Does Walmart Install TV Wall Mounts? (How Much?)

Wall-mounted televisions are an excellent way to make your living areas more inviting. It will raise your TV, save you room on the floor, and provide more space for a more polished appearance. You may select from a variety of designs, including fixed TV wall mounts.

A sloppy TV wall mount installation might cause the mount to break loose, causing the TV to fall and be damaged. Because most wall mounts are larger, and leave very little room between the TV and the wall, it may be challenging to reach ports on the back of the TV. As a result, it’s ideal if an expert does the TV mount installation.

The typical cost of a TV mount installation is between $100 and $300 in the United States. A professional installation of a 40″ tilting TV mount will cost about $200 for most households. However, you may obtain the service at a lower price from well-known retailers such as Walmart, which will be quick, economical, and professional.

Does Walmart offer TV Wall Mount Installation?

Walmart offers TV wall mount installation for only $79. They have partnered with Handy, a national service provider, to handle in-home TV mounting for its clients. You can make appointments from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, and the quality of installation guaranteed.

How Much Does Walmart TV Wall Mount Installation Cost?

When you buy from Walmart, you may obtain TV wall mount installation services for as little as $79.00 per unit, which is done by Handy, Walmart’s in-house installation business. When you buy installation services from Walmart, you save money compared to the typical installation industry pricing of $100.00 per device.

Walmart TV Wall Mounts Options

Walmart has a so many types, sizes and brands of TV wall mounts you for to choose from. Walmart’s online stores and in-stores will offer you the the installations of these different variety of TV wall mounts for a lesser charge than other installation services. There’s more. Walmart will also install a TV wall mount that you have purchased elsewhere.

Its TV wall mounts come in a variety of designs and pricing. The price is also determined by the size of the television being hung. In addition, Handy collaborates with Walmart to install both permanent and adjustable television wall mounts. You can be confident that your Flat, Tilt, and Turn TV wall mounts will be placed in your living areas with a clean and elegant design by Handy.

Alphaline, Ematic, Fleximounts, Loctek, Manhattan, SANUS VuePoint Monoprice, and more brands are available at Walmart. Prices range from $30 for tiny LCDs to $400 for larger and curved LCD TVs.

There are so many styles, sizes, and brands of TV wall mount available at Walmart that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Hence, you must make the best selection for the sort of TV wall mount you require for your house. Be sure to measure and evaluate the size of the wall and room in which it will be a perfect fit while still providing a great view.

What is included in The Service?

You’ll have to supply the equipment to be installed, just as other installation services. That’s the TV, as well as the Mount Bracket. However, as part of the service, you’ll get hardware load testing and TV mounting. Note that the mounting and installation may be done on any type of wall, including brick, concrete, drywall, and wood. Also, the installation specialists will not hide cables and wires, so you can easily make adjustments or connects new gadgets.

How To Purchase Walmart Tv Wall Mount Installation

Handy’s TV wall mount installation services are available for purchase through Walmart. To obtain the service, simply follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Choose ‘top cart’ and then ‘add to cart. Simply choose Expert Help when making your purchase.
  2. Subsequently, the service will be added to your online shopping basket and bought after your order has been completed.
  3. After you checkout, Handy will send you an email and SMS confirmation of your scheduled service once your item has been delivered. You may reschedule whenever you like.
  4. Every booking is handled by a fully equipped, screened, and vetted service expert who will arrive on time and execute your assembly service flawlessly.

You may also get the service by visiting your local Walmart and ask a customer service rep in person or over the phone. Visit the Walmart Store Finder online to discover your nearest Walmart and get their location or contact information.

You can pay for this service at Walmart online or in-store, such as using PayPal.Walmart Pay, credit or debit cards.

How TV Wall Mounts Installation By Walmart Works

You will receive an email from Walmart with information on your tv wall mount installation as soon as you order an installation service from Walmart. This email will connect you with Handy, and they will connect you with a top-rated professional.

This professional will call you to identify themselves and gather further information regarding the installation service that you have requested. If the expert inquires about your new TV wall mount, make sure you have basic information on hand, such as the type and manufacturer.

Following your initial contact with the installation specialist, you will schedule the installation at a convenient time. Handy will confirm the booking and payment made to Walmart once a time and date have been chosen. In most cases, it will take no more than two days from the time you finish your purchase to when your TV wall mount arrives.

You may also let the professional know if you want to remove a TV wall mount; this can be done as an add-on to the service but at a lower cost than a call-in.

There are so many reasons why you would want your TV wall mount to be done by professionals, but then you would want to know first if the company does offer the service of installing TV wall mounts.

For the best TV wall mount installation experience, many home owners do their TV wall mount installation through Walmart. Walmart works with Handy, the nationwide service provider, to bring this service to its customers. Hence, you purchase your TV wall mount installation from Walmart.

Does Walmart Offer TV Wall Mounts Installation?

You can get your TV wall mount installation done by Walmart, and it is way cheaper. Pricing starts at $79, and this is below the industry price of $100 and above. Your service purchase is backed by a guarantee and is completed by top-rated, local experts.

You can purchase the installation of tv wall mounts that you bought at Walmart and elsewhere, and you may schedule your appointment at any time between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m

Having your tv wall mount installed by Walmart is an excellent way to avoid potential problems with TV wall mounts like your TV being mounted on weak walls and falling off. You will love the convenience since Walmart is everywere, and the service price is very reasonable.