Home Depot Backsplash Installation Cost

For any home improvement job, you want to find good installers at a good cost with a reasonable warranty on material and installation. Home Depot is a well-known supplier of home improvement materials and can connect you with reliable installers backed by Home Depot, including installation for appliances, ACs, blinds, baseboards, and many other jobs.

The average cost from all companies across the US to install a standard 25 sqft backsplash ranges from $575 to $875. So understanding the Home Depot backsplash installation cost can help you determine if their price is worth the extra guarantee that Home Depot can provide.

How Much Is Home Depot Backsplash Installation?

The average cost to have a standard 25 sqft tile backsplash installed through Home Depot is $800, the cost includes backsplash and installation materials and the installation itself. Your materials and the labor are backed by a minimum 1-year warranty from Home Depot. 

National Average$900
National Average Range$460 – $1,400
Home Depot Average$800

The Home Depot backsplash installation cost is within the national average range and $100 cheaper than the actual national average, which makes them an excellent choice for your backsplash installation due to the cost but also the enhanced guarantee that Home Depot is known for.

Home Depot provides the materials and ships them to your door, they’ll connect you with a local, licensed, and insured company to perform the actual installation. However, your guarantee comes from Home Depot, which can often be a much better option to ensure any problems are resolved.

Backsplash Materials Cost From Home Depot

Home Depot backsplash installation covers tile backsplash, and the type of tile you can choose from will determine the overall price. Home Depot has a huge range of tile materials and the range in cost for each type of material is wide.

Type Of Backsplash MaterialHome Depot Cost (SF)National Average Cost (SF)
Ceramic$0.55 – $48.05$1 – $3
Porcelain$1.99 – $39.99$3 – $8
Travertine$3.00 – $20.68$2 – $4
Natural Stone$2.30 – $116.35$5 – $12
Marble$2.30 – $116.65$5 – $10
Glass$1.27 – $55.23$12 – $26
Copper$54.50 – $115.45$14 – $16
Stainless Steel$14.23 – $206.90$16 – $20

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common type of material used for a backsplash, and the prices are very similar between them, so understanding the benefits of each can help you pick the best option for your backsplash usage and environment, as the labor cost will be almost the same when using them.

You should also be aware of how long each type of material will last or hold up to the conditions you expect them to handle. You may love the appearance of the more costly materials, but if you’re replacing them too often, they can become problematic.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile Backsplash Installation Costs

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most common material for a backsplash. They can be the cheapest options while still providing very high quality. Porcelain is often 50% more expensive than similar ceramic tiles for the overall installation costs but may perform better in wet environments.

Porcelain tile installation costs are around $12 – $19 per square foot, provide excellent stain resistance, and keep moisture away much better than similar porcelain tiles. Porcelain is also a much harder material and can withstand colder temperatures.

Ceramic tile installation costs are around $7 – $14 per square foot, so they are a much cheaper alternative than porcelain with a very similar appearance. Ceramic tiles are fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and block out moisture, they just can’t do it as well as porcelain.

So for areas where a backsplash may get very heavy use, the long-term appearance and costs involved may be lower with porcelain tiles, though in environments that won’t have heavy use or in flipped houses, they can look good and simply be replaced later.

Can You Install Your Own Backsplash?

Instllationing your own backsplash is a possibility, and the cost could with costs being around $533 for DIY vs. $800 for a professional. Due to the relatively small area of most backsplashes at 25 square feet, it can be a quick job that doesn’t require a huge amount of skill but may require tools you don’t currently have. 

Tiling ItemHome DepotDIY
25 SF of Tiles$75
Tile Spacers$10
Grout Sealer$8
Haze Remover$10
Total Cost$800$533

Your primary concerns will be ensuring that everything is leveled up, straight, and looks good, otherwise, you may be calling in the pros later. 

You also need to consider the cost of tools, so try planning out the job first and see what tools you’d need to buy or could borrow, as that will be a large chunk of the cost in a DIY backsplash installation.

Home Depot charges around $800 for a 25-square-foot backsplash, a large chunk of that cost can be associated with the labor involved. The national average for porcelain tiles is between $3 -$8 per square foot, which is $75 – $200 in tiles.

Home Depot DIY Backsplash Installation Help

The Home Depot DIY backsplash installation video below gives you a good overview of how simple the task can be, and if you have many of the tools already, it can cut your costs significantly and make the overall installation cost very low.

Self-Adhesive Backsplash Installation Cost

An alternative to installing a standard tile backsplash is self-adhesive backsplash tiles that simply need to be cut to size and stuck onto the existing wall. Home Depot sells these in a range of prices from $4 to $97 per square foot, and the cost savings in reduced labor can be put towards higher-quality tiles.

The installation can often take as little as 30 minutes, and you simply need to ensure that you’ve lined up the first tile correctly and then peel and stick the remaining tiles quickly.