Does Walmart Have Western Union?

Western Union is a global leader in money transfers both internationally and domestically in the United States. There are some Western Union brick-and-mortar locations, but many locations are often within other retailers.

These retailers include local grocery store chains like HEB and Kroger, as well as Dollar General, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven. The popular service provider is expanding into other retailers as more people are looking to use their service.

Does Walmart Have Western Union In 2021?

Walmart had Western Union since spring 2021. It was announced in January 2020 that Walmart would be partnering with Western Union to provide money transfers, both domestically and internationally, money orders, and bill payments.

This partnership seems like a great match with both retailers aiming to please their customers with their fast and convenient services. As of now, Western Union services are offered in a majority of Walmart stores.

Do All Walmart locations Have Western Union?

Western Union services are available at 4,700 Walmart locations. In the future, I anticipate Western Union services being rolled out into all Walmart locations.

If the service becomes well utilized, then I don’t see why Walmart wouldn’t take advantage of the extra draw for customers. The central location of Western Union services in Walmart stores also provides customers ease and convenience.

Where Is Western Union Located in Walmart?

Western Union services are in the Walmart Money Center or the Walmart Customer Service Center in participating Walmart locations. This location offers quick in-and-out for customers or an easy beginning or end to a shopping trip.

Whether a quick trip or the end of a weekly trip, the location of Western Union services is centralized for utmost convenience. Another convenient factor is the services offered at these Western Union locations.

What Services Does Walmart Western Union Offer?

Western Union services include money transfers, both internationally and domestically, and money orders. Customers can also make bill payments at Western Union locations.

All of these services are designed to be easy for the customer and recipient to use. Western Union provides tracking numbers for their money transfers and is helpful throughout the process.

The Western Union website helps explain and streamline the process before you even get to Walmart. They have a plethora of helpful articles outlining the whole process.

Many of their helpful answers are in relation to their pricing which can be a little confusing for first-time customers and returning customers alike.

How Much Does Western Union Services Cost at Walmart?

There are many factors that go into pricing for services at Western Union. For money transfers, fees depend on location, payment method, receiving method, and exchange rates.

To estimate fees before sending any money, customers can use the fee-estimator to see how a variety of different locations and methods can affect the final price. This useful tool is designed to make understanding the fees and choosing the best option easier.

From what I can tell, international money transfers start with a $4 fee plus a currency exchange rate. For domestic transfers, it depends mostly on how you are paying for the transfer and how the recipient is receiving the money.

Another easy thing about Western Union is how to actually use the service.

How Do You Use a Western Union Kiosk at Walmart?

Western Union services at Walmart are accessible at the Walmart Money Center or Walmart Customer Service desk. However, you should make sure that you have everything you need for a streamlined process.

Most services need your information, the recipient’s information, and your form of government-issued identification. This identification can be in a couple of different forms.

What Forms of ID Can You Use at Walmart’s Western Union?

Customers, both senders, and recipients can use any form of government-issued identification. The only caveat is that the identification cannot be a paper form of a government-issued ID.

Also, sometimes secondary identification may be requested and can be a resident status document or country of birth information. Customers will need to present this ID and the other information at the point of service.

The Western Union transaction should be easy and efficient, fitting in smoothly with most of Walmart’s other processes.

Does Walmart Have Western Union in 2021?

In pre-pandemic January 2020, Walmart announced its partnership with Western Union. In Spring 2021, Western Union services began rolling out in 4,700 Walmart locations.