Walmart Cash Back Guide (Limit & Increments)

The cash back features at checkout work as often as the number of purchases that you make. The cash back system is designed for you to take money out when you make a single purchase. There may be restrictions if you are trying to purchase one item at a time if you have more than a single item you want to buy.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart)

Walmart allow $20-$100 cash back for debit card purchases in $20 increments ($20,$40, $60, $80, $100). You can get cash back at regular register or self checkout up to 3 times a day. If you want to use a personal check to get cash back, there is a maximum of $20 limit.

The requirement to get cash back is to pay for a single item. That is the only requirement. This means that you can pay for an item that costs 1 cent and receive up to $100 in cash back.

The reason is simple, the cash back becomes part of the purchase and you receive the money in change. Because the money does not come from Walmart, but rather your credit or debit account, the only minimum to spend is the price of the item itself.

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How to Get Cash Back at Walmart

When you make a purchase at the register, you can receive cash back in increments of $20 up to $100 from your bank account. When you run your card into the reader, there will be an option for you to receive cash back. You can choose from the following options.

  • No Cash Back
  • $20
  • $40
  • $60
  • $80
  • $100

Here is a demonstration of what the $100 cash back process look like at the self-checkout:

Walmart Cash Back Using Debit Card

Paying with a debit card is one of the most common and reliable ways to get cash back at Walmart. When you pay with a debit card at Walmart, you can get as much as $100 in cash back in multiples of $20 – that is, you can get either $20, $40, $60, $80, or $100 in cash back for each purchase.

If you want more than $100 in cash back, you can make multiple purchases and get cash back on each purchase. However, you may run into 3 types of limits:

If you choose a cash back option at Walmart register, the money is then withdrawn from your account and applied as if it were a part of the purchase.

Once the process is completed, you will receive the cash from the cashier who will be alerted to your selection on their register. Or, the cash will be dispensed from the self-checkout machine.

Step-by-Step using a debit card:

  1. Ring up your purchases at a register or self-checkout station as usual
  2. When you are asked to choose a payment method, select Debit Card and insert your debit card into the card reading machine
  3. The card reading machine will then ask if you want cash back. Select Yes and choose your cash back amount. Then enter your PIN to authorize the transaction. If the machine does not ask you whether you want cash back, talk to the cashier or a Walmart associate about getting cash back before entering your PIN
  4. After your transaction is authorized, you will get your cash back from either the cashier or the self-checkout machine. Your bank account will be debited the amount of your purchase plus the amount of your cash back

If Cash is depleted at the register:

Each cash register and self-checkout station in a Walmart only has so much cash available. If you get multiple cash backs at the same register or self-checkout station repeatedly, you might deplete the cash at that register or station. If that happens, try a different register or station

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Walmart Cash Back Using Self Checkout

You can get cash back at Walmart when using debit card at self-checkout, and the max limit is $100. Cash back at self checkout can not be done with a check.

You can get cash back on your debit card purchases by selecting the option on the card reader. This assumes you are making your purchase using a credit or debit card. Plus, the money must be available in your account.

When you activate the pay selection at the self-checkout and slide or insert your credit or debit card, the card reader will ask if you want cash back. You can then make the selection based on the amount of cash you want.

That amount is applied to your purchase. You then receive the cash back in the form of change through a slot that is just below the tabletop of the device.

Walmart Cash Back Using Personal Check

Walmart accepts personal checks as a payment type for purchases. Each cash register in a Walmart only has so much cash on hand.To make sure you do not use up all the cash at any one register, you might want to change the register each time you make a new purchase.

To get cash back while paying with personal checks, follow these steps:

  1. Find a cash register to ring up your purchase. You cannot pay with a personal check at a self-checkout station
  2. When it is time to pay, tell the cashier you would like to pay with a personal check
  3. Make out your check to be payable to Walmart. For the amount of your check, add up the amount of your purchase and the amount of the cash back you want and write the sum down as the amount of the check. Then fill in the date and sign your check
  4. Give the cashier your personal check from Step 3. Also, hand over a government-issued photo ID to prove your identity
  5. The cashier will run your check and ID through a check verification service to make sure you are who you claim to be. If your check is approved by the verification service, the cashier will give you your cash back together with the receipt for your purchase

Personal Check Cash Back Limits:

When you pay with a personal check, Walmart will give you cash back of up to $20. This $20 cash back limit is a lot lower than the $100 cash back limit for debit cards and Discover Cards.

If you want more than $20 in cash back, you can make multiple purchases and get cash back on each purchase. However, you may run into 3 types of limits:

If You Overdraft from cash back at Walmart:

If you write a check for an amount larger than the balance of your checking account, your check might get bounced. Alternatively, your bank might let you overdraft your account, but at a high cost.

For example, Chase charges a $34 fee per overdraft while Bank of America charges $35. So, think twice before you write a check for more than what you have in your account.

Is there a Fee to Get Cash Back at Walmart?

For withdrawing cash when making a purchase, Walmart does not charge a fee. It is considered part of the purchase. For example, if you used a $20 bill to pay for $10 worth of items, the cashier would hand you $10 back in change.

The same is true when you ask for cash back when making a purchase. You are handing over more money for the purchase when using your card and receiving the difference back in the form of cash. Therefore, there is no fee when using this method.

Walmart Cash Back Limit Comparisons

Let’s take a look at Walmart cash back comparing to other retail stores. What follows are a list of retail stores that offer good comparisons. Keep in mind that the comparisons are based on the store credit cards, not the cash back received at registers.

Albertsons$100 to $300
Casey's General Store$20
Circle K$40
Dollar General$40
Dollar Tree$50
Family Dollar$50
Food Lion$200 debit or EBT; $50 check
Fred Meyer$300
Giant Eagle$50 debit; $30 checks
Kroger$300 debit, $120 Discover credit, $20 check
Kum & Go$20
Kwik Trip / Kwik Star$20
Meijer$50 debit; $25 check
Raley's Supermarkets$10 to $60
Rite Aid$40
Save Mart Supermarkets / S-Mart$200 to $300
Shoppers Food Warehouse$300 at register, $100 self-checkout
ShopRite$200 debit, $120 Discover credit
Target$40 debit, $20 check
Trader Joe's$50
Vons$200; $25 for checks
Walmart$100 debit, $20 check
Whole Foods$100

Target Cashback

As with Walmart, Target allows you to get cash back when making a purchase with a debit card. However, the maximum amount is just $40 compared to $100 for Walmart.

The max limit for using a check is $20, which is same as Walmart. In addition, cash back options may not be available at self-checkout stands at Target.

CVS Cashback

Just like Walmart, you can get cash back at CVS when making a purchase. However, you are limited to $35 for each purchase.

This means that if you need more than $35, you will need to make another purchase or go to another store. By comparison, Walmart offers up to $100 cash back on purchases.

Walgreens Cashback

Walgreens allows for cash back on purchases as low as one cent. But the maximum limit on cash back is $20. Plus, you can only get cash back when using a debit card. The cash back offered by Walgreens does not work using a credit card or check.

The only exception is if you have a Walgreens Balance Rewards as part of your credit card. Then you can receive cash back of up to $20.

Vons Cashback

Vons is the only store on the list that exceeds the cash back amount provided by Walmart. If you are using a debit card or Discovery credit, then you can receive up to $200 cash back for each purchase.

If you are using a check, you may receive up to $25 cash back on every purchase. There is no limits on the number of purchases you can make to get the cash back, but you will need the money in your account.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get at Walmart?

You can take out a maximum of $100 cash back from Walmart when you purchase items with a debit card. Walmart allows the same amount of $100 for self-checkout.

Using the cash back feature at checkouts is a great way to avoid ATM fees. Because there is no fee or interest charged, you can keep more money in your account when using this feature.

Cash back in terms of making purchases with a Walmart credit card will save you up to 5% when buying items online. 2% when purchasing gas at Murphy USA or Walmart locations. And 1% at all Walmart stores.

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