Does WinCo Sell Alcohol (Answered)

Many people go to retail stores to buy alcohol. This is because they sell liquor for low prices than other places.

WinCo is a popular supermarket chain that offers various services such as cash checks and money orders. If you’re wondering whether they sell alcohol, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is all the information you need about WinCo’s alcohol policy.

Does WinCo Sell Alcohol?

Winco is a versatile retailer that sells alcohol to people of legal age. You can purchase liquor from all of their locations. They have a section for drinks such as beers, tequila, and much more at the front of their stores.

The supermarket chain sells alcohol at all of its locations in the US. They got a license for selling liquor several years ago. So rest assured, you can buy alcohol from WinCo.

If you want to buy alcohol from WinCo, you should visit your nearest location. They don’t allow curbside pickup, so you will have to go inside the store.

There are many types of alcohol available on the market. This may have you wondering about WinCo’s collection. Well, here is what you need to know.

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What Types Of Alcohol Does WinCo Sell?

Many types of alcohol brands are available at WinCo. You can buy beers, wines, vodka, and much more from this store. One of the famous alcoholic beverages that this supermarket chain sells is Corona Beer.

They have packs of Bud Light at most of their locations too. WinCo also sells liquor by Hennessey. They sell ales and other drinks as well.

For prices, you will have to visit the store or contact them. This is because they vary significantly from one store to another.

So we cannot give you an exact figure but rest assured they will be within the range of $10 to $100. This is, of course, if you are not opting for an expensive brand.

Besides that, you must follow some rules when visiting WinCo to buy alcohol.

What Is Required To Buy Alcohol At WinCo?

WinCo sells alcohol to people who are 21 years old and above. This is the legal age for buying liquor in all American states. So you must ensure that you have proof of this.

The store accepts military ID, state ID, passport, Driver’s License, and much more as identification proof. It is also suggested not to take underage people with you when buying alcohol.

Cashiers at most stores check the IDs of all people with you. If anyone is minor, then they can refuse to give you the alcohol.

Can You Use A Self Checkout To Buy Alcohol At WinCo?

The retail store has self-checkouts at their locations, but they cannot be used for alcohol purchases. That is because this method requires no supervision of a clerk.

You cannot self-checkout for alcohol because the cashier needs to see your identity. They also have to ensure that you are not buying the liquor for someone else.

WinCo also does not have alternatives for self-kiosk. So you will have to purchase the alcohol using the standard method.

Apart from that, the WinCo liquor license comes with some restrictions. Thus, they cannot sell alcohol at particular times.

What Time Does WinCo Stop Selling Alcohol?

All WinCo locations are required to stop selling alcohol by 10 pm. This is because their license has this condition. Most state laws do not allow the sale of liquor after this time at any place.

Besides that, the store cannot start to sell alcohol until after 6 am. So you should not visit your nearest location around this time.

Many stores allow customers to return products if they are not satisfied or they bought extra. WinCo also has a policy in place for most of its items.

Can You Return Alcohol To WinCo?

WinCo allows consumers to return alcoholic beverages. However, not all locations accept them back. This depends entirely on the manager of the particular branch.

Besides that, the specifics also matter when it comes to returning alcohol to WinCo. That is why you must call the location you bought the beverage from and ask about their liquor return policy.

Does WinCo Still Sell Alcohol In 2024?

The supermarket chain is still selling alcohol at all of its locations. You can visit them during their business hours. However, keep in mind that WinCo does not sell alcohol from 10 pm onwards.

Whenever you go to WinCo to buy alcohol, you must take your legal ID document with you. This is because the store won’t give you the beverage unless you prove your age.