Home Depot Return Policy on Plants (Over 90 Days & 1 Year)

Home Depot has a comprehensive and fair return policy that can become complex if you need to return multiple different items. You can return both in-store and online purchases, and by default, you have 90 days from purchase to return the item. You’ll need the original receipt, your photo ID, and the original payment method, such as a credit card.

Because Home Depot sells a vast range of products, there are different return policies and return windows depending on the product, such as generators, major appliances, or power tools.

Can You Return Plants to Home Depot?

Home Depot will accept most plants for return under their standard 90-day return policy but does not accept returns for cut flowers or floral arrangements. Home Depot has a 1-year guarantee on its perennials, trees, and shrubs if they die. 

If you purchased plants online that arrived dead or damaged, you have three days to contact Home Depot to replace the plant via mail. 

To claim your 90 day or 1-year guarantee on plants, you will need a copy of your receipt, your photo ID, and the original form of payment. 

Quick Home Depot Plant Return Guide

Customers using the Home Depot Consumer credit card, the Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or a Home Depot commercial account can extend their 90 day returns to 365 days.

No Refund3 Days90 Days365 Days
Cut Flowers
Floral Arrangements
Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs
Bonnie Plants
Bonnie Plants / Miracle Grow / No Harvest
Fake Plants

How to Return Plants To Home Depot

Home Depot allows you to return plants to any store as long as they fall under the return policies. You will need to bring your receipt, photo ID, and original form of payment.

Find your closest Home Depot store here.

Locate the customer service or returns desk and talk to them about the problem you’re having with your plant.

If you meet the criteria for return and you’re within the return window for your specific plant, then a refund will be issued, or you can exchange the plant for a replacement that’s the same or of equal value.

How To Return Plants By Mail To Home Depot

If you purchased plants online from HomeDepot.com and arrived dead or damaged, you will need to contact HomeDepot within three days to get a replacement. You will not need to return the plant but may need to provide evidence of the death.

Contact Customer Support within three days of delivery to arrange a new delivery: 1-800-430-3376

While Home Depot does allow return via UPS, most plants will not be illegible for this service. Therefore, you will need to return most plants via a local Home Depot store.

Will Home Depot Refund Bonnie Plants?

Bonne plants that use Miracle-gro soil or plant food can be returned for a full refund if you don’t have a harvest during March – October. If you purchased the Bonnie plants more than 90 days ago, you will still be refunded for both the Bonnie plant and Miracle-gro products under this policy.

You still need to bring the plant and receipts, and those receipts must show the Bonnie plants and Miracle-gro products being purchased within three days of each other to get the refund.

Does Home Depot Refund Fake Plants?

Fake plants fall under the standard return policy with Home Depot, so you will have 90 days from purchase to return your unopened or defective product for a full refund or exchange.

If you’ve damaged the plant in a way that it’s obvious Home Depot wasn’t the cause, then your refund will be denied.

Can I Return Plants To Home Depot After 90 Days?

Home Depot has three methods to return some plants older than 90 days. The Bonnie plant guarantee gives you up to 12 months if there is no harvest, and the perennials, trees, and shrubs guarantee gives you a year if those plants die.

Home Depot will not extend the return window for any other plants, so be sure to stay on top of checking your plants within the 90 day return period to ensure nothing has died or been damaged since you purchased it.

If you purchase your plants using the Home Depot Consumer credit card, the Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or a Home Depot commercial account, then you will have 365 to return any items unless there are specific exceptions for those items.

Home Depot Plants Return Exceptions

What If The Plant Is Damaged: If your plant arrives by mail damaged, you have three days to contact customer service for an exchange. If you take your plant home and find it has bugs or other issues, you can still return it within 90 days for a refund or exchange.

Any cut flowers that die too quickly will not be refunded once you’ve purchased them and left the store.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: Home Depot customer service can look your receipt up for 30 days if you lose your receipt. If you use a Home Depot consumer credit card, Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or Home Depot customer account, then they can look it up for 365 days.

If you need to return items without a receipt after 30 days, you can still attempt it but will need a valid photo ID, and home depot will process a store credit through their third-party refund system.

The refund system will verify there are no issues under your identity, such as ongoing returns to multiple stores or other problems that flag you in the system for no return or refund.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: If you already threw out the planter and plant card, then you can still return it, though you’ll need to transport your plant return in some kind of container.

What If The Plant Has Already Been Planted: If you’ve already planted the plant or repotted it, you can still return it. Just ensure that you provide some kind of suitable container to transport the plant.

If the plant is dead, then a plastic bag would be fine, but living plants would need to be returned in a suitable plant container for transport.