Does Walmart Install Air Conditioners? (How Much?)

Replacing air conditioners is a common home repair homeowners often face – especially in the heat of the summer when the crisp, cool air from an air conditioner is needed most. Installing an air conditioner must be conducted carefully to ensure the unit functions properly and effectively cools the room.

Installing an air conditioner incorrectly can lead to poor air circulation throughout the room. For window units, installing the air conditioner improperly could cause damage to the window and create costly repair problems, along with potentially damaging the unit itself.

Air conditioner installation can cost around $300 on average, depending on the size, type of unit, and window the unit will be installed in. Homeowners may not be aware that Walmart offers air conditioner services at a much lower cost than the market average.

Does Walmart Offer Air Conditioner Installation Service?

Walmart offers air conditioner installation services with Handy for any window air conditioner unit, even if the unit was not purchased at Walmart. A home services company, Handy partners with Walmart to provide reliable installation services at low costs to homeowners, starting at $79.00 for a window unit.

Air conditioner installation can take three hours on average if the homeowner installs the unit, and the homeowner will need someone else to help them lift the unit. When partnering with experts from Walmart, installation time is cut down to two hours on average.

Well-maintained air conditioners typically last between 10 to 15 years but can last even longer with consistent checkups and maintenance.

If you decide to install a window unit air conditioner yourself, make sure you carefully follow these steps:

  1. Gather the necessary tools required for installation
  2. Identify the window which the unit can provide maximum airflow from
  3. Prepare the window by checking its soundness and sturdiness
  4. Lift and place the air conditioner in the window
  5. Install the unit and extend the side panels

For more information, refer to the guide provided by the manufacturer of the unit and this extended guide provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

How Much Does Walmart Air Conditioner Installation Cost?

When purchasing through Walmart, air conditioner installation services for window units cost as low as $79.00 for each unit to be installed by Handy. This is a price cut from the previous rate of $90.00 per unit, so homeowners save money when purchasing installation services through Walmart.

Handy also partners with Walmart to install portable air conditioner units. Although these units are still connected to a window, they are typically smaller and simpler to install. Installation services for portable units begin at $59.00 when purchasing online at Walmart.

Walmart Air Conditioner Choices and Prices

Although Walmart will install an air conditioner purchased anywhere, Walmart offers a wide variety of air conditioners. Both portable and window units can be found at Walmart’s online store.

Differences in air conditioner pricing vary largely upon the power level of a unit, measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Pricing also depends on the size of the room a unit will service. A breakdown of power levels and normal associated square footage is as follows:

Power LevelRoom Size
5,000 – 8,000 BTU150 – 350 square feet
8,000 – 12,000 BTU350 – 550 square feet
12,000 – 18,500 BTU550 – 1,050 square feet
18,500 – 25,000 BTU1,050 – 1,600 square feet

Smaller and less powerfulwindow units, designed typically for rooms of 150 to 550 square feet, start online at Walmart at prices as low as $140.86 each.

Mid-range window units, which can service a room from 550 to 1,050 square feet, are listed online at Walmart at prices beginning at $400.00 each.

Larger and more powerful window units, which can cool rooms over 1,050 square feet in size, are priced online at Walmart from $529.00 each.

When deciding as to the type of air conditioner you need for your home, make sure to measure and consider the size of the room the unit will be cooling. Further, consider which window to locate the unit for maximum airflow without obstructing usage of the room.

How To Purchase Walmart Air Conditioner Installation

Air-conditioner installation services provided by Handy can be purchased online through Walmart. Window unit installation can be found online at the ‘Air Conditioner Installation Service (In-Window) by Handy’ listing. Portable unit installation can similarly be found online at the ‘Portable Air Conditioner Installation by Handy’ listing.

To purchase either service, select a quantity of ‘1’ followed by the ‘Add to cart’ button. The service will then be added to your online shopping cart and will be purchased once you complete your online order.

Alternatively, this service can be purchased by going to your local Walmart and speaking to a representative in-store or over the phone.

To locate your local Walmart and find their address or contact information, visit the Walmart Store Finder online.

There are a variety of ways to pay for this service at Walmart, such as through credit or debit cards, Walmart Pay, or PayPal.

How Installation By Handy Works

Once you have purchased an air conditioner installation service from Walmart, you will receive an email from Walmart with more information regarding your order. Your order will then be sent over to Handy.

Shortly after placing your order, you will be connected with a top-rated professional through Handy. This expert will contact you to introduce themselves and obtain more information about the requested installation service.

Be sure to have basic information about your new air conditioner unit on hand, such as the manufacturer and brand, should the professional ask about this information. Let the professional know if you need an old air conditioner unit removed, as this can be completed as an additional charge to the service.

After connecting with the installation professional, you will pick an ideal time that works best for you for the installation to be conducted. Once a time and date have been selected, Handy will confirm the booking and payment made earlier to Walmart.

For more information on how installation by Handy works, check out this helpful guide.

What to Know Before Making Your Air Conditioner Installation Purchase

There are several things a homeowner needs to know before purchasing air conditioner installation services through Walmart.

  1. Research to decide if you will be purchasing a window or portable air conditioner unit.
  2. Purchase the desired window or portable air conditioner unit before purchasing the installation service.
  3. Identify which window the new unit will be installed in.
  4. Visit Walmart’s online store or speak to a representative to purchase the installation service by Handy after purchasing the unit.
  5. Schedule at least two hours to have a professional visit your home and install the unit.
  6. Determine if you will need an old air conditioner unit to be removed before the new one can be installed, as you will need to relay this information to Handy.
  7. Make sure to clear a path for the professional to reach your unit so that the installation service is not obstructed or interrupted in any way.

It is important to note that Walmart’s air conditioner installation service by Handy is non-refundable, according to the return policy for found below the online service listing.

Why You Should Buy This Service from Walmart

You should buy an air conditioner installation service from Walmart because it is cost-effective, reliable, and time-saving for homeowners needing a new unit installed in their home.

Handy provides highly rated installation services with Walmart at a low cost to the homeowner.

Purchasing installation service from Walmart is simple, works with the homeowner’s schedule, and is completed properly by experts. Such a quality service takes a huge burden off the shoulders of homeowners.

Does Walmart Install Air Conditioners?

Walmart does offer air conditioner installation services on their website. They have partnered with Handy to install various home services. The air conditioner installation services by Handy has good reputation, and the satisfaction is guaranteed by Handy.

The market price in the industry to install air conditioner is over $100, but Walmart can get the stuff for you for only $79.

You can buy this service directly on Walmarts website, and a representative from Indy will contact you after your purchase is confirmed.