of your garbage disposal, which can range anywhere from $61 – $359, but $119 is average for a good unit.

Your exact installation cost will vary based on your location and the garbage disposal that you pick. Home Depot keeps similar services in the same location at the same prices, so other installations like bathroom faucets are also in the same $119 – $199 price range.

Average Installation Cost$119
Installation Cost Range$119 – $199
Garbage Disposal Unit Cost$61 – $159
Power Cord$15

Installation costs are for labor only to replace existing garbage disposal where power and plumbing are already set up. You can’t pay for Home Depot to install garbage disposal where one hasn’t already been before.

If your garbage disposal doesn’t come with a power cord, make sure you include that in your purchase, which adds another $15. Hardwired power can be done as part of your installation cost as long as that is still code approved in your city, this is a possible problem for older homes or where DIY work has been done.

If your wiring or power plug isn’t up to city code, then you’ll need to have a GFCI plug installed by an electrician, and your garbage disposal installation will not be possible until that is done; average costs for 1 GFCI power receptacle are around $200 by a licensed electrician.

Everything else for your garbage disposal installation should already be in place, including any hose, connectors, or drain plugs.

Total Cost (Labor & Unit)

On average, Home Depot garbage disposal installation costs around $253 total for the labor and material. The labor is $119, and the garbage disposal unit cost around $119 for a unit that lasts 10+ years.

Average Installation$119
Average Garbage Disposal Unit$119
Power Cord$15
Total Cost$253

The installation comes with a 1-year limited warranty to cover any failure due to the actual installation. Your garbage disposal should come with a 1-year parts warranty at a minimum, or add around $18 to your order for a 2-year extended parts warranty from Home Depot.

The HomeDepot.com website is an excellent resource that will allow you to check which garbage disposals can be installed as part of their service so that you can get a good price range for your local store.

If you buy or want to check pricing or installation online, just select one of the possible garbage disposals, go to the checkout area, and under the unit will be an option to get installation which includes the price for your local store and specific garbage disposal.

You can either go pick up the garbage disposal or for $8.99, you can have it delivered as part of your installation service. 

Home Depot Price Comparison

Home Depot isn’t known as the most cost-effective solution for any type of installation; however, the work is guaranteed by Home Depot from licensed and verified installers, so you pay a premium for an expected excellent service.

Installation CostGarbage DisposalTools
Home Depot$119$119$0
Handyman$80 – $200$119$0

The cost of the same average garbage disposal is around $119 whether you buy it from Home Depot, Lowes, or even Amazon, so that doesn’t factor into the overall cost comparison.

Home Depot vs. Lowes

Typically, Lowes will give you slightly lower prices on installation, by about $30 depending on where you’re located, and they offer a similar guarantee on the installation from licensed and verified installers.

Home Depot and Lowes have a similar number of locations across North America; however, Lowes is not in convenient locations for some people. For instance, I would need to go past at least 3 Home Depot before I got to a Lowes in my location and I don’t have a car.

Home Depot vs. Handyman

If you purchase garbage disposal and then hire an independent handyman, you could pay anywhere from $80 – $200, but if you shop around, most locations will have someone that can install a garbage disposal for $100 on average.

The actual installation doesn’t require a high level of skill and for most people, should be possible in under an hour. If there are any electrical changes required, then a handyperson should be able to handle those changes as well, unlike Lowes or Home Depot installers.

DIY Garbage Disposal Installation

Installing a garbage disposal is actually a pretty easy DIY task that most people can do with the help of a good video. You may have the tools required already; otherwise, it’ll cost you $40 – $60 worth of tools for your DIY installation.

How to Buy the Installation Service from Home Depot

If you’ve purchased your garbage disposal in-store or online, you can call or visit your local Home Depot, and the service desk will arrange your garbage disposal installation.

You may also have the option of adding professional installation to your online orders, but if that’s not the case, then you’ll need to contact your local Home Depot store directly.

What’s Included in the Installation

Garbage disposal installation from Home Depot is basic and is only available to replace an existing unit; you can’t use the service to install a garbage disposal for the first time.

Installation includes the following:

  • Remove and take away your old garbage disposal.
  • Install your new garbage disposal, which must already be purchased.
  • Connect power and plumbing to existing pipes and outlets.
  • Take away all garbage and clean up any mess made.

Keep the box and manuals for your garbage disposal, as you may need that if a return is needed.

Installation and the cost involved do not include the actual garbage disposal; that is a separate cost. You also need to ensure you have any additional parts that are needed, such as the power supply, if your garbage disposal didn’t come with one.