Average Price of a Dozen Roses 2024

Giving a person roses typically means that you have in-depth or special feelings for him/her. No matter whom the roses are given to, they would always be appreciated.

You want to buy some flowers for a special someone, for a friend, your mother, or anyone in between.

Roses can cost quite a bit of money but just how much should a dozen set you back? Is there really a difference in roses to make the price difference so high?

These are all questions asked when looking into purchasing roses. So how much does a dozen roses cost? Knowing the average market price will prevent you from getting ripped off.

How Much is a Dozen Roses?

A dozen roses cost around $20 with a range between $10-$100. Cheap roses can be found on side of the roads and gas stations for $10. Grocery and retail stores sell them for around $20, and florist and flower shops sell them for around $100.

You can also find cheaper roses at grocery stores or gas stations for just under $10, and high-end roses can be found at an upscale flower shop and they will wrap them nicely for over $100.

TypesStoresMarket Price
Cheap RosesSide of the Road, Gas Stations$10.00
Average RosesGrocery & Retail Stores$20.00
Expensive RosesUpscale Flower Shop$100+

Your location, the season, type of rose, cut and arrangement styles are what determine the price.

Cheap Dozen Roses $10

A wonderful idea to make those gas station roses seem a little more beautiful. Wrap brown craft paper around them or even a page of a newspaper. Then tie it with a piece of ribbon or twine. It upgrades the look substantially.

  • Roses can be purchased at cheap prices at gas stations and grocery stores.
  • They might not be the best quality, but it is also the thought that counts
  • Sometimes wrapped in cheap plastic
  • Cheap bulk 100 roses can cost around $100-$150 at Global Rose or Amazon with free shipping

Average Dozen Roses $20

  • The average price for a dozen roses is around $20.00
  • Really isn’t a bad price for a nice gift for a loved one

Overpriced Dozen Roses $100-$300

  • Can be very fancy and well wrapped, between $100-$300 per dozen
  • These are typically in fancy stores in a rich neighborhood
  • Stems are long and beautiful and tend to stand upright much longer
  • Wrapped or packaged very nicely, great presentation
  • Places like Bloomnation sells 300 hand-crafted rose bouquet for $1250-$2000.

What Makes Rose Prices Different

Rose prices are based on the color, the season it is purchased, stem length, and the type of roses. Now let’s look at the cost differences between type, length, and season.

Roses by Color

Red is always in season therefore the cheaper color. The most expensive color rose is called “Happy Rose” They are cream roses dyed to look like a rainbow. While they aren’t naturally a rainbow color they are still well-loved.

Blue roses are the rarest colored rose. They are genetically modified to become blue, don’t expect to find a blue rose out in nature. They cost around $22 – $35 a stem.

All-natural color roses are very close in price. When you start looking at more genetically modified roses the price will increase.

Roses by Stem

Shrub roses will be shorter than other rose plants The price will change depending on the length of the rose. This is because different flowers have different lengths. The price isn’t because the florist cut a shorter or longer stem.

  • Long stem roses are typically $1 per stem
  • Shorter or medium stem roses are typically $0.75 per stem

During a holiday however long stem roses can be around $1.50 – $2.00 a stem. Which can really add up when buying a dozen or more.

Roses by Season

With spring comes valentines’ day, which will jack the price of flowers up high. Roses are typically grown all year round so the price doesn’t change much.

Different holidays will jack the price up a good bit. Different colors may not be available, but a red rose is almost always available every day of the year for around the same price.

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas are all bigger flower holidays. Expect to see the price rocket high.

Best Places to Buy Roses

You can buy a dozen roses at gas stations, grocery stores, or even sometimes have people on the side of the road selling cheap beautiful roses. You can also go to Yelp and search for “Roses” and you will find many stores that sell a dozen roses near you.

Even some small floral shops (depending on where you live) have cheaper options for next to nothing. From tiny street vendors with cute little flower carts, those selling them at red lights to stopping in at the gas station to grab some.

There are really great quality roses everywhere, but any rose is beautiful. Meaning you don’t have to look for a high-end flower shop to buy beautiful roses. Some will just last longer and look like new for longer.

They will all eventually die out so it is up to you to pick flowers in your price range. In other words, just because some roses are more expensive, it doesn’t mean they will look more beautiful and last longer.

Two dozen roses normally cost around $45 with a delivery fee included or $60 with a vase, but you can get them at Walmart or Costco for a much cheaper price.

Roses at Walmart

Yes, Walmart does sell roses. When you do score a dozen roses from Walmart you will be supposed at just how beautiful they are, and the cost for one dozen roses at Walmart is also great at only $9.87.

Some Walmart stores do sell out quickly most days and you will be left with a choice of wildflower-type bouquets.

They are all stuck into the same flower display so double-check the whole area before you give up thinking you have missed out.

During the holidays the price does not go up for the normal dozen, but Walmart does add more festive roses, nicer paper, stuffed animals, cute jars, or vases.

They will cost a bot more but it is expected when getting a bonus item. They also do look very nice are wrapped neatly in the plastic paper which typically is not too awful looking.

Roses at Costco

Costco sells two dozen roses that are only $18.99 which is a really great deal. That is $8.99 per dozen, which is cheaper than Walmart. They are of decent quality and look beautiful.

If you want to buy in bulk, you will be pleasantly surprised to know you could get 50 roses for $34.99 at Costco. They can be delivered or picked up the next day. The large bunches need to be ordered in advance.

This is such a bargain because 50 roses at a specialty flower shop can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Roses At Trader Joe’s

Just like many other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s also sells roses. They carry many different colors and they are typically only $6.99 a dozen which is a steal.

 Along with all their other flowers they are known for the $6.99 for a nice bouquet price and it has been that way for a while.

Roses Delivery Services

There really is nothing better than having a big bouquet or vase of roses delivered to your loved one.

Flowers can easily be delivered to their/your home but it is a lot of fun getting flowers delivered to their work.

So what places will actually do the work for you and deliver a bundle of roses to your loved one?

Flower ShopPrice – DozenDelivery TimeDelivery CostSelectionQuality
1-800-Flowers$29.99Within The WeekFree – $5.00HUGETop
FTD$67 – $180Next DayFree – $4.99LargeGreat
Amazon$30 + Vase2 Day Shipping$14.99DecentVaries
Pro Flowers$75Next DayIncluded ($18)LargeGreat
Farm Girl Flowers$655 Day$25LargeTop


  • The most common and highest rated flower delivery service.
  • They don’t just offer flowers but candies, plants, add on movies, and much more.


  • Has a wide variety of flowers and adds on gifts
  • They deliver anywhere in the US and Canada, usually the next day.


  • The best at same-day delivery which seems impossible
  • Is a sister company to FTD
  • These are delivered in bud form and they will bloom for your loved one, letting them enjoy the flowers.

Farm Girl Flowers

  • They are a wonderful online flower shop that deliveries across the US
  • Their flowers are ALWAYS packaged wonderfully, far better than any place out there.

Amazon Flower Delivery

They delivery everything else so you have probably asked yourself will they deliver flowers all over the United States. There are MANY different sellers on Amazon that offer the service.

As with any product, It is a good idea to double-check reviews. There are roses priced anywhere from $30 up to around $60 a dozen.

Most sellers offer the same 2-day delivery. Amazon itself does not offer flower delivery – two-day shipping to the whole united states.

People send 12 red roses because it signifies an affirmation of love and passion. These 12 stems can also send a message of perfection and completeness. 12 signifies the number of months in a calendar year, 12 hours of the day, and the 12 signs of the zodiac.

When a guy gives you 2 dozen rose, it generally means the guys are trying to tell you how he much he values you. 2 dozens of rose is equivalent to 24 Roses. He is trying to say I love you all through the hours of the day.

Long stems roses are generally more expensive than other roses because of the high cost of cultivation. During Valentine's season, the prices of this type of roses usually increase because of the rise in demand.

Long stem rose is generally preferred to short stem rose because they were crossbred. They are bigger, brighter, with fragrance. This makes them attractive and useful in expressing feelings and also gives gardeners a chance to show their stuff by

A dozen roses has become a symbol of love & romance. On Valentine's Day, giving a dozen red roses is a nod to the romance & love that can be found in each of us.

The number 24 is related to the number of roses in a day. If you send a dozen roses, then you’re saying that you love them every day of the week. Another meaning of the number is that it means that you care about them each hour of the day.

Average Price for a Dozen Roses

On average, a dozen roses cost $20 at a local retail shop. You can find cheaper dozen roses at the side of the road or gas stations for around $10. If you’re looking for fancy packaging for presentation, a florist or flower shop offers them for $100-$300.

Roses are grown and sold year-round so the time of year isn’t too big of a concern. Holidays such as Mothers Day or Valentine’s Day will raise the price of flowers.

They are available in just about every town in many different stores, and you can get decent quality roses from a grocery store.