Does Walmart Have Coinstar? (Yes, 11.9% Fee)

Coin machines seem like things of the past. Not many people think of coin machines when thinking about what to do with their leftover coins. Maybe your coins can pay for vacuums at the carwash or a soda at the gas station.

Walmart’s Coinstar machines provide a simple solution to most coin exchanging needs in many customers.

Does Walmart Have Coinstar In 2024?

Most Walmart stores across the United States have Coinstar located inside, close to the customer service areas. These machines are easy to use and have a few different payout options. They provide ease and convenience to the consumer.

Walmart has been partnered with the coin machine king Coinstar for a while. Coinstar has been synonymous with efficiency since they installed its first kiosk in 1991.

What Type of Coin Machine Does Walmart Have?

Walmart has Coinstar machines available at most of its locations across the United States. Coinstar machines have been partnered with Walmart for a while, among other stores, and are usually what people refer to when thinking of coin machines.

As a pillar of changing coins to cash, Coinstar machines are centrally located to offer the customer ease and quickness when exchanging.

Where is the Coin Machine Located in Walmart?

The Coinstar machines are located near the front of Walmart stores. Customers should look for them around the customer service areas or the checkout counters.

This location provides customers the ability to exchange coins for funds to continue their shopping that day, or for a busy consumer to get in and out quickly.

The location also allows people to use the machine and receive their cash in relatively the same area.

Although the Coinstar machines are centrally located within Walmart stores, not all Walmart locations provide Coinstar services.

Do all Walmart Locations Have Coin Machines?

Almost all Walmart locations have Coinstar machines. You can see where the nearest Coinstar location is on their website, using the “Find a Kiosk”.

Also, Coinstar and Walmart have recently begun offering a Bitcoin option at 200 locations. This is a new pilot program that, if proven successful, may expand nationwide.

With multiple location options and a few options on how you receive your funds, Coinstar machines do come with some fees.

How Much Does Coinstar Charge at Walmart?

The Coinstar machines at Walmart shopping centers currently have a fee of 11.9% of the value of coins the customer is exchanging. This fee applies if the customer would like a direct exchange of coins to cash.

Considering the new Bitcoin program at select Walmarts, the Coinstar machines have partnered with Coinme to allow customers to purchase Bitcoin with their coins.

The fee for this process is a 4% Bitcoin fee and a 7% cash exchange fee.

To avoid the Coinstar fees, the customer can choose to donate their funds to charity. Coinstar has a variety of charity partners, including the NAACP and American Red Cross, but not all are available at each location.

Another option to avoid fees is to load your funds on eGift cards. Coinstar offers a variety of options, although not all are available at each location.

Some popular options include Amazon, Apple, Nike, and even Southwest Airlines.

With all the options of how to receive your money, operating a Coinstar machine is fairly easy and user-friendly.

How Do You Use the Coinstar at Walmart?

Using a Coinstar machine at Walmart is simple. It is all a matter of dump, tilt, and print.

Customers need to bring their loose coins to the Coinstar machines and dump them into the tray receptacle. Then, they need to tilt the tray slightly to create a steady stream of coins entering the machine.

The Coinstar machine will read and count the coins as they enter. Customers should be careful not to overload the machine and add coins slowly.

After the machine has read all the coins, consumers can choose how they would like to receive their funds. Most frequently, the customer will be issued a receipt to be taken to the customer service desk in exchange for cash.

Customers can also choose to donate their funds to a select charity or to load their money onto an eGift card at participating retailers.

For the new Bitcoin option as select stores, customers will be asked to set up a Coinme account and complete a know-your-customer check before proceeding to the Bitcoin purchase.

If Walmart isn’t where you shop, there are coin machines at other retailers.

What Other Stores Have a Coin Machine?

Other stores like Walmart, such as regional competitors like H-E-B or Kroger, have Coinstar machines as well. Generally, the Coinstar machines at these stores are located in similar areas next to checkout lanes or customer service.

These stores also carry the same 11.9% fee for a direct coin to cash transaction. They also have the same options to donate your funds to charity or receive an eGift card for fee-free transactions.

Does Walmart Still Have the Coin Machine in 2024?

Walmart does have Coinstar coin machines at many of its locations as of 2024. This service is available to anyone and does have a few options for payout. For an 11.9% fee, customers can get direct cash.

For a fee-free transaction, customers can opt to donate their funds to charity or load their money onto an eGift card. At certain locations, Coinstar is now offering a Bitcoin buying option.

Coin machines are an odd mix of past and future. Not many people carry or have enough coins to warrant frequent use of such machines. However, when you need one, it’s nice to know where they are and what they offer.