Does Walmart Own Target? (Answered)

Walmart and Target are two of the largest retail moguls around the globe, though the two do not share the same parent company.

Target is owned by the Target Corporation, previously known as Dayton’s or Dayton-Hudson. Walmart is owned by the Walton family, with Sam Walton being Walmart’s founder.

Target and Walmart both got their start in 1962 when the two companies were first established.

Does Walmart Own Target in 2024?

Walmart does not own Target as of 2024. Walmart has not acquired Target under its list of assets, companies or subsidiaries. Target’s current owner is the Target Corporation.

Throughout recent years, many companies have merged in order to adapt to a changing consumer climate.

While Walmart and Target have both made these changes to meet growing consumer demands, they have not merged or partnered as of this year.

Does Walmart Own Any Shares of Target’s Stock?

Walmart and Target do not currently share stocks, nor does Walmart own any of Target Corporation’s shares.

While individual shareholders may hold stock in both Walmart and Target, the two are not fiscally coupled in any way.

Though Target did succeed Walmart in revenue during the pandemic, Walmart shares have been recently increasing. Target’s shares, on the other hand, are being dropped by large figures like Goldman and Sachs.

Who Owns Target?

The Target Corporation, formerly the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, owns and runs four Target-related subsidiaries.

Target Corporation also owns Shipt, a popular delivery service, as well as a popular private-label clothing brand called Universal Thread which is sold in Target stores nationwide.

Target boasts the status of the eighth largest general merchandise retailer, while Walmart reigns supreme with the number one spot.

Does Target Corporation Have a Relationship With Walmart?

The Walton family does not appear to have any relations, fiscal or otherwise, with Target Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Though Walmart and Target rank first and second, respectively, as far as worldwide retailers are concerned, the two do not share parent companies or much of anything else.

What Companies Does Walmart Own?

Most are familiar with Walmart brands like GreatValue and their brother company Sam’s Club. Walmart –or rather, the Walton family, also owns companies such as, Bare Necessities, Bonobos and Hayneedle.

Target Corporation’s subsidiaries include Target Brands, Inc., Target Enterprise, Inc., Target Capital Corporation and Target General Merchandise, Inc.

Are Walmart and Target Competitors?

With both companies being giant discount retailers, Target and Walmart are naturally competitors. Though Walmart does have a whopping 4,743 stores open in the United States, Target only has a reported 1,915.

Walmart currently sits at the top of the retail pedestal, but Target immediately follows in the number two spot.

The aforementioned increase in Target’s revenue means that they surpassed Walmart in growth in 2024, so this status could change.

What is the Connection Between Target and Walmart?

Target and Walmart were both founded in 1962 and quickly became successful retailers. Now, Target and Walmart rank above all other retailers in the nation.

Aside from their rank and origin, the two companies do not share parent companies, stock shares, etc. nor do they have a standing business relationship with one another.

In fact, Target and Walmart are competitors in the game of general merchandise retail corporations.