Does Walmart Have ATM Machines? (Answered)

Sometimes when you need to get cash or deposit cash into your account, an ATM can be your best friend. As widely used as they are, ATMs should be easy to find.

Usually, finding an ATM isn’t necessarily the problem. The fees associated with using ATMs, not within your bank can be staggering and make you think twice about if you really need cash right then.

If you need cash while shopping at Walmart, you can use their cash back service at the register or look for an ATM Machine.

Does Walmart Have ATM Machines?

Most Walmart stores do have ATM machines and it cost $1 to $4 per transaction. These machines are often located in or around the customer service center should any users have problems or questions concerning the machine.

Most Walmart stores offer at least one kind of ATM for customers to use for convenience and ease. Some stores even offer more than one ATM, with some local banking options to further cut down on ATM fees.

The most common kind of ATMs at Walmart are their MoneyCenter machines.

What Type of ATM Machines Does Walmart Have?

Walmart offers MoneyCenter Express machines with MoneyPass logos on the sides. Depending on your Walmart location, some local banks may also have their ATMs around these MoneyCenter machines provided by Walmart.

By having a local bank ATM, customers have other options if they don’t want to incur those ATM fees.

Walmart is huge and customers tend to get frustrated looking for an ATM machine all over the place.

Where is the ATM Located in Walmart?

The ATMs are located close to the front of the store. Usually, you can find them close to the checkout counters or the customer service center.

If a customer has problems with an ATM, this location provides ease in finding help for any issues.

Walmart has done a great job incorporating ATMs into the framework of the store. However, not every Walmart has an ATM. 

Do all Walmart Locations Have an ATM Machine?

Some Walmart locations do not have an ATM. Some Walmart stores only have one MoneyCenter Express ATM that carries fees to use.

I recommend calling ahead to your local Walmart store, talking to the customer service center, and seeing what ATM options they offer.

If the MoneyCenter Express ATM is the only option at your Walmart, be prepared to pay a fee for access.

What is the ATM Fee at Walmart?

ATM fees at Walmart aren’t the worst, but the best would be no fee at all. If using the MoneyCenter Express machines that are the most common at Walmart, customers can expect to pay $1-$4 in fees per transaction.

Sometimes Walmart will have a local bank ATM as well to cut down on the fees of being out of network. These ATMs are nice to have and add more convenience for a variety of consumers.

If you don’t want to pay for the ATM fees at Walmart, there are other ways to get cash at their register.

Is There Any Way to Avoid ATM Fees at Walmart?

If you are trying to avoid ATM fees, a Walmart MoneyCard may be the option for you. These cardholders won’t be charged to use the ATMs at Walmart stores. However, there is a withdrawal limit of $3,000.

Another way to avoid the ATM fees is to opt for cashback when you are finished with your purchases at the store. This may seem counterproductive if the only reason you are going to Walmart is to use the ATM and not make a purchase.

If the current ATM options at Walmart are not for you, there are other stores that have ATMs although you might run into similar issues.

What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

Other stores similar to Walmart that have ATMs include Walgreens and other local competitors, such as H-E-B and Kroger.

H-E-B has its own credit union within their stores which offers an ATM card to use without fees.

Kroger stores offer Allpoint-enabled or branded, ATMs for their customers. If your card is enabled within this network, then you will not be charged a fee for using them.

With today’s contactless payment technology, cash is less being used. Retail stores have started to discontinue ATM and cash back service at their registers.

Does Walmart Still Have ATM Machines in 2024?

Walmart still have ATM machines at some of their locations as of 2024. They are often located near the exit and some Walmart stores offer more than one option of ATM machine for customers to use.

The options for customers depend on the store and whether or not you are willing to pay a transaction fee ranging from $1-$4. There are many options and consumers should be able to find a way to get their money that works for them.