Walmart Rewards Program (Benefits & Perks)

Almost all major retailers these days provide some sort of rewards or loyalty program to incentivize customers to keep returning to the Walmart stores. These rewards range from free items to discounts, so being aware of different perks is a great way to save money in the long run.

Walmart is one of the most affordable stores in the United States, where you can buy everything from groceries to clothing. To that end, you are probably wondering if Walmart has its own rewards program.

Keep reading to learn more about any potential rewards you could claim at Walmart.

Does Walmart Have a Rewards Program?

Walmart has launched its loyalty program Walmart Rewards Card in September 2020. As a sign-up bonus, cardholders earn 5 points per dollar spent on qualifying in-store or in-app purchases for 12 months along with the regular 2 points per dollar.  You can earn cash back and redeem the points on purchases, exchange gift cards, and book travel.

To qualify, you will need to be eligible for a credit line and have a strong enough income and credit score. You can quickly find out if you are eligible, by filling out the form on the Walmart website.

How to Get Walmart Rewards Mastercard

To get Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you need to download the Walmart app and apply for Rewards Card on the web page of Walmart Credit Card and click the “Apply Now” button. For in-store applications, you can visit the customer desk or fill the application with valid details at the self-checkout kiosk.

How Long Would It Take to Get the Card

Once your application got approved, you can purchase instantly. You will receive the card within 7 to 10 days and this card can be used anywhere. This Master Card offers earning potential when shopping with Walmart.

Read on to learn more about how to maximize Walmart’s reward program.

How Does Walmart’s Walmart Rewards Card Work?  

The Walmart Rewards MasterCard works like any other conventional credit card: you are given a small line of credit that you can use to make Walmart purchases at any store that accepts Mastercard. In exchange for using the card instead of cash, you get a small amount back for every purchase.

Cash Back

The Walmart Rewards Card is issued through Capital One. With it, you earn 5% cashback on any purchase on the Walmart website, 2% cashback in-store, at restaurants, or on travel. Additionally, you can earn 1% cashback on all other purchases made with the card. 

As an example, if you made $1,000 per month in purchases on the Walmart website you could earn up to 60,000 rewards points which are roughly equivalent to $600. With the reward points, you can cover purchases at Walmart, redeem gift cards, or book flights, hotels, and more.


The points can be earned by making in-store or online Walmart purchases, watching videos, searching on the internet, take part in surveys. Downloading and using Walmart Pay can boost your Walmart store earning rate up to 5 points per dollar for 12 months.

You can make all your purchases with Walmart Rewards Mastercard with no annual fee. The purchases can be made through Walmart Pay once your card got approved and there is no need to wait for the physical card to make purchases.

No Sign-up Bonus

Instead of providing a sign-up bonus for customers, Walmart Card offers 5% of earnings back for the first 12 months when you use your Walmart Rewards Card with Walmart Pay for online purchases.

Walmart Rewards Card APR

However, Walmart Rewards Card charges interest for all purchases. Your APR(Annual Percentage Rate) ranges from 26% variable, depending on your credit profile.

You can earn 2% back for Walmart store purchases and fuel purchases at Murphy USA gas stations. There is no limit to the rewards you can earn. You will get 1% cashback everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.

However, it is important that you need to maintain a good credit score to use the Rewards Card.

Walmart Rewards Card Perks

The primary perk of the Walmart Rewards Card is the cashback rewards. The points accrued on the card can be used to redeem cash, cover a purchase at Walmart, exchange for a gift card, and even be used to book travel.

  • Earn rewards for each purchase.
  • Sign Up bonus.
  • Earn 2 points per dollar.
  • 5% cashback for online purchase.
  • 2% cashback for Walmart store purchase.
  • 1% cashback on purchases made anywhere else.
  • 2% cashback on restaurant and travel purchases.
  • No annual fee.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • No limit to the amount of rewards that you can earn.
  • Flexible redemption option.
  • Helps credit building.
  • No expiry of rewards.
  • Purchase Assurance protection.
  • Extended warranty.
  • Cellphone protection coverage.
  • Instant credit access.
  • Card lock.
  • Account alerts.
  • Virtual numbers for shopping.
  • Car rental insurance.

The card members are eligible for Purchase Assurance protection so that if a purchased item is damaged or stolen within 90 days, you will be eligible for reimbursement.

Get Reimbursement From Price Drop

Additionally, if the price of the item drops which you purchase entirely with the card, you may get a reimbursement of the difference in price. For that, you must claim within 120 days of the initial purchase. 

However, it is convenient to check beforehand if the purchased item is eligible for price protection by checking the card benefits guide.

Price Warranty

Another Walmart Rewards card benefit is the price warranty. Most of the purchased items will have a double warranty period of a maximum of 24 months from the date of the purchase.

You can also use the card for travel accident insurance and receive automatic insurance for a covered loss when the card is used for a travel purchase. You will also get a 24-hour travel assistance service if your card is lost or stolen. In those cases, you will get an emergency replacement card and a cash advance.

Cell Phone Protection Coverage

With the eligibility of cell phone protection coverage, members will get maximum coverage of $600 and there is a deductible amount of $50. The coverage will begin the first day of the month after you pay the bill with your card. However, you can make only 2 claims per 12-month rolling period.

Use It As a Regular Credit Card

In addition to these perks, the Walmart card can be used as a normal credit card. What’s more, the card has many benefits and security features such as $0 fraud liability and card lock, making it substantially safer than a typical debit card.

Read the next section for a breakdown of how many points you are likely to accrue with a Walmart Reward card.

How to Get Points from Walmart Rewards Card

The collected points can be redeemed for different purchases like gift cards, travel, dining, airfare discounts, charity donations, and other online shopping. The redemption can be made on every purchase at the Walmart store or through the Walmart website. The points you accrue from the Walmart card are dependent on how much money you spend with the card, and where you spend it.

The table below explores a few different scenarios of Capital One Walmart Rewards Points Accrued by Spending Profile (per month):

 Redeem OptionsLow SpenderModerate SpenderHigh Spender
Eating Out$75$250$500
Air Travel$100$200$500
Groceries (at Walmart)$200$400$815
Online Shopping ($100$250$500
Points Accrued by End of Year:15,000 points35,500 points74,000 points

You can redeem these rewards as a statement credit. You can also redeem rewards to cover the cost previous purchase.

Points Required for Gift Cards

The table below mentions the price and points of any Walmart gift cards that you can redeem using your points.


You can collect and store up to five Walmart gift cards or e-gift cards on your Walmart account. To save these gift cards, click the “Manage Account” section and select “Gift Cards”. Add a new gift card by entering the gift card number and PIN.

You can use e-gift cards for Walmart store purchases and at gas stations too. You can also redeem your points for trips and travel purchases. Since the cash back rewards that you earn with Walmart Rewards Card are worth 1 cent per point it is easier to redeem it as a statement credit. With this, you can book trips directly with your travel provider rather than visiting Walmart or the Capital One travel center.

Save on Travel

When you redeem points for travel, you can save money for airfare and hotel accommodations. You can also use your reward points for car rental services during trips. All you have to do is log into your online reward portal and receive your discount or reward.

There will be limited-time bonus offers displayed on the app or website that include double or triple cash back that can be applied to your online purchases.

One Point Per One Cent

One point earned with Walmart is equal to 1 cent in cash back. So if you have 100 points, you have $1 in cash back.

On the low end, a Capital One Walmart Reward’s member could easily accrue 15,000 points worth up to $150 in cash. Likewise, a wealthy individual who spends a lot of money with the card could accrue yearly points totals worth over $700.

Read on to the next section for a “how-to” for using your accrued Capital One Walmart rewards points.

How to Redeem Walmart Rewards Points

To redeem Walmart rewards after making a purchase, go to or visit Capital One app and you will receive an account credit. Select Walmart Rewards MasterCard as your payment option. Then, click on the “Redeem” option displayed on the screen.

For in-store purchases, the redemption can be made during check-out. You can also cash in your earned reward points.

You can redeem points for your previous purchases within 90 days from the date of your purchase posts to your account. Walmart also allows partial redemption for the Rewards Cardholders.

Walmart’s rewards points can be used within the Capital One platform. Within the platform, you can go to the rewards center to exchange points for a check or gift card.

Additionally, you can use the points in the Capital One Travel Center to purchase flights, book hotels, or reserve rental cards.

To check your current point balance, go to your Walmart account and visit your monthly bill in which your statement balance and spending limit will be displayed.

Walmart Rewards Card and points do not expire as long as your account is open and the purchases are made often.

If you are interested in other potential perks, be sure to read the next section.

No Annual Rewards

Walmart does not offer any annual rewards. The Walmart credit card accumulates points with every purchase and will appear in your account after each billing period.

While the rewards program does not offer annual perks, one could easily save their points for significant purchases like air travel, hotel stays, or any substantial products at Walmart.

All in all, read on to determine if the Capital One Walmart rewards program is a good fit for you.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Pros & Cons

The Walmart credit card is very common for major retailers and has some pros and cons.

  • When used responsibly, can help you build your credit score.
  • Extends your line of credit
  • Cash back rewards are useful, especially if you shop at Walmart frequently
  • Applying will have a negative (albeit temporary) impact on your credit score.
  • Credit cards are a powerful financial tool, but need to be used responsibly.
  • Compared with other major credit cards, may not have the most competitive rewards program

Because the Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card, it is important to use it responsibly. Responsible habits include paying the card off in full every month, and not spending beyond your means.

Now that you understand how the card works, read the next section for an overview of the perks provided by the card.

Is The Walmart Rewards Card Worth It?

Walmart Rewards Card is worth getting it for frequent shoppers as it offers several perks and bonuses for regular card users. The cashback helps you to earn points faster that can be redeemed for future Walmart purchases.

Not only there are a lot of redemption options, but there are also personalized deals and offers available from time to time.  

Walmart still offers a Walmart Rewards card in 2021, and it is not likely to go away anytime soon. The card will earn you many points in cash back if you are a frequent shopper at Walmart.

Like any credit card, it is a powerful financial tool with equally powerful benefits. If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, this card may be beneficial – but be sure to use it responsibly and pay it off every month.