How Much Does Albertsons Pay?

Albertsons specializes in grocery items which include decoration items, utilities, and general groceries. The company started doing business in 1939 and now it has opened 2253 stores in the US.

Now, if we look at the average salary/hour in the merchandising retailer business, it comes out to be $13 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Therefore, if you are seeking employment in the merchandising sector, then Albertsons could have some job opportunities for you. So, keep reading to know more!

How Much Does Albertsons Pay?

The average hourly wage for Alberson’s sales associate is $12.19 per hour. A warehouse worker earns an average of $12.46/hour and a cashier earns $12.98/hour.

Some other common job positions like that of a merchandiser or that of a warehouse associate are entitled to salaries of $12.96/hour and $14.20/hour respectively.

RoleLowest Pay/HourHighest Pay/HourAverage Pay/Hour
Retail Sales Associate$11.76$14.65$12.19
Warehouse Worker$11.18$14.78$12.46
Warehouse Associate$12.47$19.87$14.20

So, you can get a brief idea about the payments at Albertsons from the table above. This is an important consideration for people seeking a job here.

In the next section, we will look at more detailed data of Albertsons’s pay by position.

Albertsons Pay by Position

At Albertsons, the most popular/common position is that of a Grocery Associate, who is entitled to a salary of $14.21/hour. Some other job positions include that of a Food Clerk who gets a salary of $13.53/hour.

So, let’s compare the average pay/hour vs the national average pay/hour at different positions.

PositionNational Average Pay/HourAverage Pay/Hour
Grocery Associate$15.78$14.21
Retail Sales Associate$13.32$12.19
Warehouse Worker$14.36$12.46
Warehouse Associate$14.89$14.20
Food Clerk$15.87$13.53

From the above-mentioned comparisons, we can find that Albertsons pays lower than the national average. Though this is not good the working conditions are great.

So, now you must be wondering, what is the highest paying job position at Albertsons. Well, let’s find out!

Albertsons Highest Paying Job Position

Albertsons values its employees pretty much and hence it pays hefty salaries at high positions. The highest paying job position is that of a pharmacist. The entitled salary is around $125k and with some added benefits and incentives, the salary can reach up to $175k.

Now, coming to the next best paying job position, it is of a Service Supervisor. The entitled salary is around $69k and it can reach up to $75k with some incentives and bonuses. Also, the salaries vary from state to state.

Now, let’s look at Albertson’s pay by the state in the next section.

Albertsons Hourly Pay by State

Just like every other company, the pay by the state for Albertsons employees varies to a great extent. Well, this is due to varying living costs, rents, and daily-item costs.

So, below we have mentioned the average state-wise pay/hour salary of Albertsons employees.

StateMinimum Wage/HourAverage Pay/Hour

So, we can see that the state-wise salary is almost on par with the minimum wage/hour in that state.

Next, let’s find out the payment schedules of Albertsons Employees.

When Do Albertsons Employees Get Paid?

As far as payment schedules are concerned, Albertsons employees get paid weekly, Thursday and Friday.

Also, the payment is directly transferred to the employee’s bank account. According to, employees are very satisfied with their pay-out schemes.

So, apart from the pay-outs, do Albertsons employees get bonuses? Well, let’s find out!

Do Albertsons Employees Get Bonus?

As far as bonuses are concerned, Albertsons has a reputation for giving an average bonus of around $5433. Also, the bonuses range from $2035 to-7861 annually.

However, like other companies, bonuses greatly vary for different job positions. For example, a Senior Product Manager and a Retail Store Director are entitled to high annual bonuses of $17k and $10k respectively.

But, a Grocery Produce Manager or a Service Operations Manager are entitled to low annual bonuses of $2k and $4k respectively.

So, in the next section, let’s find out what benefits do Albertsons employees get.

Albertsons Benefits for Employees

As far as the concern regarding employee benefits, Albertsons is quite generous in this regard.

It offers quite such employee benefits as standard medical insurance and a 401k, which are comparable to industry standards.

Some of such employee benefits are listed below.

  • Employees get a proper 401k which would act as their retirement fund.
  • Extensive medical insurance which covers all necessary pre-requisites.
  • The company provides dental and vision insurance for all its workers
  • Employees get paid sick leave and a paid vacation whenever required.
  • Work hours are flexible with certain recess periods in between.