Does WinCo Cash Checks? (Answered)

Supermarket and retail stores like WinCo provide different payment types that allow their customers to pay conveniently for what they purchase.

Some customers will rather pay with checks rather than cash because they find it more convenient and safe.

WinCo check cashing only allows payroll and the check limit is $1,000. WinCo checks the cashing fee ranges from $5- $10. For you to cash a check at WinCo, you would need a government photo ID and address.

If you stick to the end of this article, you will find out details about Winco cash checks including Winco fee, requirements, and cashing limit.

Does WinCo Cash Checks in 2022?

WinCo uses payroll checks for cash payment and your checks should not exceed $1,000. To be able to use payroll cash checks at WinCo food store customers must have valid identification documents to verify customers’ employment status. These documents could be your driver’s license or military ID.

Check cashing fees at WinCo range from $5- $10. If you will be cashing below $500 your fee will be $5 while any transaction above $500 will be $10. Note that the transaction limit for cash checks is $1,000.

However, WinCo charges a fee that can be redeemed if you buy commodities worth $25 to $50. WinCo accepts only payroll checks from their customers.

You’re not allowed to use other cash checks such as deposit slips, counter checks, and insurance settlement checks.

What Type of Checks does Winco Cash?

WinCo only has a cash-printed payroll check that doesn’t exceed $1,000. In addition, WinCo customer service clarified that you are permitted to cash up to two payroll checks because it’s within the $1,000 limit and does not exceed the seven days.

This applies to all WinCo food stores across Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Montana. Nevertheless, the government accepted IDs before using cash checks are US military ID, resident alien ID, US passport, driver license, state-issued ID, and matricula consular ID.

WinCo accepts many payroll checks but there are some cash checks WinCo does not allow.

What Kind of Checks does Winco not Cash?

You’re not eligible to cash a check if you want to make use of any of the above cash checks. Therefore, if you want to purchase goods from a WinCo food store you have to pay with your printed cash checks or use WIC, or food stamps, or western union transaction, or use an available ATM. To cash your printed payroll check successfully at WinCo you need to follow the right process.

Below are the types of Checks that are not acceptable at Winco foods:

  • Two-party checks
  • Finance company loan checks
  • Deposit loan money orders (except for WinCo food deposit slip)
  • Manually handwritten payroll checks
  • Cash checks with unreadable magnetic ink
  • Payroll checks that exceed $1,000 per person
  • Post-dated checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Checks with no pre-printed name
  • Invalid or unpermitted trading area checks
  • Computer-generated checks
  • Counter checks
  • Checks older than thirty days

How do You Cash a Check at Winco?

You should fill out the necessary information on the check before payment. Paying by check at WinCo allows you to purchase commodities using funds from your checking accounts.

Follow this step-by-step guide to cash a check successfully at WinCo food store

1. Make use of a printed payroll check and ensure it’s not beyond $1,000.

2. Fill the date field on your check by using number or full date. I.e November 1, 2021, or 1/11/2021. The date field is located at the top right corner of your check.

3. Fill the “Pay to the other of “or “Payable to the line “with the WinCo store name.

4. Fill the numerical amount of goods purchased on the box located at the right-hand side of your check (it should not exceed $1,000)

5. Input the amount spent in words.

6. Fill the memo line with a summary of goods purchased. I.e grocery

7. At the right corner of your check you will see a line at the bottom. Here, your signature, and the name of the file with your bank.

8. Present your check to WinCo’s cashier for review and confirmation.

Note- After your payment, don’t forget to fill your check register with payment/ transaction details to help you track your payment details together with the store name. Also, don’t use check if your account lacks funds, it’s against the jurisdiction law.

When Can You Cash a Check at Winco?

The check-cashing services are available for customers between 8 am and 9 pm daily in most stores.

Although most WinCo food stores are open for 24 hours, their cash check desks operate between 8 am to 10 pm.

For more information about when you can cash at WinCo simply contact the nearest WinCo store near your location. Note that there is a particular transaction fee attached to cash check payment.

How Much is the Fee to Cash a Check at Winco?

WinCo foods charges check cashing fees according to the rules. However, charges are for coupons which means you can redeem after a few purchases at the store.

A $5 fee is charged for purchases below %500 while $10 is charged for transactions above $500. For every $25 spent at the store, a $5 coupon is received and for every $50 spent, a $10 coupon will be redeemed.

What are Winco Checks Cashing Limits?

The cashing checks limit at the WinCo store is $1,000. Part of the criteria for payment at WinCo is that your cash check should not exceed the $1,000 limit.

In order not to be disappointed, purchase commodities with the required check cashing limit.

Using checks provides some level of security in customer transactions. Let’s say you want to stop paying for a particular good or service, you can easily do that with cash checks.

With WinCo cash checks, you can transact up to $1,000 but only with cash payroll checks. In summary, we can deduce WinCo check methods, fee, and cashing limits from the article written so far.

Note that WinCo does cash back and provides cashback on any personal checks. Cashback is only guaranteed if you use a payroll check to make purchases.