Does Walmart Install Car Stereos? (How Much?)

Buying a car stereo is not a huge problem but installing it conforming to the manufacturer’s standards is not everyone’s ability. But if a reputed seller like Walmart can install the stereo for you, that would make life much easier.

When you buy the stereo alone, what really matters is whether you can find a reliable technician who knows how to install that particular brand of stereo in your particular model of car without doing any damage to the electrical wiring of the car.

Walmart offers car stereo installation when you buy a car audio system from Once you buy the service you will be directed to the installation service carried out by InstallerNet dedicated certified technicians.

Walmart only sells installation as an add-on for car stereo purchases. They do not sell you the installation service for any car audio system bought from elsewhere.

Walmart sells almost every high-end stereo brand as well as less-known and affordable brands.

  • Their collection includes the most prestigious and sought after brands such as Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Blaupunkt, and Kenwood  as well as budget oriented generic items.
  • These car stereos come with company warranty, documentation, and other standard accessories that are included in the package by the manufacturer.
  • Walmart also sells car stereo with backup camera, and Double Din stereo with backup camera and Apple Carplay.
  • Some of the items are sold by Walmart and fulfilled by affiliated sellers.  
  • You can add Walmart protection plan powered by Allstate for 2 years or 3 years for an additional fee for a majority of items.

Walmart sells stereo installation kits, and there is a wide choice to suit your stereo model and budget. Walmart also sells other accessories and parts such as Wiring Harnesses.

Installation Pricing

Walmart Installation ServicePrice
Standard Car Speaker Installation$64.99
Car Subwoofer Installation$44.99
Car Component Speaker Installation$102.78
Car Amplifier Installation – 4 Channel$119.99
Car Amplifier Installation – 2 Channels or Mono$97.37

Installation Procedure

As we already know, Walmart only sells car stereo installation services offered by InstallerNet. Here’s how it works.

  • When you purchase the installation service you will receive an email with details of how to arrange an appointment for the installation job.
  • The email will contain your installation number and instructions to schedule your appointment with a technician.
  • After the confirmation you can contact the technician directly and discuss any extra details if any, and proceed to the task.
  • Then a professional technician will perform the installation task carefully and efficiently. Walmart assures that InstallerNet would “ensure expert service and maximum convenience.”
  • The installation job maybe completed in one trip, or in some cases you might have to leave the vehicle at the service point until it’s done. You can arrange it to suit your schedule.

Installation Warranty and Quality

Customers have mixed feedback for the warranty and service quality of Walmart but in-car stereo installation it’s a partner company that handles the work.  


All Walmart car stereo installations come with a lifetime warranty labor from InstallerNet. Should there be any issue related to the installation procedure, InstallerNet will provide the necessary skilled labor for free to fix the problem.


Speaker installation has a return period of 90 days. After 90 days it becomes non-returnable.


InstallerNet has a direct contact line for any disputes. However, they recommend any quality issues be discussed with the technician before contacting higher officials. The company contact email is support@ and their call center hotline is 800-950-9869 which is a 24/7 service.

Walmart Help

Contacting Walmart support staff, however, is not rated high by a considerable number of customers we have contacted in our research. But InstallerNet has an above-average reputation for excellent service which stands in your favor since you are only purchasing their service through Walmart.

Skill Level of the Technicians

Walmart stereo installation jobs are performed by a certified technician. It’s also noteworthy that InstallerNet, a reputable company in car stereo installation, possesses extensive professional experience accumulated throughout the 14 years they have been in operation.  

InstallerNet is partnered with some of the biggest online shopping sites including eBay. Being partnered with technology behemoths such as Verizon and SiriusXM tells you how highly their service is held, and how big a reputation they have to lose if their service falls below required standards.

According to the company reports, they have completed over 2 million jobs during the past 14 years. If that won’t be considered sufficient experience, nothing will.

Pros and Cons

There are some noteworthy Pros in getting Walmart to install your car stereo.


  • You can get additional protection plans for the stereo for a relatively small fee.
  • Walmart and InstallerNet have branches nationwide which makes it convenient to get their service within a few miles.
  • It’s not a single person that is responsible for installing your stereo. It’s the organization that is answerable for the installation task.
  • Highly professional technicians who have a thorough understanding of industry standards and latest technologies.
  • Impressive work ethics of InsallerNet technicians, and well planned appointments that minimize waiting times.
  • After sales responsibility and lifetime labour warranty.


  • In the rare case, InstallerNet may not have a technician to attend to your job immediately.
  • Walmart help could be hard to reach, or to get a timely response. (But don’t forget that InstallerNet handles the installation task, and you can contact them any time.)


If you can perform the installation yourself then that is not a bad idea. But if you are not familiar with wiring works, then the best option is to seek professional help.

Weighing between the pros and cons of getting Walmart service to install your new stereo, it’s evident that the pros outweigh the cons.

As you purchase your car stereo you can also toss away the burden of finding a skilled technician to install it conforming to manufacturer standards, if you choose the Walmart car stereo installation service.

However, it’s always highly recommended that you ask a few friends or neighbors who got a similar job done about the service quality provided by Walmart in your particular area. Although we know that the facts stand in the service’s favor, a little research would only help you.