How Much Does An Ounce Of Weed Cost?

While weed is federally illegal in the US, it is legal in more and more states around the US, as well as globally. With the change in legality of weed comes a change in the prices and methods used to purchase the product.

An ounce of weed is a typical measurement to buy a supply of weed for a longer period of time, such as a month, than just buying a single joint and will often provide a discount if you’re willing to pay more upfront.

Understanding the average cost of an ounce of weed will ensure that you don’t get overcharged and you have an idea of whether you’re buying low, medium, or high-quality weed.

Average Cost Of An Ounce Of Weed In the United States

The average cost of an ounce of weed in the United States is $325.54 for high-quality weed and $308.27 for medium-quality weed. The prices are relatively similar across most of the US, with some outliers being extremely expensive, like Washington DC, and some being very cheap such as Oregon and Washington state.

The costs in every state are much lower than that of an average smoker and how much cigarettes and taxes on them are monthly.

This may be due to the fact that many legal dispensaries are buying their weed from large distributors from out of state, and often these are in the lower-cost states, so the distribution costs are lower there.

High-Quality WeedMedium-Quality Weed
Average Price$325.54$308.27
Lowest Price$210.21$172.11
Highest Price$590.62$494.08
Average Legal Price$311.92$263.12
Average Medicinal-Only Price$334.33$262.50

Something important to remember is to verify the actual legality in your state. Often it’s legal to have a small amount of weed, but if you buy too much or different formats, then the legality may change.

The same is true for medical use states often; CBD oil is often legal, but marijuana or weed itself is not legal in those states.

Average Cost Of An Ounce Of Weed By US State

The cost of an ounce of weed in each US state varies as the demand and supply options vary. Washington DC has the highest cost at $590 for an ounce of high-quality weed, while Oregon has the lowest cost at $210 for an ounce of high-quality weed.

StateHigh QualityMedium QualityLegality
Alabama$340.85$229.78Medical Use
Arkansas$328.97$240.62Medical Use
Delaware$339.72$261.91Medical Use
Florida$298.65$229.37Medical Use
Georgia$317.17$235.30Medical Use
Hawaii$313.96$268.32Medical Use
Idaho$273.07$243.86Medical Use
Indiana$330.77$236.10Medical Use
Iowa$362.07$306.72Medical Use
Kansas$341.51$284.60Medical Use
Kentucky$336.01$228.65Medical Use
Louisiana$356.67$257.74Medical Use
Maryland$358.91$283.60Medical Use
Minnesota$328.99$279.38Medical Use
Mississippi$347.28$172.11Medical Use
Missouri$352.25$274.05Medical Use
New Hampshire$331.73$278.65Medical Use
New Jersey$341.65$297.68Legal
New Mexico$283.40$228.27Legal
New York$336.36$269.91Legal
North Carolina$340.62$270.35Medical Use
North Dakota$382.17$326.86Medical Use
Ohio$328.11$235.69Medical Use
Oklahoma$341.74$265.88Medical Use
Pennsylvania$355.65$286.46Medical Use
Rhode Island$306.46$255.65Medical Use
South Carolina$333.97$230.46Medical Use
South Dakota$350.48$336.92Medical Use
Tennessee$343.96$260.83Medical Use
Texas$323.08$249.24Medical Use
Utah$280.19$244.40Medical Use
West Virginia$361.13$255.81Medical Use
Wisconsin$342.81$287.56Medical Use
Wyoming$315.33$320.72Medical Use

Cost Of Weed In The US Compared To Other Countries

Comparing the US cost of an ounce of weed has the US at a reasonably high price, especially when compared to its northern neighbor Canada, which has one of the lowest average costs for an ounce of weed in the western world.

Average PriceHigh-Quality WeedMedium-Quality Weed
United States$325.54$308.27
New Zealand$384.67$328.55
United Kingdom$289.27$258.44

Washington state in the US has an average cost of $233 USD for an ounce of high-quality weed, and it’s right below British Columbia, Canada which has an average price of $149 USD for an ounce of high-quality weed.

Washington and BC are considered weed capitals of the world, and the prices are still reasonably high in the US when there is minimal distance between the two locations.

Cost Of Different Weed Products

Weed is a somewhat blanket term that covers a range of different products, and even if you’re just talking about marijuana, the prices can vary based on the strain or “brand” of weed you are buying. A standard ounce of weed from a Los Angeles dispensary only costs $108.29 which is well below the state’s average cost.

Weed ProductPrice
1 OZ Flower (Unrolled Weed)$108.29
1 OZ Flower (Prerolled)$223.72
Gummies (Equivalent to 1 OZ Flower)$179.90
1 OZ Concentrate$839.72

Even the process of a dispensary rolling the weed for you can increase the price significantly, so buying a roller and papers to do your own rolling is a much cheaper option than almost any other form of weed.