Does Walmart Take Venmo?

Venmo is an extremely popular payment service among the younger generations. It’s a convenient and straightforward way to send payments between friends. Consumers also want this convenience when paying at retail stores.

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the United States. It has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology, especially when it comes to payments.

So consumers are rightly wondering if Walmart offers Venmo as a payment option.

Does Walmart Take Venmo?

Walmart offers Venmo for in-store purchases if you have the Venmo app. They also provide online purchasing when you select Paypal as your payment option; just pick Venmo on the payment screen. This is because PayPal owns them and uses their existing system to take payments.

Each Walmart store needs to opt into the service, so any that haven’t opted in will not allow in-store purchases to be made.

Unfortunately, you will need to call the store before you go for the first time, or you will need to bring an alternative form of payment just in case.

There are no restrictions on purchases as long as you have available funds. Walmart has been accepting Venmo since at least 2019, so it’s likely your store has opted in unless there was some specific issue they’ve been facing with the service.

Because Walmart doesn’t provide any specific details about this payment method, you’ll need to review how to do it before you go. Otherwise, you may run into issues and not be able to make your purchase.

How Do I Pay with Venmo at Walmart In-Store?

To pay with Venmo in-store, you will need to download the Venmo app and set up your account. Then, if the store has opted into the service, you can let the checkout person know or select Venmo on the self-checkout. You’ll then be provided with a QR code to scan and make payment through the app.

If the store hasn’t opted in, they may not know what to do, and the option won’t be available on the self-checkout. In this scenario, you need to use an alternative payment method.

If you’ve used this option before, then the store should always offer it unless Walmart as a whole removes the service.

Customers unable to use the Venmo app at Walmart may be frustrated and want to know whether the Venmo debit card is an option instead.

Can You Use Venmo Debit Card at Walmart?

The Venmo debit card is actually a Mastercard debit card, so it is accepted anywhere that Mastercard can be used. Walmart accepts this as a payment method and all other types of Mastercard-backed debit or credit cards.

Often customers will need to split their payments across multiple payment methods, especially when it’s a larger transaction. So, many customers are concerned that this can’t be done with Venmo as it’s not always a supported payment method.

Can You Combine Venmo with Another Payment Method at Walmart?

You can combine Venmo with other payment methods when checking out in-store at a manned checkout. You will need to let the Walmart employee know that you wish to pay a certain amount for each method.

They will take payment from each individual until the full amount is received.

Main customers on the cutting edge of technology that still want a physical card will often try to use Venmo credit cards at stores, which means the store doesn’t specifically need to support it.

Can You Pay with Venmo Visa at Walmart?

Venmo offers a physical credit card that Visa backs, and these cards can be used anywhere that Visa is supported whether Venmo is accepted or not. Walmart does accept this payment method, so you can use your physical card in-store or online to complete your purchases.

This would be as simple as any other Visa card. You can tap it on a payment terminal or insert the chip and use your pin to complete the transaction. As far as Walmart is concerned, this is only a standard credit card transaction.

Customers without a Walmart close to them will need to make purchases online. If Venmo is their only or preferred method of payment, they’ll be eager to find out whether it’s supported or not.

How Do I Pay with Venmo on Walmart Online?

You can purchase from Walmart online with Venmo in multiple ways. If you have a Venmo debit or credit card, you can use them with the standard payment page. If you only have the app, then you will need to select Paypal as your payment method. When the payment page appears, choose Venmo.

If you are using Paypal to make the purchase, the Venmo button will appear when available. Currently, this is only an option from your mobile phone, and in certain browsers, so online purchasing is not possible through your computer.

If you find that your mobile phone does not provide this option, you should try a different browser to see whether the option appears. If nothing works, then you will need to fall back on an alternative payment method.

Does Venmo Still Work at Walmart in 2024?

Walmart accepts Venmo at most stores in the United States, and they simply need to opt into the service. You will need to scan a QR code either from the checkout person or from the self-checkout screen.

Because not all stores may have opted in, you will need to bring alternative forms of payment the first time you attempt to use Venmo.

If you want to make online purchases, you must use your mobile phone and select the Paypal payment method. If that is available to you, it will appear on the first screen, where you can either select Paypal or Venmo.

Consumers with a physical Venmo credit or debit card can use these cards at Walmart without any issue or special instructions.

Use them as you would any other physical card by tapping or inserting the chip into the payment terminal.