Home Depot Return Policy on Generators (After 30 Days?)

Home Depot offers a very reasonable return policy on most items, allowing you to return almost anything within 90 days of purchase. You will need a copy of the receipt, your photo ID, and the original payment method to make the return process run smoothly.

Because Home Depot offers so many different products, there are some exceptions where you can’t receive a refund, or the return window is shorter than the standard 90 days.

Consumers that need to understand various product return policies should ensure they check for the specific item they want to return, such as plants, major appliances, or even power tools.

Can You Return Generators to Home Depot?

Home Depot allows you to return most unused generators within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund or exchange on the product. However, whole house and stationary generators can not be returned at all, and you will need to contact the manufacturer for any defects during the product’s warranty.

You can purchase a three-year protection plan from Home Depot when you purchase your generator, which will cover you for problems past the 30 days and provide more protection than a standard manufacturer warranty. 

Whole house and stationary generators will be delivered and potentially installed. You should inspect and test the generator before accepting delivery or installation. If you find a problem on delivery or during install by Home Depot, then simply don’t sign, and they will take the generator away.

If you want to return a used generator, there must be a defect or issue, and an exchange may be arranged. However, heavily used generators may not be accepted for return, even within the 30 day return period, depending on the assessment of Home Depot.

Quick Home Depot Generator Return Guide

Customers using the Home Depot Consumer credit card, the Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or a Home Depot commercial account can’t extend the return period for generators.

No RefundExchange3 Days30 Days
Unused Generator
Defective Generator
Lightly Used Generator
Heavily Used Generator
Whole House Generator
Stationary Generator

How to Return Generators To Home Depot

Home Depot allows you to return generators to any store as long as they fall under the return policies. You will need to bring your receipt, photo ID, and original form of payment.

Find your closest Home Depot store here.

Locate the customer service or returns desk and talk to them about the problem you’re having with your generator or the reason for your return.

If you meet the criteria for return and you’re within the return window, then a refund will be issued, or you can exchange the generator for a replacement that’s the same or of equal value if it’s defective.

How To Return Generators By Mail To Home Depot

Items purchased online, or in-store may be eligible for a return via UPS. You will need to look up your purchase to see if that is an option for your generator.

Option 1 with UPS drop-off or pick-up:

  1. Go to the Returns page.
  2. Sign in to your account or use your Order Number to search for the item.
  3. If eligible for a return, you will see a return button.
  4. A UPS packing slip will be emailed to you, and you must print it off.
  5. Package up your item in appropriate packing material
  6. Drop your package off at a UPS account point

Option 2 with Home Depot Customer Service:

  1. Contact Home Depot Customer Service: 1-800-430-3376
  2. They will provide details on pickup from your location
  3. You will need to package the item into appropriate shipping boxes

If your item isn’t eligible for a return via mail and Home Depot has no pickup options, you will need to return the item to a Home Depot store.

What Does Home Depot Cover Under Its Protection Plan?

Home Depot offers a standard 30-day return option for most generators. If your generator falls under the 30-day return policy, you can also buy a 3-year protection plan to cover issues with your generator that starts once the manufacturer’s labor warranty expires.

  • Covers all parts for breakdown
  • No costs to you at all
  • Advanced support if you need help with your generator 24/7

Generators that don’t fall under the 30-day return policy can not purchase this protection plan.

What Do You Do With Defective Nonreturnable Generators?

Whole house and stationary generators are non-returnable. If Home Depot delivers a damaged or defective item to you, you must decline the delivery so they can take it away.

If you find defects or issues after delivery and the generator has been installed, you will need to contact the manufacturer using the standard warranty with them. Home Depot will no longer be in the equation for support.

Can I Return Generators To Home Depot After 30 Days?

Home Depot will not accept returns of any generators after 30 days for any reason. If you find defects after 30 days, you must use the manufacturer’s warranty and the Home Depot protection plan once that warranty expires.

If you purchased your generators using the Home Depot Consumer credit card, the Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or a Home Depot commercial account, then you may be used to returning items longer, but that is not the case for generators.

Home Depot Generators Return Exceptions

What If The Generator Is Damaged: Damaged generators should be returned to Home Depot here possible. Otherwise, you will need to use the warranty to get repairs or support.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: Home Depot can lookup most receipts for 30 days, or 365 days if you purchased the generator with a Home Depot Consumer credit card, the Home Depot commercial revolving charge, or a Home Depot commercial account.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Home Depot will accept returns of generators without the original packaging in most situations. However, for a smooth return, try to keep all packaging and accessories for at least 30 days.

What If The Generator Has Already Been Used: Light use of your generator is acceptable, especially if you find issues or only turn it on to test it and find a problem.

If you’ve been heavily using your generator for 30 days and then want to return it, Home Depot may deny your return.