How Much Cashback Can You Get at Meijer?

If there’s one thing we learned during the start of the pandemic in 2020, it’s the fact that shopping can be a very stressful, yet extremely necessary experience.

Those of you located in the Midwest will no doubt be very familiar with Meijer, but on the off chance that you aren’t, here’s a brief breakdown. Meijer Inc is basically a U.S superstore chain located throughout the Midwestern USA. Its H.Q is located in Michigan, and it was founded way back in 1934 as a supermarket chain.

During 2020, cashless payments were prioritized, but as normality very slowly creeps back in, cash is once again king so the last thing you want is to come up short. This is where cashback proves to be so useful, but can you get cashback at Meijer, and if so, how much?

Meijer offers customers $50 cash back with debit card purchases, along with $25 cashback for personal check purchases.

Here is a glance to other stores you can get cash back so you can compare:

Albertsons$100 to $300
Casey's General Store$20
Circle K$40
Dollar General$40
Dollar Tree$50
Family Dollar$50
Food Lion$200 debit or EBT; $50 check
Fred Meyer$300
Giant Eagle$50 debit; $30 checks
Kroger$300 debit, $120 Discover credit, $20 check
Kum & Go$20
Kwik Trip / Kwik Star$20
Meijer$50 debit; $25 check
Raley's Supermarkets$10 to $60
Rite Aid$40
Save Mart Supermarkets / S-Mart$200 to $300
Shoppers Food Warehouse$300 at register, $100 self-checkout
ShopRite$200 debit, $120 Discover credit
Target$40 debit, $20 check
Trader Joe's$50
Vons$200; $25 for checks
Walmart$100 debit, $20 check
Whole Foods$100

Whether you’re looking for groceries, electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, home and garden, sport and leisure goods, or anything else for that matter, there’s a strong chance that your local Meijer superstore will have everything that you need, and a whole lot more besides.

Debit Card Cash Back

If you’re a debit card user and are visiting a Meijer superstore, understanding the ins and outs regarding Meijer’s debit card cashback policies can be very useful and can help you to plan ahead.

Getting cashback at a Meijer store when paying with a debit card is actually very simple. If you’re paying for your goods at a staffed checkout, just request your cashback (up to a max of $50) and your card will be charged the price of your goods, plus the amount of cash back you’ve requested.

At a self-checkout station, again, the same principle applies, so just follow the on-screen instructions if you do wish to receive cash back when paying via debit card.

As far as terms and conditions go, if you wish to receive cashback at Meijer via a debit card, you must use the debit card to make a purchase at the Meijer store, otherwise your request for cashback will be declined.

There is a limit of up to $50 per customer, per day over the purchase amount for you, the customer, for instore purchases, or up to $5 per customer, per day, over the initial purchase price for gas station purchases.

Self-Checkout Cash Back

If you find yourself in a Meijer store with self-checkout capabilities, you may also be wondering whether you can receive cash back. Well, the answer is yes, as long as you pay with a debit card.  

Meijer suspended cash payments at self-checkout lanes in the midst of 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic which resulted in a shortage of coins. A lack of business activity meant a shortage of coins in circulation.

Anybody visiting a Meijer store and wishing to pay cash needs to pay for their goods at a cashier lane which is fully staffed.

Personal checks Cash Back

If you visit a Meijer store and wish to pay for goods with a personal check, be sure not to visit the service or register’s desk. This is because Meijer no longer cashes checks here.

The good news is that you can use a personal check at a Meijer store to pay for goods at a checkout lane.

As far as getting cash back from a personal check at Meijer is concerned, the good news is that you can receive up to $25 cash back at Meijer when you pay for goods and items with a personal check.

Despite personal checks becoming less and less common as we become more technologically advanced, they’re not gone quite yet and so it pays to understand where you stand if you’re purchasing items with one.

when you pay for your goods and/or items with a personal check, you must speak to the cashier directly at Meijer and request it that way. The thing to remember here is that, when writing out the check, you should make out the check for the total amount of goods you’ve purchased, plus the amount of cashback that you’ve requested. So, if you request $25 cashback, just add $25 to the total amount of your goods.

The reason why the amount of cashback available with personal checks at Meijer is half that which is available with debit card payments is that personal checking fraud is much easier to do so there is an increased risk of fraud.

Credit cards Cash Back

If you own a Meijer credit card or Meijer Mastercard account, every time you spend $750 on Net Eligible purchases with either of these cards, you will receive an automatic $10 reward which does NOT have a cash value.

If you don’t have a Meijer credit card however, depending on your credit card provider, your provider will likely consider “cash back” as a cash advance. These are subject to high-interest rates and fees, with interest rates beginning to be accrued on them right away, as opposed to the end of the billing period like it would for regular purchases.

Because of this, cashback on a regular credit card in a Meijer store, or anywhere else for that matter, is NOT recommended because it can be more costly than using the ATM and withdrawing your cash that way.

Some credit card providers do offer a ‘cash over’ program, whereby you can enjoy free cash back on purchases in participating stores.