How Does Walmart Pay Work?

Walmart pays like any other payment platform such as google pay, apple pay, amazon pay and many more allow you to pay for goods bought through Walmart with the push of a button on your phone or scan QR code with your phone in physical Walmart store. Unlike other pay networks, Walmart pay can only be used to shop on Walmart, not any other outlet, and even Sam’s club its child company. It cannot be used to pay bills or transfer money to a bank account. 

With Walmart pay, individuals can easily pay for any goods bought at the physical outlet checkout point without having to bring their wallets with them or touching anything.

The Walmart pay app is available on Android and iOS devices. Walmart pay is also embedded in Walmart app.

 The major difference between the Walmart pay and Walmart app is that the Walmart app can be used to shop online and pay through the same app without having to open another app while Walmart pay allows the customer to pay for goods at the physical store checkout point with QR code scan.

It is a mobile wallet that stores your credit card, debit cards and gift cards in other to be used to pay for items shopped at Walmart. It acts as a third-party payment platform such as PayPal and helps protect credit card or debit card information when shopping at any outlet.

Walmart pay unlike other NMC does not support cashback, it supports only paper coupons and not digital coupons.

Walmart Pay is a free mobile app owned by Walmart which is used to pay for items shopped at Walmart stores, which means you can only use this app when you shop at Walmart store only. It can be used to shop at both physical and online stores.

Walmart pay can be used to store credit cards, debit cards, and gift card info such as visa cards, master cards, Walmart gift cards, eGift Cards, and many more.

It works with any payment credit and debit card or gift card saved to your Walmart account, these cards are listed on the app when an individual wants to pay for an item at the checkout point.

 It does not link with a local bank account which means money cannot be transferred to Walmart pay through bank transfer but only with a debit card.

How to Sign Up

If you have a Walmart account, it means you already have a Walmart pay account. you just need to:

1: download the app on your android or iOS device

2: choose services and Walmart pay

3: Follow the prompt

4: log in to your Walmart account or create a new account if you don’t have an account

5: add your payment method. Either gift cards, credit cards, or debit cards.

6: click “got it” after your Walmart pay has been set up

How to Use Walmart Pay

 After setting up your Walmart pay, you can use Walmart pay at Walmart store checkout point either by using self-checkout or associate check out.

1: locate the Walmart QR code displayed on the screen

2: Open the Walmart app 

3: choose services then select Walmart pay 

4: use Touch ID or enter your passcode

5: your phone camera will open automatically, then aim it at the QR code displayed on the screen.

6. The camera will synchronize the QR code.

7: Select the payment banner along the bottom of the screen, the default payment method is indicated by a checkmark

8: Tap your preferred payment method

9: A sound would be made next to show your transaction is complete, but if you close the app before the confirmation sound a push notification would be sent to your phone if features enabled.

10: The associate will inform also inform you if your transaction is successful. While if your payment is declined or authorization fails, the associate will inform you that the transaction cannot go through and you need to select another method of payment.

11: you will be sent an e-Receipt to your app. and “transaction complete receipt sent” will be displayed on the screen.

Walmart pay can only be used at Walmart online or physical stores. It cannot be used at any other store apart from Walmart and it can’t be used to pay bills or used for bank transfers. It does not also work with Sam’s club.

To Enable or Disable Gift Card

  1. Go to your account
  2. On an Android device, select the menu in the upper-left corner while on iOS, Select Account in the lower-right corner.
  3. Select payment method
  4. Gift cards display at the top, add a check-mark next to the gift card you want to enable or remove the check-mark next to the gift card you want to disable.

Is It Secure?

 Walmart pay is secure as Walmart claim to maintain several layers of security and they continue to update their security methods and test their systems.

Card information is stored over a secured network called (SSL) Secure Sockets Layer, which means the card info is not transferred to the store itself encrypted in SSL.

Walmart also stores only verified methods of payments.

If you want to use Walmart Pay with yet another added layer of protection, you can also choose to add a credit card that comes with zero percent fraud liability to Walmart Pay instead of a debit card. Fortunately, most credit cards don’t leave you liable for a single cent in fraudulent purchases, and federal liability is just $50 for credit cards anyway thanks to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

It allows Walmart customers to shop and pay for items at Walmart stores without needing to bring their wallets along with them. It also allows the customer to pay for items bought with touching or any physical contact especially in this age where people are more careful of transmission of diseases.

Walmart Pay vs Apple Pay

Walmart pay and apple pay has so many similarity and differences which may appeal to customers differently. Apple pay is owned by Apple and was established in October 2014 while Walmart pay is owned by Walmart and was established in December 2015.

Although Walmart pay has seen more growth in users than apple pay, Walmart pay has a better edge over apple pay because it can be used on both Android OS and iOS devices. it can also be used old phones so far the phone can download the app which is the major feature of smartphones and also have good camera clear enough to scan QR code. 

Walmart pays also receive a receipt which allows customer scroll through item shopped at any time they want. Apple pay has an advantage over Walmart pay because, apple pay allows the customer to just hold the phone over the card reader and do one second’s fingerprint scan, as long as the individual is ready to use the default payment method saved on apple pay. 

While Walmart pay requires the customer to search for the app, select Walmart pay, activate the camera, and scan the QR code which is not always that easy to many shoppers. 

One big advantage Walmart pay has is that Walmart has a large number of customers shopping at Walmart stores, Walmart pay focuses on all only Walmart customers.

Why Use Walmart Pay

If you are a regular shopper at Walmart stores and you don’t want to touch or come in contact with anybody, then Walmart pay is for you, Walmart pay lets you check out completely touch-free after shopping.

Walmart app is free to use, so you can store your credit card and debit card details which means you don’t need to bring your wallet with you. 

Walmart pay also has a digital receipt on the app which can easily use to check the item you shopped for anytime you need it, which means that anytime customers want to return goods they don’t need to worry about looking for their receipt because it is already saved in their phone.

Walmart pays also help you manage your expenses because all your expenses are being kept in one place and retrievable at any time, you can easily calculate your expenses on groceries.

Also, keep in mind that using Walmart Pay can help you earn more rewards your first year if you have the Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®. This cashback credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee, yet you’ll earn 5 percent cash back when you shop at, 2 percent back on Walmart purchases made at Walmart stores and Walmart and Murphy USA Fuel Stations, restaurants, and travel, and 1 percent back on any other purchases. For your first 12 months as a cardholder, you’ll also earn 5 percent back in Walmart brick-and-mortar stores when you pay with Walmart Pay.


1. Walmart pays doe not accept digital coupons, while it accepts paper coupons when scanned.

2. Walmart Pay can’t be used for

– Sam’s Club purchases

– Fuel

– Cashback

– EBT/WIC/SNAP purchases

Tip 3: Walmart cannot be connected to your bank account directly without the use of a credit card or debit card.

How to Return Walmart Pay Purchases

  1. Go to “Purchase History” and choose the eReceipt with the item you wish to return.
  2. Scroll to the bottom until you see the transaction barcode.
  3. Show the large barcode to the associate at Customer Service in other to scan it.
  4. Your return is then completed as normal.

Split Payment on Walmart Pay

You have the opportunity to split the payment for your purchase on Walmart pay among different payment methods.

When splitting your payment on Walmart pay, split your payment buy using gift cards as the first payment method then use a card linked to your Walmart pay account. 

You can also split payment right at the register using a Walmart Gift Card, EBT/WIC/SNAP, cash, or any other payment method first, then pay the remaining balance with Walmart Pay