Does Walmart Assemble Grills for Free?

Assembly is the next step for homeowners who’ve just purchased a new grill. When the summer has arrived and you are ready to begin barbecuing, you need to make sure your grill has been assembled properly first.

Assembling a grill improperly can not only limit the functionality of the grill but also pose dangerous safety risks to you and others. When dealing with gas grills especially, every step must be taken to guarantee assembly is done correctly. Otherwise, the structural integrity or stability of the grill could be weakened, leading to potentially serious injury.

Assembling a grill yourself can quickly become a time-consuming task. Homeowners may not be aware that Walmart can assemble a grill for you at a rate cheaper than the market average.

Does Walmart Assemble Grills?

Walmart does offer grill assembly services starting at $59. Your grill can be from any retail store, and you can buy this service at the Walmart store or online with debit cards or credit cards.

A home services company, Handy partners with Walmart to provide affordable and trustworthy grill assembly services at competitive pricing

Do-it-yourself grill assembly can take several hours, especially if the homeowner assembles the grill alone. A variety of tools and research into assembly instructions are needed to complete assembly properly and safely.

If you decide to assemble your grill yourself, make sure to carefully follow these steps:

  1. Review the assembly instructions thoroughly
  2. Identify all parts and accessories
  3. Gather necessary tools
  4. Clear a location to build the grill
  5. Clear a location to place the finished grill for use
  6. Assemble the grill according to instructions
  7. Move finished grill to location for use

For more information on grill assembly, refer to Consumer Reports’ grill assembly guide compiled by an experienced chef.

Walmart offers both pre-assembled grills and grill assembly services. Pre-assembled grills can be purchased in-store at participating Walmart locations. Grill assembly services can be purchased through Walmart’s online store and are provided by Handy, starting at $59.00. Grill assembly services can be purchased for any grill, even if the grill was not purchased from Walmart.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Grill Assembly?

Grill assembly services by Handy through Walmart are priced beginning at $59. Pricing does not vary based on grill type, size, or location. Handy’s competitive pricing keeps the service affordable and straightforward for the homeowner.

Handy’s grill assembly services typically take around two hours to complete. Any special requirements from the purchaser can be identified and may incur additional charges depending upon their level of complexity.

How To Purchase Walmart Grill Assembly

Grill assembly services by Handy can be purchased through Walmart’s online store under Handy’s Grill Assembly Service listing. The grill to be assembled does not need to be purchased through Walmart, as this is a standalone service. This service can be purchased at the same time as a new grill from Walmart, however, to facilitate quick assembly and sooner usage.

To purchase the service, select a quantity of ‘1’ and select the ‘Add to cart’ button. Once added, the service will be purchased when you complete your online order.

Grill assembly services can also be purchased in-store or over the phone. To locate a nearby Walmart for such purchases, visit the Walmart Store Finder online.

 Payment can be made through credit, debit, or gift cards, along with Walmart Pay or PayPal.

Walmart also sells a variety of grills, including gas grills, outdoor griddles, charcoal grills, or combination grills. If you want this service alongside a new grill within the same purchase, add both the service and the desired grill to your cart. For a list of grills, check out Walmart’s online grill catalog.

How Grill Assembly by Handy Works

Upon purchase of the grill assembly service online, you will receive an email from Walmart confirming your order. After confirmation, your service order will be forwarded to Handy for fulfillment.

Handy will connect you with a local service professional. This reliable, top-rated professional will contact you to introduce themselves and gather any further information they need to complete the assembly service.

Make sure to have basic information regarding the grill available for the professional, such as the manufacturer or brand. Additionally, provide all of the parts or accessories which came with the grill to the service professional so that assembly can be completed properly. Any documentation, such as guides or instructions, should also be provided to the professional for their reference.

The entire process of securing grill assembly services from Handy will flow as follows:

  1. Grill assembly service is purchased through Walmart online
  2. Order confirmation is received from Walmart
  3. Order is forwarded to Handy
  4. Handy connects the buyer with experienced professional
  5. Professional and buyer discuss work package
  6. An ideal time for buyer selected
  7. Grill assembly completed at the agreed time

To prepare for the grill assembly service, clear areas to work for the service professional. Having cluttered or disorganized spaces can cause the service to stall or be interrupted. A disorganized working space also increases the possibility of critical parts going missing, which can cause the entire service schedule to slip.

Avoid removing or misplacing any parts before the grill assembly service. For a guarantee of quality service, leave all parts, tools, accessories, and documentation in its original packaging for the service professional to access.

For more information on how services through Handy work, check out this guide.

Will Walmart Assemble Grills?

Yes, Walmart will assemble your grill and this service can be purchased online or in-store. You can pay by credit or debit cards, Walmart Pay, or PayPal. A grill does not need to be purchased from Walmart to be eligible for Handy’s grill assembly service.

Walmart provides affordable and reliable grill assembly services through Handy. At competitive pricing of $59.00, homeowners can receive highly-rated grill assembly service from experienced professionals. The service provided through Walmart will ensure the new grill operates properly, safely, and efficiently so that the homeowner can enjoy the product they paid for.

Handy will connect you with a local professional shortly after purchase. Be sure to have all information and parts available for the professional, along with a clear area for them to work within. Providing this work environment will promote a smoother and higher quality service.