Dollar Tree Average Salary (Cashier, Manager & More)

Dollar Tree is a major operator in the discount retail variety store business. As of today, Dollar Tree is present just in North America, but it has served this region for almost 30 years with its mammoth distribution of 15,500+ stores and over 193,000 associates.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average salary of an employee working in a general retail store is $13/hour.

Therefore, if you are seeking employment in the general retail sector, then Dollar Tree could have some job opportunities for you. So, keep reading to know more!

How Much Does Dollar Tree Pay?

A Cashier at Dollar Tree earns an average of $9 per hour, and an assistant store makes $11.35 per hour. A higher position merchandise manager makes around $14 per hour.

The Role of EmployeeLowest Pay/Hour ($)Highest Pay/Hour ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Merchandise Manager$13.65$19.57$14.00
Sales Associates$7.58$13.87$9.50
Assistant Store Manager$11.35$11.35$11.35

So, you can get a brief idea about the payments at Dollar Tree from the table above. This is an important consideration for people seeking a job here.

In the next section, we will look at more detailed data of Dollar Tree’s pay by position.

Dollar Tree Pay by Position

At Dollar Tree, the most popular/common position is that of an operations manager, who is entitled to a salary of $12.50/hour. Some other job positions include that of a retail sales associate who gets a salary of $9/hour.

The Employee RoleNational Average Pay/Hour ($)Average Pay/Hour ($)
Operations Manager$13.45$12.50
Merchandise Manager$16.24$14.00
Sales Associates$10.47$9.50
Store Manager$53.53$50.00
Assistant Merchandise Manager$12.57$13.00
Retail Sales Associate$10.97$9.00

From the above-mentioned comparisons, we can find that Dollar Tree almost matches the employee pay-outs with the national average. This is a good thing!

Dollar Tree Highest Paying Position

The highest paying job position is that of a store manager. The entitled salary is around $105k and with some added benefits and incentives, the salary can reach up to $120k.

Now, coming to the next best paying job position, it is of an assistant manager. The entitled salary is around $50k and it can reach up to $65k with some incentives and bonuses. Also, the salaries vary from state to state.

Now, let’s look at Dollar Tree pay by the state in the next section.

Dollar Tree Wagesby State

Just like every other company, the pay by the state for Dollar Tree employees varies to a great extent. Well, this is due to varying living costs, rents, and daily-item costs.

So, below we have mentioned the average state-wise pay/hour salary of Dollar Tree employees.

StateMinimum Wage/Hour State-wise ($)Average State-Wise Pay/Hour ($)
District Of Columbia$12.87$9.17

So, we can see that the state-wise salary is less when compared to the minimum wage/hour in that state.

Next, let’s find out the payment schedules of Dollar Tree Employees.

Dollar Tree Pay Schedule

As far as payment schedules are concerned, Dollar Tree employees get paid bi-weekly, every Friday.

Also, the payment is directly transferred to the employee’s bank account. According to, employees are very satisfied with their pay-out schemes.

Do Dollar Tree Employees Get Bonus?

Dollar Tree has been very generous with bonus schemes and profit-sharing. They offer an average annual bonus of $3,238.

Also, district and retail managers are entitled to high average annual bonuses of $5,138. However, the bonus or incentives are impressive only for store managers and other high-position jobs.

Other employees are entitled to sales bonuses and raises based on their average performance.

Apart from bonuses, Dollar Tree employees are entitled to certain benefits which we will cover in the next section.

Dollar Tree Employee Benefits

Dollar Tree offers all employees basic benefits such as proper health insurance and a 401k. Moreover, their benefits can be comparable to industry giants. Some of its benefits are listed below.

  • A 401k, which helps employees have retirement savings
  • Proper health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance
  • Flexible working hours with proper leaves
  • Paid sick leaves and travel/vacation benefits
  • Exciting childcare plans and other financial perks