Home Depot Blinds Installation Cost

Home Depot is often your first thought for home improvements and DIY projects, and most people know that they provide installation services for many of their products through trusted third-party installers that are backed by Home Depot.

Installation services are available for almost anything significant that you purchase from Home Depot, including backsplashes, baseboards, appliance installation including ACs, and even blinds.

Home Depot Blinds installation price tends to be cheaper than the national price.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge for Blinds Installation?

Home Depot blinds installation can be done for as little as $119 for up to 10 blinds, or for a customized blind installation, the prices start at $250 per window. The average Home Depot blinds installation has 6 – 8 blinds installed for $1,200, which includes labor and materials.

Average Total Cost$1,200
Blind Installation (10 Blinds Maximum)$119
Removal of Old Blinds$5 per blind
Disposal$10 per blind
Trimming Ready-Made Blinds$15 per blind
In-Store Pick-up By Installer$30

Of course, there are additional costs for the removal of old blinds, modifications of blinds, and even pick-up of your blinds. However, the costs are fairly minimal for the removal and disposal of your blinds, so it’s not really worth your time to try removing them yourself or even picking them up from Home Depot.

If you do purchase in-store and need modifications to your blinds, Home Depot will cut your blinds to the size you want, which can save you the $30 pickup and $15 blind trimming cost from the installers.

Overall the cost of labor, removal, and modifications is a reasonable price and doesn’t factor heavily into the overall cost. So your choice of the blinds you have installed is going to be the biggest factor in your overall cost.

Average Cost Of Blinds Installation

The national average for blinds installation is $706 but ranges from $210 – $1,226, and you get a similar number of blinds installed as you do from Home Depot. However, the national average sets prices as being $50 for labor to install each blind, which is much higher than what Home Depot charges for installation.

ItemCostNumber Of Blinds
Home Depot Average$1,2006 – 8
National Average$7068
National Average Range$210 – $1,2268

Home Depot is at the higher end of the average cost to install 8 blinds, which is the typical amount most homes get professional installation for. But with a much lower labor cost, you can put more money into better quality blinds.

What’s the Cost Of Lowe’s Blinds Installation?

Lowe’s, which is a major competitor to Home Depot, only charges $99 for up to 9 blinds to be installed, plus the cost of the actual blinds. However, there is a $19 measurement cost not included with the blinds installation, so Lowe’s ends up being $1 cheaper and offering one less blind installed.

If you have nine or fewer blinds installed, there is almost zero difference, and you may be getting referred to the same local installers, especially in smaller markets. The big difference may simply come down to which store offers the blinds you prefer.

What Affects Home Depot’s Blinds Installation Cost

There are a range of factors that make up the cost of your Home Depot blinds installation, but if you’re installing ten or fewer blinds, the most significant factor is the type of blinds you’re getting installed. Prices can range from as low as $12 per blind up to $830.

Labor And Installation Of Blinds

Home Depot charge $119 to install up to 10 blinds, this is a very low price considering the national average is $50 per blind installed. The average number of blinds installed is 8, so labor and installation are only $14.80 per blind.

If you’re opting for the cheapest blinds possible, then $14.80 per blind can be a high price, and you may need to consider whether you can install the blinds yourself to save on costs. You can also look at replacing the blinds or slates used rather than the entire blind system.

Removal And Disposal Of Blinds

Home Depot charge extra to remove and dispose of old blinds, though most independent installers include this into the price. However, Home Depot charges $15 total per blind to remove and dispose of the blind, while the national average is $120 to $230 for all blinds.

So Home Depot charges the minimum amount for removal and disposal, and this gives you an opportunity to cut your costs by doing the simple task yourself and spending more money on better blinds.

Size Of Your Windows

Blinds from Home Depot can come in a variety of sizes, and most windows fit into these average sizes, whether for one blind or multiple blinds. So in most cases, pre-cut blinds that may just need to be shortened will fit your needs.

You need to weigh up the costs of getting a wider blind that will cost more vs. how many total blinds you want installed, as once you go over ten blinds, you need to pay more for installation.

If your windows are considerably out of shape and you can’t match blinds to them, your option is to have custom blinds installed, which has a minimum cost of $250 per window from Home Depot.

Type Of Blinds

The bigger your blind, the more intricate in style, the more features like fade resistance all play into the overall cost of your blind. The more basic your blind, the cheaper it will be and potentially less helpful long-term it’ll be.

Type Of BlindAverage Cost
Vertical Blinds$50 – $200
Motorized Blinds$66 – $250
Venetian Blinds$25 – $140
Mini Blinds$12 – $90
Roller Blinds$12 – $190
Roman Blinds$30 – $120

Home Depot offers blinds that filter light, resist fading, humidity, stains, and a range of other features that all add to the price. But, in many cases, the features keep the blinds lasting longer or give you more comfort or protection in your home.

Traditional Venetian blinds, which are the most common, can cost between $25 – $140, while long vertical blinds for larger windows or sliding doors can cost $50 – $200.

If you’re looking for motorized blinds, the options shrink, and the costs range from $66 – $250, though other stores can charge $400 – $1000+. You can get a motorized attachment for any type of blind, which is $100 – $140, so it may be a better option to get a wider selection of blinds.

Blinds Material Costs

As with almost anything, the material used for your blinds plays a factor in the cost, typical blind material includes vinyl, metal, wood, leather, faux leather, fabric, plastic, aluminum, synthetic, bamboo, PVC, and a range of others. 

Vinyl is typically the cheapest, with prices as low as $12 per blind, and real wood blinds are often the most expensive and can cost over $200. 

While real wood blinds can cost between $40 – $200+, you can get similar-looking faux wood that only costs around $20 – $170, so savings are minimal per blind, but if you’re installing a lot, the cost savings can be pretty high.

DIY Install Your Own Blinds

Home Depot will sell you a huge range of blinds, and for most blinds, you can alter the length so if you measure correctly, you can pick the best width, have your blinds shortened for free and then install them yourself.

The only issues you may face are getting a drill to do the actual installation and getting the measurements and positioning right on the blinds. You’ll need to secure them firmly, otherwise, they may fall, and you’ll have damaged walls, plus need professional installation help later.

If you do decide to install the blinds yourself, check YouTube for specific instructions on how to install your type of blinds, as the process may be a little different for each kind.

Installing New Blinds vs Cleaning Blinds

If your blinds aren’t looking good or are damaged you may want to replace them, however, you should consider whether dry cleaning or replacing some of the individual blinds or slats, where possible, will extend their life and improve their appearance.

Some blinds have removable slats or louvers, and these can be replaced individually for as little as $2 – $3 per piece.

You can remove all of the louvers and have them dry cleaned, the average cost is $100 – $200 per set, or in some cases, it can be $1 – $5 per foot. You should call a number of local dry cleaners to get some pricing. 

Often years of dirt or neglect can be fixed for less than replacing the entire blind, and the process is typically very easy to clip them on and off, you may just need a step ladder to help you.