Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Review

The Hisense 40-Inch Roku smart tv is a low-end model perfect for smaller apartments when space is at a premium, and your primary TV source is from streaming services rather than cable or network TV.

You can find the same TV on Amazon for under $240 right now, and while tv enthusiasts that want the best and biggest TV available may not enjoy this option, it’s probably one of the better TVs you can get at this price range.

I’m going to go through all of the details on the TV from personal experience and let you decide if it’s a good option for you.

What the Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV is like

The Hisense Smart TV has a 40-inch viewing screen which is perfect when it’s closer to your bed, rather than up on a wall in a lounge or further away from you, and it comes in 1080p, so the picture is crisp and reasonable to watch.

The TV comes with DTS TruSurround, which, if I’m being honest, is not always amazing; in some cases, you need to turn the volume up very loudly to hear dialogue if there is a lot of background noise in your house or outside. A soundbar or external speakers would make the experience better.

With the size of the screen and the audio quality, it’s a better TV for smaller spaces where there is little external noise, and the room isn’t too large. 

A big selling point of the TV is the built-in Roku service, which lets you stream and access all of your streaming services in one place from a remote control which makes things simple, especially when you have people that aren’t tech-savvy using the TV.

Roku allows you to add in all of the standard streaming services such as Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and gives you access to hundreds of other free and paid streaming services to test out.

Overall an excellent TV for a very minimal price, that’s last without any real issues.

Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Compared To Older Models

Hisense is a Chinese manufacturer that has only been in the North American market since 2015; their entire goal is to provide budget TVs with reasonable quality tech installed in them. They are often the cheapest option in comparable features of the big brands, though sometimes you may not get as good quality or as crisp a picture, but the price makes up for it.

There is a model available for all features you may want; whether it’s UltraHD, 4K UHD, there’s a Hisense version available. Each year, they just slightly enhance the quality of their components or add in anything new.

The only significant change introduced was when Roku TV started being integrated with some of their TVs, which was one of the big selling points and the price for me.

If you don’t need a big brand name for your TV, then you will find a cheaper option for whatever options you want with Hisense.

Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Compared To Other TVs

Hisense is on the low end of price with similar or even better features than the brands and other budget TVs. When you check reviews online, you’ll also find Hisense has much higher ratings, especially in the budget TV range; they have a good name for good quality components that last.

My current Hisense is around one year old now, and there have been no problems at all; how the TV was when I first got it is how it still is now. The video and audio are the same, so it’s a durable TV that won’t need to be replaced or fixed.

Hisense is best for people who want a TV with good components but don’t need a brand name or the best components. 

PriceVideoAudioScreen SizeSmart TV
Hisense 40-Inch Led$239.991080p Full HDDTS TruSurround40″Roku TV
Vizio D40f-J090$245.771080p Full HDDolby Atmos40″Chromecast
Samsung UA-40T5300$499.00Full HDDolby Digital Plus40″Tizen

Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Pros and Cons

  • Cheapest In the Market
  • One of the Best Quality In Budget TV
  • Built-In Roku Smart TV
  • Internal Audio Quality Is Average
  • Unknown Brand

Hisense Pros

Hisense TVs are consistently the cheapest compared to other comparable TVs, whether that’s brand name TVs or other budget TVs.

The components used in Hisense TVs are of excellent quality. From my personal experience and from reviews online, there is very little that goes wrong with them, aside from standard defects that can happen to any TV. In comparison to other budget TV brands, which have many negative reviews are failed parts.

Instead of having to buy Roku or deal with a poor-quality Smart TV app, you get a free version ofo Roku built into the TV so that you can access all of your favorite streaming services, as well as gain access to new ones you’ve never heard of before.

Hisense Cons

The included audio in the 3-4 Hisense TVs I’ve used have all been fairly poor quality; they do the job so that you can hear. But you need a quiet room and no outside noise to really enjoy whatever you’re watching. A soundbar or external speakers would make it a lot better.

If you care about the brands you use or that your friends see, nobody will really know about Hisense, and it’s not a high-quality brand-name TV you can show off. 

Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Decisive Key Factors

There are a few key things you can consider about TVs before you buy yours; listed below are some essential items to me about the TV, and I’ve rated the Hisense from my personal opinion.

Key DecisionsDescriptionRating 0/10
Screen Size40″6
Smart TV AppRoku TV10
Screen Resolution1080p Full HD6
Warranty1 Year – Carry-In2
AudioDTS TruSurround4

Screen Size

Your screen size is important, especially when you decide what room you will put your TV into. A smaller room can handle a smaller TV, but these days another smaller than 40” I would consider to simply be a kitchen TV. So the Hisense 40” is at the minimum level required.

Smart TV App

Almost all new TVs are Smart TVs now, but the app used can impact how good your experience is and even what streaming services you can easily get. Roku TV is probably the best premium Smart TV app you can get. So often you need to pay for it, but with this TV it’s built-in.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is important to many people; for me, as long as the resolution is clear and crisp, then I’m happy. The Hisense probably has the bare minimum you’d want; anything lower, and you may start noticing problems with your image.


Price always plays a factor, and Hisense TVs are all on the extremely cheap end, and you can’t complain about their price, or the quality you get from them.


For such a cheap TV, unless it died instantly, it’s probably going to be easier just to replace it. The warranty on Hisense TVs under 45” is one-year parts and labor, but you need to send the TV in on your dime. 


Audio is a really important part of any TV; you need crisp sound and clear background and speaking. Unfortunately, the Hisense TVs do lack in the audio department, and it’s probably one of the only things that I really dislike about them. An added cost of getting a soundbar would be the only option outside of just turning the TV up.

Is The Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV Worth It?

Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV with Alexa...
  • Combining rich 1080p picture quality, intuitively smart Roku TV platform,...
  • Enjoy all the key moments in fast-paced sports, movies, and games with motion...
  • Roku TV's simplified home screen and streamlined remote provide easy to access...
  • Control the TV with your iOS or android device via the easy-to-use Roku TV...

The Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV is best for people that are looking for a good quality no-name brand budget TV, in the very low end of the price range, and who want Roku TV specifically.

Price and Roku TV were the most significant factors for me to purchase this TV, I don’t care about brand names, and the exact video and audio quality isn’t a significant concern, though I do wish the TV had better audio quality.

The Hisense will not be a good option for anybody who wants a premium quality brand and components. That is not where this TV sits in the spectrum of TVs; it is 100% a budget TV option.

For $239.99, the Hisense 40-Inch Roku Smart TV was 100% worth it; it’s lasted at least a year, with no problems that weren’t already present when I purchased it. 

Visit Amazon if you want to buy one of these fantastic TVs.

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