Does WinCo Do Money Orders In 2021?

Money orders are one of the safest ways to send money to a local or international recipient. They also don’t require you to have a bank account.

With that said, many retail and grocery stores in the US are now offering cash checking services to the people. WinCo is amongst these popular chains. However, do you ever wonder if WinCo offers money orders?

Does WinCo Do Money Orders?

WinCo is a popular supermarket chain in the US that sells money orders. They have been offering the service for many years now. It offers Western Union money orders with $1000 increments. You can visit your nearest location or call ahead before going to purchase.

There is a minimum amount limit that the chain has placed on the money orders. You can purchase one of $1000 or more but not below this value as per their policy. Additionally, they charge a fee for the money order as well.

However, the placement fee for the money order is inexpensive. For an exact amount, you will have to contact your nearest WinCo location.

Does All WinCo Locations Do Money Orders?

WinCo has 125 stores across ten states in the US, most of which allow you to purchase a money order. The minimum amount per order is $1000 and increases in the same value increments.

To purchase a money order, you will have to show a valid ID at WinCo. This can be a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, passport, and much more.

Besides that, it is always best to call your nearest location. It will help you save a trip if that particular outlet does not offer a money order service. Additionally, you must also know where to go for purchasing.

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Where In WinCo Can I Purchase A Money Order?

WinCo has a customer service area at the front of the store where you can purchase a money order. The representative will require you to show a valid identification document for proof.

The grocery chain also charges a minimal fee for placing the order. The process is quick and straightforward. You can visit the store during working hours to get your money order.

What Time Of Day Can I Buy A Money Order At WinCo?

Most of the WinCo stores operate at all times for all seven days of the week. However, three locations in California are open from 6 am to midnight. You can see their names in the first FAQ.

The customer service area typically operates during the same hours too. During these times you can go to buy your money order from WinCo.

How Do I Buy A Money Order At WinCo?

To buy a money order at WinCo, you will have to go to the customer service area and let the representative know. After that, they will help you place a Western Union money order.

For the purchase, you will have to pay WinCo the order amount and placement fee. Typically, they accept cash for the transaction.

However, some locations do allow debit card payments too. It is also good to know the amount limits at WinCo.

Are There Any Limits On WinCo Money Orders?

WinCo has not disclosed any maximum limits for money orders. However, there is a minimum limit. Each money order should at least be $1000.

Besides that, the increment for the money order is also the same as the minimum limit. The placement fee is inexpensive but will be higher as your amount increases.

Does WinCo Cash Money Orders?

The grocery chain allows people to buy money orders but does not cash them. Unfortunately, none of their locations offer this service currently.

To cash orders, you can visit a bank, postal office, or some cash checking store such as Walmart. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a fee for cashing a money order too.

Does WinCo Still Do Money Orders In 2021?

WinCo is one of the grocery chains that has been selling money orders for many years. In 2021, WinCo is still offering money orders at their various locations in the US. You can visit the store during operating hours and place your money order through the customer service desk.

The critical thing to remember is that the store will always ask you to pay a placement fee. To learn more about this, you should contact WinCo as they haven’t provided the information online.

WinCo also accepts cash at all locations and cards at some outlets for money order payment. You can locate your nearest store from here and visit them.