Does Walmart Assemble Above Ground Pools?

Above ground pools are a great way to beat the summer heat, they are also simple to operate and maintain. They also take up less room in the backyard. An above ground pool is a fantastic alternative if you want to enjoy a backyard pool without investing a lot of time and money.

A swimming pool may give a lifetime of memories, such as poolside birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and special events. Swimming pools have a way of bringing people together, and by doing so, they allow individuals to spend quality time with their loved ones and create many happy memories.

Poorly installed above-ground pools can cause a slew of issues that can cost you much more money. Inadequate or mismatched pump and filter equipment, improper filter media, proprietary equipment that is difficult to repair, and poor quality walls or liners are examples of such issues.

As a result, when it comes to building above ground pools, many homeowners seek expert assistance. A professionally constructed above ground pool costs between $1,698 and $5,969, with most households spending $2,693 on average to install their average ground pool.

Does Walmart Assemble Above Ground Pools?

Walmart does offers above ground pools installation service. The price to install each Above Ground Pool Assembly starts at $149 for pool size 10′ – 12′. Walmart collaborates with Handy’s top-rated local professionals to assemble above ground pools for its customers.

You should know that your above ground pool installation is also guaranteed. This feature is an advantage over others, and why many homeowners love Walmart to assemble their above ground pool after purchase.

How Much Does Walmart Above Ground Pool Installation Cost?

For each above ground pool installation by Walmart in collaboration with Handy, the price varies according to the sizes of your pool. The price starts from $149 for above ground pool sizes 10′ – 12′, sizes 14′ – 15′ is $299, sizes16′ – 18′ is $499, sizes 18′ and above is $579 for each installation.

If you’re wondering if the service has any promo codes or coupons, the answer is no. Walmart and Handy have teamed together to provide you with the best above ground pool assembly service at a reasonable price. Plus, there’s more. There are no cash reimbursements for any price differences that you may find at a lower-cost service. The price match policy at Walmart does not apply to service costs. You can be confident that Walmart and Handy are working together to give you competitive pricing comparable to those offered by other high-quality above-ground pool assembly service providers. The service is also guaranteed.

How To Purchase Walmart Above Ground Pool Installation Service?

Add the Handy installation and assembly service to your cart and complete the checkout.

Handy will then contact you via phone and email to organize your assembly appointment once you’ve ordered your service and finished your transaction.

When you select this service, keep in mind that you may arrange your above ground assembly any time between 7 am and 11 pm, seven days a week.

What Types Of Above Ground Pools Are Available At Walmart?

Walmart offers you many types and sizes of above ground pools from various top brands like Intex, Bestway, Blue Wave, Aquarian Drumheads, Coleman, Lake Effect Pools, Fast Set, Steel Pro, and Summer Escapes. The prices range from $300 to $2500 and above. You can get above ground pools of different sizes from the 18’x48″, 10’x30″, 12’x30″ to even the larger sizes like 27 x 14.5 x 10.3″. You can also choose between the above grounds pools made from different materials like Steel, Metal, or PVC.

How To Choose The Best Space for the Installation

Choosing the right location for your pool is crucial; they are pretty tough to relocate. The best area to prepare must be flat and close to level, but the optimum position is a sloping slope for many residences.  For the best location to show the expert from Handy, ensure the space is;

  • Close but without intruding on Setbacks or Easements.
  • Next to the water to fill the pool.
  • It should be a sunny space with no overhanging or adjacent trees.
  • Close to the home, or at the very least visible from it.
  • Accessible to power and a grounded GFI outlet.
  • There must be good drainage, both around and away from the pool.

Top Best Above Ground Pool Accessories From Walmart

Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain

The spray height and direction of this fountain are both adjustable. It works for both inground and above ground pools and fits most 1.5-inch threaded return fittings. It’s also relatively simple to set up. You can get one for $37.

Wireless Floating Pool speaker

These waterproof wireless floating pool speakers have many volume settings and a robust subwoofer for excellent stereo sound. You may use it to access your favorite playlists and manage the volume and other features from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Pricing starts at $10.

Aquatix Pro Aluminum Pool Accessory Hangers

With this, you can quickly clear your pool deck, making it more attractive and much safer. These hangers are constructed of rust-resistant, heavy-duty metal and can support up to 33 pounds apiece. They may also be mounted on concrete walls, metal posts, vinyl siding, and just about any other surface. They also come with all of the necessary mounting hardware. It costs $17.5.

Swimline Frog Log Critter Saving Escape Ramp

This escape ramp helps your amphibious friends depart the pool while also saving you the trouble of collecting little froggy corpses from the water.

Priced at $18.99, this ramp isn’t just for frogs. It is beneficial to squirrels, mice, birds, rabbits, and even bees. If you can assist those creatures to go, you’ll spend less time cleaning your pool. You might want to buy a couple of these to spread around the pool because they’re so simple to assemble and position.

Brookstone Towel Warmer

This towel warmer maintains your pool towels at a toasty 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). It connects to any regular 120V AC outlet, so you’ll never have to worry about it overheating and causing damage. You can put one in if there isn’t one near your patio. You can get it for $99.9.

Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders

These drink holders are a must-have, if only because they’re adorable tiny flamingos! They are, nevertheless, useful. They’ll keep your drink safe, and they’re intended to keep it from tipping over. It is priced at $9.99.

 Pool & Spa Footbath

You don’t have to clean up after your visitors every time they come over. Install a plastic footbath on the deck so that everyone may wash their feet before entering the water. Later on, you’ll have far less labor to perform, and your water will remain pure. You can get it for  $32.82

Does Walmart Assemble Above Ground Pools?

Walmart will assemble your above-ground pool with pricing starting at $149 for different sizes in collaboration with Handy. You will have your installation done by top-rated professionals, and you can schedule anytime between 7 am to 11 pm throughout the week.

Be assured that with Walmart, your assembly will not only be done by top-rated professionals, but the price is also reasonable, and all are guaranteed.