Does Walmart Have a Rewards Program in 2021?

Almost all major retailers these days provide some sort of rewards or loyalty program to incentivize customers to keep returning to the store. These rewards range from free items to discounts, so being aware of different perks is a great way to save money in the long run.

Walmart is one of the most affordable stores in the United States, where you can buy everything from groceries to clothing. To that end, you are probably wondering if Walmart has its own rewards program.

Keep reading to learn more about any potential rewards you could claim at Walmart.

Does Walmart Have a Rewards Program?

Walmart has a rewards program called Walmart Rewards Card through Capital One. You can earn cashback on all purchases on and other retailers, redeem the points on purchases, exchange gift cards, and book travel.

The Walmart Rewards Card is through Capital One. With it, you earn 5% cash back on any purchase on, 2% cashback in-store, at restaurants, or on travel. Additionally, you can earn 1% cashback on all other purchases made with the card. 

As an example, if you made $1,000 per month in purchases on you could earn up to 60,000 rewards points which is roughly equivalent to $600. With the reward points, you can cover purchases at Walmart, redeem gift cards, or book flights, hotels and more.

To qualify, you will need to be eligible for a credit line and have a strong enough income and credit score. You can quickly find out if you are eligible, by filling out the form on the Walmart website.

Read on to learn more about how to maximize Walmart’s reward program.

How Does Walmart’s Walmart Rewards Card Work?  

The Walmart Rewards credit card works like any other conventional credit card: you are given a small line of credit that you can use to make purchases at any store that accepts Mastercard. In exchange for using the card instead of cash, you get a small amount back for every purchase.

This model of a store credit card is very common for major retailers and has some pros and cons.

  • When used responsibly, can help you build your credit score.
  • Extends your line of credit
  • Cash back rewards are useful, especially if you shop at Walmart frequently
  • Applying will have a negative (albeit temporary) impact on your credit score.
  • Credit cards are a powerful financial tool, but need to be used responsibly.
  • Compared with other major credit cards, may not have the most competitive rewards program

Because the Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card, it is important to use it responsibly. Responsible habits include paying the card off in full every month, and not spending beyond your means.

Now that you understand how the card works, read the next section for an overview of the perks provided by the card.

What Are the Perks of the Walmart Rewards Card?

The primary perks of the Walmart Rewards Card are the cashback rewards. The points accrued on the card can be used to redeem cash, cover a purchase at Walmart, exchange for a gift card, and even be used to book travel.

In addition to these perks, the Walmart card can be used as a normal credit card. What’s more, the card has many benefits and security features such as $0 fraud liability and card lock, making it substantially safer than a typical debit card.

Read the next section for a breakdown of how many points you are likely to accrue with a Walmart Reward’s card.

What Can I Get with Walmart’s Reward Card?

How many points you accrue from the Walmart card, is dependent on how much money you spend with the card, and where you spend it. The table below explores a few different scenarios.

Walmart Rewards Points Accrued by Spending Profile (per month)

 Low SpenderModerate SpenderHigh Spender
Eating Out$75$250$500
Air Travel$100$200$500
Groceries (at Walmart)$200$400$815
Online Shopping ($100$250$500
Points Accrued by End of Year:15,000 points35,500 points74,000 points

On the low end, a Walmart reward’s member could easily accrue 15,000 points worth up to $150 in cash. Likewise, a wealthy individual who spends a lot of money with the card could accrue yearly points totals worth over $700.

Read on to the next section for a “how-to” for using your accrued Walmart rewards points.

How Can I Redeem Walmart Rewards Points?

Walmart’s rewards points can be used within the Capital One platform. Within the platform, you can go to the rewards center to exchange points for a check or gift card.

Additionally, you can use the points in the Capital One Travel Center to purchase flights, book hotels, or reserve rental cards.

If you are interested in other potential perks, be sure to read the next section.

Does Walmart Offer Any Annual Rewards?

Walmart does not offer any annual rewards. The Rewards credit card accrues points with every purchase and will appear in your account after each billing period.

While the rewards program does not offer annual perks, one could easily save their points for significant purchases like air travel, hotel stays, or any substantial products at Walmart.

All in all, read on to determine if the Walmart rewards program is a good fit for you.

Does Walmart Still Offer Its Walmart Rewards Card in 2021?

Walmart still offers a Walmart Rewards card in 2021, and it is not likely to go away anytime soon. The card will earn you many points in cash back if you are a frequent shopper at Walmart.

Like any credit card, it is a powerful financial tool with equally powerful benefits. If you are a frequent Walmart shopper, this card may be beneficial – but be sure to use it responsibly and pay it off every month.