Enterprise Plus Program [Year]

Automotive customer loyalty program is a successful business strategy to boost brand popularity and customer value. Almost every automotive industry participates in loyalty programs for guest engagement by offering personalized deals.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest American car rental agency that has more than 10,000 agency locations nationwide.

This article shares all you need to know about the rewards programs of Enterprise.

Enterprise launched its loyalty program Enterprise Plus in 2012. Enterprise is free to join and 50 bonus points will be granted for app download. You can earn 1 point per $1 spent on a qualifying rental that can be redeemed for a free rental day at participating locations.

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Enterprise Plus Benefits

Enterprise Plus members not only earn points but also get free upgrades and bonus offers based on the qualified tier level. The collected points can be redeemed towards a free rental day reservation.

  • Easy and free to join.
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • Extra points for credit card offers.
  • Free rental day.
  • Points shared with family and friends.
  • Free upgrades.
  • Tier-level memberships.
  • Attain elite level status based on rental activity.
  • Members only check-in at participating locations.
  • Special offers on email special subscription.

Enterprise Plus Membership Levels

There are 3 levels of membership tiers for the Enterprise Plus program. Anyone who enrolls in the program will be a Plus member.

Qualifying rentals0-56-1112 or 40 days24 or 85 days
Extra benefitFree membership10% bonus points15% bonus points20% bonus points
UpgradesEarn points and elite status with every rental.A free car upgrade per year.Two free car upgrades per year.Four free car upgrades per year.
Increased Points Same as 1 point1.1 x points per $11.15 x points per $11.2 x points per $1

Types Of Enterprise Plus Deals

The earned points can be redeemed at any Enterprise car agency or online and the points needed for a free rental day vary depending on the vehicle option. A minimum of 400 points will reward a free rental day.

The yearly promotion of Enterprise Plus called Plus your Points allows customers to earn bonus points. Some of them are mentioned below.

Enterprise App Download50
Travel Poll Badge50
Road Forward50
Car Sales50
Rent Online 50
Redemption ED50
Neighbourhood Weekend Badge75
Airport Weekend Badge75
SUV or Minivan Rental100
Plan Ahead Badge100
Exotic Car Rental150
Extended Rental500

Military, Government, and Veterans are eligible for car rental discounts. For government leisure travel, the enterprise offers a 5% discount on base rates. For official government travel, specific contracted rates are offered. A military or government ID is required at the time of pick-up.

The other deals include:

  • A free Single upgrade– Available on Economy, Compact, Intermediate and Standard car classes. One day minimum rental is required or a maximum of 27 day is allowed.
  • 15% off- For a 3 day or more car rental, 15% off is given and is available on Compact, Intermediate, Full-size SUVs, Minivans and Convertible car classes. 3 to 30 days are allowed.

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How Does Enterprise Plus Work? 

After the free enrollment, a membership number will be provided that is applied to all rental activity. One point is rewarded for every $1 purchase and can be used for car rental programs. The accumulated points will take you up to reach elite status tiers.

Once you earn 400 points you can redeem it for a free rental day. However, the free rental day covers the time and mileage and is not applied to tax, fees, surcharges, or optional products.

If you subscribe to email specials, you will receive the latest offers and deals in your inbox.

The credit cards also offer extra points on rental car purchases for members. The cards that help to earn double points for car rental are mentioned below.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Card
  • CitiBusiness Mastercard
  • Citi Premier Card
  • InK Business Preferred Credit Card

Using the Enterprise Plus number, sign in and enter pick-up location, date, time, vehicle class, and promotion code, if any. 

After selecting the vehicle, add extra details like Insurance and vehicle protection, and equipment additions like GPS or child safety seat. After providing a driver’s license and payment you can finalize the reservation.

The more you earn, the more rewards you get. Additionally, the Enterprise Plus members can get discount deals like 15% off on the base rate if they rent a car for 3 or more days.

Enterprise Plus Points Value

Enterprise Plus points are worth collecting as it takes you to get a free rental day and a lot of deals and offers. The points can be earned faster by participating in promotional offers, badges, and limited-time deals. 

For example, when you complete the first qualifying rental, you will be given a First rental badge that worth 200 bonus points, and a second rental badge of 100 points will be offered to members. 

There are weekly deals that will reward 75 bonus points for a qualifying weekly rental. It must be more than 4 days and less than 15 days.

How to Transfer Enterprise Points

To transfer the points, go to the My Rewards and Benefits section on the website or app, Click the “Transfer My Points” button. You need to provide the name, Enterprise number, last name, and email of the person you are transferring the points to.

The earned points can be transferred to family, friends, and other Enterprise Plus members.

How Can I Redeem Enterprise Plus Points?

To redeem the points online, sign in to your account and provide a location to check the free rental day availability. Select the “Pay in Points” button and choose the vehicle type and select the number of free days you want to redeem and click “Continue” and “Redeem”.

The available point balance will be displayed on the right top corner below the “My Enterprise Plus” button. 

The points will expire after 36 days of inactivity. As long as you make rental-purchase the points remain the same. Transferring points will not be considered as rental activity.

Enterprise Plus Sign Up

To enroll in the program you must register for a member account on enterpriseplus.com or Enterprise app. You need to sign up by providing valid details and submit by agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

The existing members can access their accounts by logging in with an email ID. The members need to maintain only one account at a time. 

Is Enterprise Plus Loyalty Program Worth It?

Enterprise Plus is worth joining for anyone as it offers a lot of benefits for their members including bonus points that can be used for free rental days and upgrades. The more points earn will get you the elite membership status that rewards you exclusive benefits like four free car upgrades per year.

Even if you never rented a redemption reservation, your points will be re-deposited into your account up to 6 months after the scheduled pick-up date. If your points are not added to your account, you can contact the Enterprise member services.