Doordash Gas Rewards Program (Gas Discounts And Cash Back)

Doordash has a loyalty program called Doordash Gas Rewards in March 2022. Anyone can join the program and earn 10% cash back on eligible gas purchases at participating gas stations across the nation. 

The dashers can save money for each gas purchase as cashback and weekly bonus rewards. After signing up, the dashers can start earning cashback after fuel purchases at any location.

  • 10% Cashback on every purchase
  • Weekly cash bonus
  • $5 bonus for completing 100 miles

After completing specific mileages in a week, you will receive bonus rewards. They also provide offers and discounts on fuel prices.

What You Get With Doordash Gas Rewards

Dashers will get 10% cashback when they make gas purchases using the DasherDirect card and the bonus offer is available until April 30, 2022. That is, with the debit card, the members will already get 2% cashback and an additional 8% cashback at any participating location.

Dashers will receive an estimated amount of $0.58 to $0.66 per liter for a Doordash fuel pay at any gas station.

Weekly Cash Bonus

Doordash also provides the dashers a weekly cash bonus based on the delivery volume. Dashers will be rewarded with an extra $5 when they complete a specific mileage within a certain period.

For example, when you accept and complete the first 100 miles of drive in a week, you will receive a bonus of $5 which will be added to your rewards balance. 

When you complete 175 miles in a motor vehicle, you will receive $10 and for driving 225 miles a reward of $15 will be provided to Dashers.

100 miles$5
175 miles$10
225 miles$15

With this cash bonus, you can unlock extra earnings ranging from $1.27 to $1.69 per gallon depending on how much you dash. Below is the bonus you earn per gallon when you complete miles.

100 miles25.4$1.27
175 miles25.4$1.45
225 miles25.4$1.69

There are certain criteria for dashers to qualify for the weekly bonus. The main criteria are Dashers should reside in the United States to be eligible for the program. You need to complete 100 miles in total for the week. 

The cash bonus can be earned only when you reach and complete 100 miles for your accepted deliveries for the week. They need to deliver by car to receive the bonus.

How To Earn Reward Points

After creating a Doordash Gas Rewards account, you can start purchasing towards earning cashback on each fuel purchase. To get cash back, you need to apply for a DasherDirect card through the app or website and start earning.

A physical card or virtual card will be provided for dashers. A cashback of 10% will be rewarded for members and the program is available from March- to April 2022. The rewards will be added automatically to your account on the app within 24 hours. 

Additionally, the members will receive weekly bonuses when they complete deliveries and hit certain distance milestones each week. The total mileage that you cover will be added to your account.

The mileages can be calculated by adding the estimated mileages when the offers are given each week. For example, when you complete 80 deliveries in a week, you will receive a $15 reward.

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How To Redeem Gas Rewards

Dashers can make redemption once they save money for each qualifying fuel purchase. The Dasher Direct card can be used for redeeming rewards during checkout.

You can view your current reward balance on the “earning” section of the app. The reward bonus is valid for 2 months (until April 2022) and you need to earn and use the rewards within the given time.

How to Sign Up

Anyone above 18 years can join for free in the Doordash Gas Rewards program. To create an account as a Dasher, you need to provide your valid details and sign up by downloading the Dasher app or visiting the website.

If you already have a Dasher account, you will be automatically enrolled in the Doordash Gas Rewards program. You do not need to opt-in. You can use your debit card for each gas purchase.

After creating an account, you can apply for a DasherDirect card to enjoy the benefit of cashback rewards and bonuses. You can apply for either a physical card or a virtual card. 

Once you are approved, you will receive the physical card within 1 to 3 business days. The virtual card will be provided once your application is accepted. The virtual card will be added to your mobile wallet on the DasherDirect app.