Home Depot Appliance Installation Cost

Home Depot sells almost anything you need for your home at reasonable prices, though often the biggest advantage with using Home Depot is that it’s incredibly convenient and has everything in one place, which saves you time and energy shopping around for different items.

The appliance selection from Home Depot is considerable, and you can have your Home Depot appliance delivered and installed by professionals, similar to other installation services that Home Depot offers, such as backsplashes, baseboards, blinds, and ACs.

How Much Is Home Depot Appliance Installation?

Home Depot appliance installation can range from $19.99 to $150, and delivery can cost $59. You must buy the installation kit for all appliance installations, which can cost you between $15 to $100. Appliances delivery and installation are free if the appliance is over $396.

Type Of ApplianceInstallation KitInstallation Cost
Gas Range$33.99$19.99
Electric Range$32.85FREE
Over The Range Microwave$0$115

Basic hookup is done by the delivery team and doesn’t include built-in or commercial grade appliances that require special skills and equipment to remove and install the appliance. If you need built-in appliances to be installed, you need to use the Appliance Installer Pro Referral program at Home Depot.

An installation kit MUST be purchased and delivered with your appliance, as the Home Depot delivery installation team will not attach appliances to old cords or pipes. You MUST also disconnect the old appliance before the delivery team arrives, or they won’t install the new appliance.

Home Depot Electric Range Installation Costs

The cost for Home Depot to install your electric range is free, though you will need to pay around $32.85 for the installation kit that includes a new power cord. If you want an old electric range removed as part of the installation, it will cost you an extra $30.

You must buy a new power cord as the installers won’t use the older cord. There must also be a 240V electric outlet within 4 feet of the new electric range, if it’s too far or not up to code, the installers will not install a new outlet, and your installation will not proceed.

Home Depot Gas Range Installation Costs

The cost for Home Depot to install your gas range is around $19.99, plus you will need the installation kit, which will cost around $33.99. To have your old range removed will cost you $30, and you must have it unhooked and emptied before the delivery team arrives.

Your installation kit is required as your old power cord and equipment can’t be reused, so without this kit, your installation can’t proceed. You’ll need to ensure that you have a standard 110V 3-prong power outlet within 4 feet of the range. The installers will not install a ne output as part of the installation, so your installation will not proceed without an up to code power outlet.

You’ll also need to ensure that there is a natural gas shutoff valve with a metal connector directly behind where the range is going, as this can also result in your installation not completing.

Propane ranges can not be installed by the standard delivery teams, and you need professional services to hook this up.

Home Depot Fridge & Freezer Installation Costs

The cost for Home Depot to install your fridge is free, but you need to purchase an installation kit, which will cost you around $17.28. Independent freezers will be delivered but are not part of the installation service, hauling away your fridge or freezer will cost $30 per item.

Your installation kit will include a new power cord and, in some cases, piping to connect your fridge to a water valve. You can’t reuse existing piping or power cords, and without the installation kit, the installation delivery team will not install your refrigerator.

You also need to ensure that there is a 110V electrical outlet within 4 feet of the location of your fridge, otherwise, the installation can’t be performed. The installers can not use extension cords or install a new power outlet as part of the installation.

Home Depot Microwave Installation Costs

Home Depot will install over-the-range microwaves for $115, there is no installation kit required, though if your microwave is under $369, you will need to pay the $59 delivery fee, and if you’re removing an old microwave, it will cost you $30 for disposal.

Standard microwaves should not require professional installation and will only be delivered in a box for you to unpack, place, and plug in yourself. 

You need to ensure that there is a 110V 3 prong power cord close enough for the microwave to reach, the installers will not install a new power outlet or make modifications to any outlets.

Make sure that you have 30 inches of space between the bottom of the cabinet and the microwave cooking surface.

You will also need a charcoal filter for inside venting, or you need to ensure that ducting is already in place and will work with the ne microwave. If ducting is not in place, your installation can’t proceed as the installers won’t add or modify the ducting.

You are responsible for uninstalling the old microwave, failure to do so will result in the installation not going ahead.

Home Depot Dishwasher Installation Costs

The cost for Home Depot to install a new dishwasher is $150, and you’ll need to purchase an installation kit that will cost you around $33.97. If you want your old dishwasher removed, the cost is $30.

You’ll need to ensure that there is a 110V 3 prong power cord within 4 feet of the dishwasher and that there is a water supply line and shut-off valve behind the dishwasher or under the nearby sink. 

The shutoff valve must be corrosion-free and in good working condition, as the installers will not perform any type of plumbing alterations and won’t connect up to an old corroded valve.

In some areas, a certified electrician or plumber is required by law to do the installation, and in those regions, the delivery team can’t hook up your dishwasher, and you’ll need pro services to connect you after delivery.

Home Depot Washing Machine Installation Costs

Home Depot will install your new washing machine for free as part of the delivery, but you must buy an installation kit which will cost around $29.99, and to remove your old washer will cost $30. 

Make sure that your old washer has been unplugged and disconnected, as neither removal nor installation can happen before you do that. You may need to pull the washer out, which for some people may be challenging, but the installers won’t unplug or unhook anything for you.

You’ll need to ensure there is a standard 110V 3-prong plug available within 4 feet and that you have water supply lines within 4 feet for your new installation kit to reach.

If you’re looking to stack a washer and dryer, you need a stacking kit, and in some locations, the installers will not lift and stack, so you need to verify with Home Depot first.

Home Depot Electric Dryer Installation Costs

The cost to install a Home Depot electric dryer is $19.99, and the installation kit can cost around $82.96. To have your old dryer removed, you’ll need to pay $30, and that is independent of the removal costs of any washer you’re also removing.

Electric dryers need a 240V 3 or 4 prong power outlet within 4 feet of the washer, and no electric work or modifications will be provided by the installers.

A semi-rigid dryer duct needs to already be installed as this will not be installed by the delivery team, and no additional dryer duct will be provided.

If you’re stacking the dryer on top of a washer, you need to ensure you got a stacking kit, and you should double-check with Home Depot whether stacking can be done by the delivery team or whether you need to handle lifting the dryer.

Home Depot Gas Dryer Installation Costs

Home Depot will install your gas dryer for $19.99, and you’ll need to purchase an installation kit that costs around $58.98, as with all major appliances, the cost to haul away your old dryer is $30, and you need to ensure that everything is unhooked before the delivery team arrives.

A standard 110V 3 prong power outlet needs to be within 4 feet of the dryer, and it’s important to check especially if you’re switching from an electric dryer that typically has a different type of outlet. The delivery team will not rewire or make any electrical changes during installation.

You need to ensure that a natural gas shut-off valve with a metal connector is already installed directly behind where the dryer will go. You also need a new gas flex connector, and your semi-rigid dryer duct needs to be already installed.

Home Depot installers can’t hook a gas dryer up to a propane line or install the dryer in a garage.

What’s Included In the Installation

Whether you pay or get free delivery and installation, the services provided are the same for appliance installation. The installation will include the delivery of your new appliance, moving the old appliance out of the way, unboxing and checking the new appliance, and performing basic hookup of your new appliance.

The installers will remove any new packaging and take it away, though removing your old appliance, even into another room, will cost you $30.

Unhooking your old appliance is specifically not included, and if you haven’t done that, the delivery team will refuse to unhook the old appliance and install your new appliance. 

You must ensure that you purchase the installation kit as that will be required for the installation and is not included for any appliances.

If There Is A Problem With The Appliance

The delivery installation team will unpack, visually inspect the appliance, and once installed, they will test that the appliance works as expected. You should be visually inspecting and checking that the appliance works to your expectation, and if there are issues, you should refuse delivery.

A refusal to accept delivery means the delivery team needs to repack and take your new appliance away, which is the least troublesome scenario for you if there are issues with the appliance.

If you’ve accepted delivery of your appliance and find an issue, you must report that issue to Home Depot within 48 hours of delivery and arrange for the return of the appliance.

If you find issues with the appliance after two days, then you fall within the standard warranty of the product and may need to deal with the manufacturer directly. The exception to this is if you’ve purchased a protection plan through Home Depot, and in that scenario, you may be able to talk to Home Depot directly about the issue.

Review the Home Depot Major Appliance return policy prior to delivery of your new appliance so that you can be prepared and have the least amount of trouble.

If You Want to Install A Home Depot Appliance Yourself

Most appliances are reasonably easy to install yourself, though maneuvering heavy appliances into position can be challenging for some people, if the installation kit and installation cost are free or only a small amount, it may just be better to let the delivery team install your appliance.

For gas appliances, it’s generally better to let somebody skilled in that particular appliance install it so that there aren’t any issues. Most other appliances can be installed, and if required, you can check Youtube for videos on how to install each appliance.

Installing built-in appliances adds additional complexity and may not be suitable for everyone, though it’s possible and much easier if you have help to get the appliances into position as you’re installing them.