How much do Grubhub drivers make?

Grubhub drivers are subcontractors who work independently of a central organization. They are not bound by tasking routine hours under pressure from any form of management.

They function mainly as logistics delivery units for culinary products.

On average, Grubhub drivers make $12-$15 per hour. Daily average income is $105, weekly is $710, Monthly is $3,050, and Yearly is $36,300. Grubhub’s base pay is $4 per delivery between $1-$10, and drivers get to keep 100% of the tips.

In recent times, GrubHub has been the one of largest food delivery platforms out there. They are known for their proficiency in carrying out their duties with utmost excellence and profound expertise.

It has proven to be a source of comfort and solace to many both customers and the drivers that are registered with them.

To make money with GrubHub, all you need is your bike or your car as it may apply in your local region. Aside from that, you also need your driver’s license and auto insurance for the driver and a smartphone.

All drivers must be at least 19 years old to be considered for the role. What is more interesting is that no previous driving experience is required. You earn your competitive pay and also get to keep your tips in full.

How Grubhub Drivers Make Money

Below are some of the ways in which Grubhub drivers earn money

Base pay

On Grubhub, a certain amount goes for every order delivered. The driver is certain to earn within the range of $1 and $10.


After a food delivery, the customers often give their Grubhub drivers tips. Only the food cost is to be remitted to the Grubhub platform but the tip irrespective of the sheer size belongs to the driver.

The tip structure depends on the customer they are not obligated to so the price is not fixed in any way.


Periodically, Grubhub provides promotions that drivers can make some extra money. Usually, every newbie is entitled to a signup bonus, this bonus reflects on their account after a specific number of deliveries.

Grubhub makes some kind of challenge in specific locations where drivers get to work to make certain deliveries in a specific timeframe for cash bonuses.

Apex time deliveries

During the ultimate time deliveries, like the dinner and lunch rush hours, the payment tends to increase, most especially when there are many deliveries and not enough drivers to carry out the task.

Grubhub spices it up with some attractive incentives to make drivers want to take orders. Just to be on the safer side, and to fully maximize hourly earnings, drivers should take as many orders as possible while not affecting their customers in the process.

This is very important in that when a driver makes a delivery late or doesn’t satisfy the customer, you end up with little to no tip at all.

If a driver has a charming personality, meaning if the driver is warm, professional and friendly, and also offers good customer service, he gets more tips. Focusing on improved customer service ensures higher hourly wages and increases their chance of earning better tips. 

As much as GrubHub claims that drivers earn around $15 or $20 per hour depending on the location, has reported that averagely most Grubhub drivers make around $11.05 per hour while Glassdoor estimates the average hourly pay for a Grubhub driver to be $12 per hour.

Below is an estimation of the reported Grubhub driver earnings.

Wage Analysis Reported Earnings  Average Earnings  
Hourly  $6.14-$30.64  $12-$15  
  Daily  $45-$180  $105  
Weekly  $280-$1,233  $710  
Monthly  $1,208-$5,340  $3,050  
  Yearly  $14,550-$64,500  $36,300  

All earnings reports are based on personal testimony from a GrubHub driver and Youtuber (Conyers rideshare). Actual earnings may be different depending on the location of the driver. 

As much as the table above represents the testimony of an individual, earnings will fully depend on the work status of the driver, whether part-time or full-time.

It is natural for part-time drivers to make less compared to full-time workers, this is because their working hours differ significantly. More so, some deliveries have high tips than others, which also tends to have an impact on the hourly rate of every day. 

GrubHub Payment Structure

When does GrubHub pay? How do I get to pay? Is it worth my time? Can I get the satisfaction I desire? These questions often bother the minds of intending drivers. Grubhub drivers earn at least $4 per order they deliver.

The GrubHub payment model consists of:

  • Mileage per order: It’s a compensation a driver receives for the distance they travel for every order.
  • Tips: When a driver gets tips after every order, they get to keep the full amount, which is in addition to their normal pay.
  • Time spent on the road while making deliveries: In some cases, the accuracy of the mileage is not 100%, meaning it doesn’t truly represent the amount of time the order takes. The compensation for the time spent on the road covers the shortcomings of the mileage 
  • Special offers: Drivers often get some form of bonuses, engage in some challenges, sweepstakes, and lots more that tend to boost their pay. These special offers are often dependent on certain markets.

Drivers have the luxury to keep the full amount of their tips. Currently, the rates for time per order and mileage are:

  • $0.13 per minute times 30 minutes for driving and waiting for the food
  • $0.22 per mile times 2 when picking up the food 
  • $0.22 per mile times 3 when dropping the food off

Currently, Grubhub’s base salary per order for drivers stands at $4, but the pay varies depending on the market you drive in. The earnings are also not independent as it solely depends on the mileage and the time it takes to pick up an order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers’ destination. 

Drivers get paid every week, they get a direct deposit to their bank accounts every Thursday. Drivers can also request for instant cash out and the daily cash out can be as high as $500.

Whenever a driver accesses the instant cash out they attract a fee of $0.50, there is an exception though, that is if the driver’s checking account is with Chase.

Estimated driving distance: If you have to drive a bit farther or the traffic got pretty heavy, the payment is certain to be better. Pay may also be as a result of the time when the order was placed. For instance, the Grubhub order placed during dinner rush hour on weekday nights can be guaranteed higher pay than orders placed at different times during the day.

How to Sign Up with Grubhub

Grubhub drivers have the license to work at their own pace, you get to work as much as you can, you can make your schedule as flexible as possible.

Compared to other jobs, Grubhub drivers are free to go anywhere and have the choice of picking the hours they want to work. Drivers get to decide whether to work part-time, full-time, or even just occasionally, they can design a schedule that works for them. 

Signing up for Grubhub is very easy. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up, if you are a prospective driver, follow these steps:

  1. On your web browser, access the Grubhub page to sign up.
  2. Enter a valid first name
  3. Enter a valid last name
  4. Enter a valid email address
  5. Enter a valid phone number
  6. Choose a state
  7. Select a city
  8. Agree to terms
  9. Tap “Let’s begin” to take a short questionnaire, which determines your eligibility

If you pass, set up your driver’s profile (you will need important documents like the driver’s license, car insurance card, and checking account details).

  1. Create an account and submit the rest of the requested information.
  2. Consent to a motor vehicle and background check.
  3. Pass the motor vehicle and background check.
  4. Download the app.
  5. Get your supplies. These will be supplied to your door.
  6. Start delivering with Grubhub

Driver Requirements

There are a few requirements that new drivers have to meet before they can become a legit Grubhub driver.

  1. The driver should be at least 19 years old
  2. Have a valid driver’s license
  3. Have a bike or car with valid insurance 
  4.  Be able to pass a background check
  5. Have a smartphone
  6. Using a bike, you must have a valid state ID
  7. Checking account for direct deposit.

Tips to Increase Earnings with Grubhub

Although the per order rate is as low as $4, it is very possible to make $500 daily with Grubhub. You need the drive to be able to understand their market to make it work out. In general, the earning is basically about the distance and time the driver has to sacrifice to make any order delivery possible. Grubhub drivers should:

  • Do your best to complete orders and keep your completion rate as high as possible to remain an active dasher (At least 90%)
  • Accept orders that are of high value or orders that can be done in good time.
  • Make sure to keep customers happy with precise orders
  • Ensure that the orders always have enough utensils and seasonings.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the streets and environments to save delivery time.
  • You would be guaranteed higher payments if you work during highly demanding hours like lunch and dinner time. 
  • Consider gathering orders that are from the same restaurant or close together.
  • Keep tabs with your customers, that way they know the status of their order.
  • Keep the food as warm as possible. Make customers know you care, let them know the food is still pretty warm. That can attract good tips and good ratings also.

It is of utmost importance for drivers to sharpen their customer relationship skills if they really want to make money working on Grubhub. Also, it will be wise for drivers to accept offers they can handle with ease to avoid dissatisfying customers and gaining bad reviews in the process.

Is Working with Grubhub Worth it?

Regardless of your stance as a driver part-time, full-time, supplementary stream of income, or scheduled worker, working with Grubhub is definitely a worthwhile experience.

It is more than just the flexibility which allows drivers to design their own schedule, they can work anywhere customers are.

Working as a driver with Grubhub is super comforting, it has a mobile app, which allows drivers to pick only orders that suit their schedule, it is not mandatory to work when you are not able to.

On a busy day for instance drivers can make more than $30 per hour with ease just by taking food orders and delivering them within your town. You can make $500 a day if you’re getting good orders and tips from customers.