Does Walmart Have MoneyGram in 2021?

MoneyGram is a popular money transferring service utilized by many people all around the world every day. Customers can send money domestically and internationally for a small fee and pay their bills.

One of many money transfer services, MoneyGram has grown immensely in the past five years and now serves over 150 million people around the globe. However, it’s service partners that allow MoneyGram to keep growing.

Does Walmart Have MoneyGram in 2021?

Walmart does offer MoneyGram services in most of its locations. With MoneyGram, customers can transfer money both internationally and domestically. MoneyGram’s fees vary and are decided on different factors, such as location and how you are paying. MoneyGram also has a bill payment feature in its services.

By being one of many money transfer services, MoneyGram is often available in locations that have similar services, such as Western Union.

In doing this, customers are able to directly compare services including fees, recipient location availability, and amount able to transfer.

One such place that offers many different money transfer services, including MoneyGram, is Walmart.

Do All Walmart Locations Have MoneyGram?

Most Walmart locations offer MoneyGram services. I would suggest calling ahead and checking with your local Walmart Customer Service center.

You can also find MoneyGram locations on their website which include Walmart, CVS, and Ace Cash Express. This is a convenient and time-saving feature that many should take advantage of.  

Another useful feature of MoneyGram services is their location within stores.

Where is MoneyGram Located in Walmart?

MoneyGram services at Walmart are located in the Walmart Money Center or the Walmart Customer Service desk. These are centrally located areas in Walmart stores that offer ease and convenience.

Additionally, these areas have service employees to help answer questions you may have or help you through the process. The process should be easy and streamlined to get customers in and out of the store quickly or get them back to shopping.

What Services Does Walmart MoneyGram Offer?

MoneyGram offers both international and domestic money transfers for its customers. Both kinds of transfers charge a service fee.

Additionally, MoneyGram does have a bill payment service. They also offer Plus Rewards, which give members 20-40% off the fee for the money transfers.

How Much Does MoneyGram Services Cost at Walmart?

MoneyGram services have many factors when working out the fees to transfer money. These factors include the location where you are sending money, how much money you are sending, and how you are paying for the transfer.

For international transfers, the fees vary greatly with most starting at $1.99 if paying with a debit or with a credit card and $0 if just a bank transfer. For domestic transfers, fees depend on the receiving state and how the sender is paying for the transaction.

You can estimate your transaction fees on MoneyGram’s website here. This seems to be normal for money transferring services as many of them base their fees on the same criteria.

How Do You Use a MoneyGram Kiosk at Walmart?

There is no MoneyGram Kiosk at Walmart. Instead, customers can go to the Walmart Money Center or Customer Service desk to use the service.

Customers will speak to the attendant to complete their transaction. Another way to use MoneyGram is through their easy-to-use app, available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

To ensure a smooth process, customers should have all their information ready to use. All customers should have their information, the recipient’s information, a form of payment, and a form of government-issued identification.

What Forms of ID Can You Use at Walmart’s MoneyGram?

Customers, both senders, and recipients can use any form of government-issued identification or a passport. No paper forms of identification are allowed to be used.

Customers will present their ID along with the other information to the attendant to complete their transaction. Again, this should be a smooth and streamlined process that you are sure to use again and again.

Does Walmart Still Have MoneyGram in 2021?

Walmart does offer MoneyGram services in most of its locations. Customers can use this MoneyGram service to transfer money domestically or internationally and pay bills.

Many people use MoneyGram every day and praise its convenience. By partnering with Walmart, customers can have more convenience under one roof.