GameStop Return Policy On Video Games

GameStop is the top choice of many people in the US for buying electronics. You can purchase PS5, Xbox, and much more from this store.

It also sells video games throughout the nation. Another key thing about this store is that it also buys broken phones and damaged laptops from you.

GameStop also has a general return policy of thirty days for its products. If you are wondering about its video game returns, you no longer have to. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Can You Return Video Games To GameStop?

GameStop allows you to return unopened video games only within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for a total refund. You can give the item back by going to the store, mailing, or scheduling the return through a call.

One of the top things to note about this store is that it does not ask for a restocking fee. However, keep in mind that you cannot return $500 worth of items in-store bought from the website.

Besides that, you must show the original receipt or let the clerk know the order number for the returnable item. This will allow you to qualify for a total refund easily.

Another thing to remember is that some items are ineligible for return. Additionally, if you send an incorrect game to the store, they will not issue a refund nor give back the thing.

Therefore, you must learn how to return video games to GameStop. This will prevent you from losing your money and the item.

How To Return Video Games To GameStop?

There are three ways to return video games to GameStop. The primary method is to take the item and go to the store to start the process. You must ensure to show the original receipt or order number to the clerk.

The store will issue a refund to the original payment method you used for purchasing the item. This is why the processing time can vary.

You must understand that the primary method is applicable for in-store and online video game purchases. However, there is also a second return option for online purchases only.

GameStop accepts returnable items through mail as well for online purchases. You can get the refund by downloading the return label from your order history and clicking return on the specific item.

Then, you should attach the label to the package and ship it back to GameStop. A key thing to remember is that the store does not accept returns for opened video games.

If you mail an opened video game, the store will not refund. Additionally, they will not return the item to you. So you will lose your original payment and the video game.

Can You Return Digital Games And Access Codes?

Digital games are non-returnable items at GameStop, so you cannot get a refund for them. The store also does not allow you to give back the access codes because of any reason.

Besides that, you cannot get an exchange for digital games and access codes at GameStop. The store has listed these items as non-returnable in their comprehensive policy.

The primary reason the store does not permit digital returns is because of fraud risks. Not only that, but the shop will have to get the game disabled to prevent fraud. This can be a hassle in most cases.

Another thing to note about GameStop is that it is unlike other stores on the market. That is why their strictness level is much higher when it comes to refunds and replacements.

How Strict Is GameStop On Video Game Returns?

GameStop is highly strict about video game returns. That is why they only offer you a refund for unopened items. You will not get any money if the packaging is not in its original condition.

Besides that, the store does give you back your opened game if you mail them. Even if you take the item to the store and try to fool them, they will confiscate your video game.

Aside from that, GameStop does not issue a refund without the receipt or order number. This is why you should not lose them in any case if you intend to return the game at any point.

The store will also refuse to provide you with a refund if you abuse their policy. For instance, GameStop does not provide returns to customers who frequently return products using satisfaction excuses.

Now that you have understood the store’s strictness about video game returns, you must keep in mind the time limit. If you want to give back the item after 30 days, here is what you need to know.

Can I Return Video Games To GameStop After 30 Days?

The store does not allow you to return games after 30 days, regardless of whether you have a receipt. As we said earlier, the shop is highly strict about video game returns.

GameStop only makes an exception to this rule during the holiday season. For instance, if you want to return an item purchased on 10th December 2021, you can return it by 15th January 2022.

Thus, you get a total of 36 days for returning a video game during the last holiday season of the year. Besides that, the store will not make any exceptions in any case.

GameStop Video Games Return Exceptions

GameStop is a professional store that does not have many return exceptions. For instance, it does not issue refunds for opened video games. However, you may get an exchange for such an item, but you can get an identical game only.

Besides that, the store does not tolerate the return of defective products. This only applies if you have damaged the product.

If GameStop makes an error during delivery or gives you a faulty product, you are eligible for a refund. However, remember that the store will check carefully, so you should not try to fraud them.

Lastly, the store does not accept returns for used products and items without a receipt. You must know the order number if you lose the bill. But if you don’t have both proofs, you are not eligible for a refund or exchange.