Home Depot Major Appliance Return Policy

Home Depot provides a standard 90-day return policy for most items as long as you can provide a receipt, photo ID, and the original payment method. Even without some of the required items, Home Depot may still be able to assist you with returns by looking up receipts or issuing store credits.

Home Depot offers such a massive range of products and services not all of them fall under the same standard 90-day return policy. Sometimes items may not be returnable or may have shorter return timeframes.

It’s essential to make sure you understand the return policy before paying for or accepting any products from Home Depot. You can ask customer service or look online for various products like plants, generators, and power tools.

Can You Return Major Appliances to Home Depot?

Home Depot will accept the return of major appliances if you report defects to them by calling 800-455-3869 within 48 hours of accepting or picking up the major appliance. After that timeframe, you will need to discuss any defect issues with the manufacturer under the standard warranty.

No RefundExchange48 Hours3 Years5 Years
Declined Delivery
Incorrect Product Delivered
Defective Major Appliance
No Lemon Policy With Protection Plan

Home Depot will not accept the return of major appliances once you’ve purchased or accepted delivery and the 48-hour window has elapsed. It’s your responsibility to inspect and verify that the major appliance has no damage and is in working order.

If you find defects upon receiving delivery of a major appliance, then you need to decline the delivery, and it will be taken away. You will then be eligible for a replacement major appliance but not a refund. 

How to Return Major Appliances To Home Depot

If you find a defect after accepting delivery or picking up your major appliance, you must contact Home Depot within 48 hours.

Contact Home Depot Customer Service: 1-800-455-3869

Home Depot allows you to return major appliances to any store as long as they fall under the return policies. You will need to bring your receipt, photo ID, and original form of payment.

Find your closest Home Depot store here.

Locate the customer service or returns desk and talk to them about the problem you’re having with your Major Appliance or the reason for your return.

You will not be able to get a refund but may be able to pick up a replacement product upon returning your major appliance.

How To Return Major Appliances By Mail To Home Depot

If you accept major appliances via delivery, you must inspect them before accepting delivery. The delivery people will instantly take the major appliance away, and you won’t need to follow the instructions below.

Contact Home Depot Customer Service Within 48 Hours:

  1. Contact Home Depot Customer Service: 1-800-455-3869
  2. They will provide details on pickup from your location
  3. You won’t need to package the item but will need to provide all packaging and accessories that came with the product.

If Home Depot has no pickup options, you may need to return the item to a Home Depot store.

Does Home Depot Have A Major Appliance Protection Plan?

Home Depot offers a 3-year or 5-year protection plan on all major appliances, this will kick in if your manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the issue you are experiencing or the warranty has run out.

  • 2-3 day service
  • 24/7 tech support on smart devices
  • 50% refund on some replacement parts
  • 30% reimbursement if you never make a claim
  • No Lemon Policy, which covers two repairs of the same issue

What to Do With Defective Nonreturnable Major Appliances

You will need to use your warranty through the manufacturer or your protection plan through Home Depot if there are issues after the 48 hours; you have to contact Home Depot about issues with your major appliance; otherwise, you are stuck with it.

Home Depot is strict on returns of major appliances as it’s difficult to resell them after they’ve been delivered and set up for a customer. As a result, they become used products that can’t be sold or need to be sold for a discount.

Can I Return Major Appliances To Home Depot After 2 Days?

Home Depot will not accept major appliance returns after your 48-hour return window, and even in that situation, it must be due to a defect. You can not return a major appliance just because you changed your mind or found things you didn’t like about the product outside of defects.

Ensure you research, measure, and check reviews online about any expensive product you’re looking to purchase; otherwise, you may be stuck with it or have to resell it for a loss.

The only exception is if you purchase the Home Depot protection plan that offers a no lemon policy, and your major appliance breaks in the same way twice, you will be offered a refund or exchange on the product.

Home Depot Major Appliances Return Exceptions

What If The Major Appliance Is Damaged: Your only option for returns on damaged or defective products is at the time of delivery or within 48 hours of accepting or picking up the product.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: Home Depot can look up your receipt from the past 30 days, which is more than enough for the return policy available with major appliances.

If you have a Home Depot protection plan, then they will be able to look up your plan in their system based on your name, address, phone number, so ensure you give the correct information when signing up.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Home Depot does require the original packaging and all accessories to be returned with the product. It may be possible to return without the box, but that will be up to Home Depot.

What If The Major Appliance Has Already Been Used: You will have at most 48 hours to return your major appliance and only due to defects. There is no problem if you’ve used the appliance and found the issue during that time.