Does Walmart Assemble Bikes? (How Much?)

Walmart does offer bike assembly both in store or at your home. Walmart’s in store bike assembly is performed by a Walmart employee for free, and if you want to get your bike assembled in your home, Walmart will have their partner Handy to send a local professional to your home to get this done for a fee.

The rationale behind our recommendation to have it checked by a mechanic before a ride is because Walmart assembly isn’t done by a bike mechanic and, as such, we feel you might want to give your safety a priority by having it further checked out by a local bike mechanic.

On the flip side, you may want to consider buying a pre-owned bike that always comes with a lower price tag. But even at that, we recommend you take the same safety evaluation and fine-tuning before riding it.

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Assemble Bikes?

Walmart offers free bicycle assembly across most of their stores and this type of free bike assembly is done in-store. They also offer at-home bike assembly services by Handy.

Walmart chargest $49 to assemble bikes at your home. This service will be performed by Walmart’s partner Handy, a top-notch local professional. They do flexible scheduling of 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The best part of this service is that it’s covered by the Handy Happiness Guarantee.

We can understand why it’s important for you to look for every option to cut down on the pricing of a bike when buying. The reason is simple: bikes are very expensive. So you’re most likely on this page to find out what other costs are incidental to buying the bike such as the assembly fee. And, as such, you’re wondering whether or not Walmart charges to assemble their bikes. We have your back!

Walmart like every other big name in the industry offers a discount for their bikes. But the thing about a bike assembly service by Walmart is that it’s done by one of their employee who in most cases isn’t an expert. Without being told, you already know what this means for your safety if you’re getting cost-cutting but sacrificing your safety.

Should You Go For Walmart’s Free Bike Assembly Services?

While Walmart will assemble your bike for you free of charge, it’ll be done by one of their employee who knows little or nothing about bicycles. The chances you’d get an expert among their employee to assemble your bike for you is slim.

Given the fact that it’s a free service done by a non-expert and the time factor, you’re most likely not going to get anything close to good assembly service. Things like checking out the wheels to see if they’re properly aligned or gauging the tire to make it’s adequately inflated, etc. will be overlooked. But with an expert, you can’t have these things missed out.

 All in all, paying a token to have a local bike expert checked out your bike and tune it up is worth it. Because having a Walmart employee to assemble your bike for you is tantamount to giving it to a layman or just anyone you find out there regardless of their expertise.

How to Buy Walmart At-Home Bike Assembly Service

The process of buying the Walmart at-home bike assembly service by Handy is simple. The process begins with:

  • Once you to the Walmart official website, add your preferred item to the cart and also add Expert Help to your item purchase, you’re already on your way to getting their top-rated assembly by Handy professionals. 
  • Once you complete the above steps and your item is shipped, you’ll receive an email and text from Handy confirming your schedule service. You can choose to reschedule as you feel it’ll be convenient for you. 
  • After all these processes are completed, you should be waiting for Handy to complete your bike assembly to flawless perfection. 

How Long Does it Take to Assemble a Bike?

As for how long it would take to assemble a bike, it varies and depends largely on the bike. Also, a partially-assembled bike is relatively easy to assemble compared to when you’re to assemble a bike from scratch. Generally, the rule of the thumb is to allow one hour for the first-time assembly and you must always opt for assembly service done by a professional. If you’re planning to use Walmart’s at-home assembly service by Handy, you must be aware they offer flexible scheduling 7 days a week starting from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  

Wrapping Up On Does Walmart Assemble Bikes

If you’re buying a bike at Walmart, there is a free bike assembly service across most of Walmart’s stores. Walmart’s assembly services come in two ways: in-store and at-home assembly services. The in-store assembly service is done by any available member of Walmart employee, while the at-home assembly is done by top-rated local bike professionals through Handy.   

Does Walmart have Bike Assembly Service?

Yes, Walmart offer bike assembly service for in-store and on-location assemly. In store bike assembly is free, and at-your-home assembly will cost you around $50.

Having an expert by Handy checked out and assembled your bicycle for you offers more advantages than using Walmart’s free assembly service. As with the free assembly offered by Walmart, the chances of getting an expert to assemble your bike for you are slim and almost impossible.

If you’re unlucky, you get any available person at Walmart to do the assembly for you. You’ll miss out a lot on the proper evaluation and adjustments that an expert would do if you had used one. And this puts your safety at risk.

Although using an expert comes with a fee but it’s worth it. All the sensitive parts of the bike will be checked thoroughly evaluated and adjusted. Things like underinflated tires, loose brake cables, will be checked out and corrected before you start to ride your bike.

Overall, we recommend you should go for a local professional bike mechanic when looking for where to assemble your bike. It’s safer and worthwhile for your safety.