Home Depot Baseboards Installation Cost

Home Depot provides the materials for your DIY projects but can also connect you with professional installation services that are backed by the Home Depot warranties. The installation is often done to a higher standard as installers want to keep getting work from Home Depot.

Almost any type of installation you need can be done through Home Depot as long as the materials or items you’re using are purchased through Home Depot. Installation services include things like backsplash, appliances, ACs, blinds, baseboards, and a range of other items.

How Much Is Home Depot Baseboards Installation?

Home Depot baseboard installation is covered under their interior trim installation services. The prices will range depending on your location but will cost you around $8 to $13 per linear foot, or for a standard home with 144 feet perimeter, the cost would be approximately $1,132 to $1,764.

Home Depot Average$1,132 – $1,764
National Average$1,060
National Average Range$720 – $1,300

The total cost includes materials and installation of your baseboards, though standard prices do not include removal of old baseboards or the disposal of the old materials which can also increase your price.

Home Depot can be slightly higher in price than the national average, but your specific location and the type of baseboard materials and style you choose will also impact the price, whether it’s from Home Depot or directly with an installer.

A big factor is that baseboards may come painted already but aren’t going to be painted by the Home Depot baseboard installers. You may not get a perfect finish on your baseboards, or there will be extra cost to spray the baseboards before or after installation, which is typically $1 – $4 per linear foot. 

How Is The Baseboard Installation Cost Broken Down?

The most expensive part of your baseboard installation is the labor required. Your choice of baseboard material and style can impact the price, and often the labor costs can go up for more expensive materials. A big factor will also be your location, as labor costs can be significantly different across the US.

Lower CostHigher Cost
Baseboard Costs$364$550
Baseboard Installation$675$1,096
Baseboard Installation Materials$28$31
Equipment Per Job$64$87
Old Baseboard Removal$100$600
Old Baseboard Disposal$15$20

Labor for baseboard installation can often be close to double the cost of your baseboard price, typically as the more expensive baseboards can require extra time and skill to install properly, though often the higher cost in labor doesn’t reflect the true extra effort required.

While many people may assume that the removal of the old baseboards is included in the quoted price, that is not the case, and there will be extra costs associated with the removal and disposal of your old baseboards.

Cost Of Different Types Of Baseboards

Home Depot sells a big range of baseboards, including wood, medium density fiberboard, PVC, polyurethane, composite, polystyrene, and even foam. You can get the baseboards unfinished, primed, painted, stained, or finished. 

TypePrice Range (LF)
Wood$1.17 – $5.96
Medium Density FIberboard$1.36 – $2.84
Polyurethane$3.24 – $12.28
Composite$1.33 – $3.36
Polystyrene$2.07 – $5.36
Foam$2.01 – $3.30

Most wood or MDF baseboards can be purchased by the linear foot, while other materials may require you buy a larger amount in a single package which can result in having to spend $200+ whether you need all of it or not.

You’ll also find a much wider range of options the less treatment that’s occurred to the baseboards, so primed baseboards will give you the biggest range of options, while painted or finished will give you much less. 

As an example, in a local Home Depot, you get 115 primed baseboard options in a range of prices, while you only get 14 finished and 7 painted options. So this can impact your price if you need to have your baseboards painted.

Can You Install Your Own Baseboards?

Installing your own baseboards is a very doable DIY task for most people, the learning curve is quick, and accidents are relatively easy to deal with. Your biggest factor will be cutting baseboards to length as you reach walls or handling rooms with irregular shapes.

You could save between $675 – $1,096 by doing the labor yourself, but the time it will take you and the complexity of your project should make you consider whether it’s worth the cost. Simple rooms or shapes that require baseboard installation is a great chance to save money.

Home Depot will assist you with cutting trim to specific lengths, though this would need to be done at the time of purchase rather than coming and going constantly. So if you measure out a room and get exact measurements, you can cut your trim to the lengths you want at Home Depot.

Home Depot DIY Baseboard Installation Help

Home Depot provides guides, including videos on how you can install your own baseboards. The process is relatively straightforward, and it gives you a good idea of the types of materials you’ll need, including your tools. 

It’s also an excellent resource for actually doing the work and only visiting Home Depot once for all the materials and tools required.

Can You Remove Old Baseboards Yourself?

An option to save on costs where you’re remodeling your home or simply need to replace baseboards is to do the removal yourself. Make sure you get a quote on the cost of removal as part of your entire process and then determine if it’s worth your time and energy.

The removal process of baseboards is reasonably easy as long as you’re careful not to damage the walls. A simple utility knife and crowbar or hammer with a gentle touch can remove baseboards and save you a reasonable amount of money with no significant skill requirements.

The biggest factor to consider is that if you damage the walls too badly in your removal, there will be added costs to repair the walls.