Home Depot Bathroom Faucet Installation Cost

Home Depot provides a range of installation services, including the installation of your newly purchased faucets.

The work is guaranteed by Home Depot and done by trusted third-party contractors who provide a limited 1-year warranty on all the work done.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install A Bathroom Faucet?

Home Depot will install your bathroom faucet starting at $119. Your exact location will determine the price, which can range between $119 and $199. You will need to buy a new Home Depot faucet which can cost between $79 and $170 on average.

National Average Cost$254
Home Depot Average Installation Cost$119 – $199
Cost Range For Bathroom Faucet$79 – $170
Supply Lines$15.99

You should replace your supply lines at the same time as your bathroom faucet so that you can protect yourself from leaks in the near future; a set of supply lines will add around $15.99 to your overall cost.

If there is damage to your drain or other pipes under your sink, the installer may be able to repair them, but there may be additional costs involved; typical costs can range from $100 – $350, depending on the complexity of the job.

Bathroom Faucet Installation Starting Cost

For Home Depot to install your bathroom faucet ranges across the country, the average starting price ranges between $179 and $199.

Los Angeles$199
San Diego$179
New York$199

The more expensive locations are in bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles, which are just generally more expensive for everything.

However, even the higher price locations such as New York ($199) are still under the national average ($254) for bathroom faucet installation, so Home Depot may be a good option in your area, especially if you don’t want to hunt for somebody to do the job.

Many of Home Depot’s installation services that are similar have the same prices, such as Home Depot garbage disposal installation which has the same costs in the same cities.

Additional Cost on Bathroom Faucet Installation

An average installation outside of a big city will cost you $233.99 total for Home Depot to install your bathroom faucet. 

Average Installation$119
Average Bathroom Faucet$99
Supply Lines$15.99
Total Cost$233.99

That cost breaks down to $119 for installation, which could be as expensive as $199 in bigger cities, which would give you a total cost price range from $233.99 – $313.99.

Your standard bathroom faucet will cost around $99, but the actual price will depend on which faucet you want, and new supply lines are cheap at $15.99, so they are well worth getting.

Price Comparison vs Competitors

The national average for bathroom faucet installation ranges between $162 – $356, with most locations averaging out to $254, which is considerably higher than the Home Depot average of $119 for installation.

Installation CostBathroom FaucetToolsTotal
Home Depot$119$99$0$218
Handyman$60 – $125$99$0$159-$224

Home Depot ($119) vs. Lowes ($92)

As with most installation costs, Lowes does typically beat Home Depot’s installation prices and provides the same type of guarantee on the installation. The primary issue will really just be whether Lowes has the faucet you want and has somebody available to install it when you ant.

Home Depot ($119) vs. Handyman ($60-$125)

In almost every case, a handyperson will charge less than Home Depot to install a faucet; you just need to research which handyperson will do a good job and find the price and timing that matches your needs.

The time and energy required for this task can often be more than just doing the job yourself if it’s easy enough.

DIY Bathroom Faucet Installation ($0)

Installing a bathroom faucet is one of the easier tasks in your home; in most cases, you’ll only need a screwdriver, wrench, and replacement faucet. The entire installation is unscrewing and removing the old faucet and then replacing and screwing the new faucet in.

Even attaching the supply lines is as easy screwing the new lines into the same areas as the old ones.

If you’re trying to save money, then consider a DIY project with a good Youtube video to give you a brush-up on what is needed.

What’s Included in the Bathroom Faucet Installation

When you get professional installation of your newly purchased bathroom faucets, you’ll get a basic installation of bathroom sink faucets, which includes:

  • Remove your old faucets, which can also be taken away if needed.
  • Installation of a new Home Depot bathroom faucet
  • Attach new water supply lines that came with your faucet
  • Testing to ensure everything works as expected
  • Clean up the area from any mess created during installation

If your piping is damaged or there are other issues that require more work or parts, then additional costs may be incurred, but those will be verbally discussed before any work is done.

Bathtub or other faucets not part of your bathroom sink is not included in the Home Depot faucet installation service and won’t be able to be done.

The installer can only install bathroom faucets in existing holes, so any drilling or cutting required needs to be done prior to installation by somebody else.

How to Get Bathroom Faucet Installation From Home Depot

If you’ve purchased your bathroom faucet in-store or online, you can call or visit your local Home Depot, and the service desk will arrange your bathroom faucet installation.

You may also have the option of adding professional installation to your online orders, but if that’s not the case, then you’ll need to contact your local Home Depot store directly if you’ve purchased online, which does provide a better selection of faucets.