Can You Return Items to Walmart Without a Receipt in 2024?

I’ve made many purchases at Walmart that I thought I loved and thrown away the receipt only to later realize I needed to return it. I have visited Walmart’s customer service desk several times over the years about returns, and almost every time I have lost the receipt or thrown it away.

However, I’ve still been able to return almost everything at Walmart without a receipt. Here’s what I’ve learned about Walmart’s return policy for returns without a receipt.

Can You Return Items to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Walmart accepts returns without a receipt for either an exchange or a cash refund. Shoppers can make a return at Walmart without a receipt for cash for most items under $25. However, items valued over $25 can only be exchanged for store credit or a store gift card.

Walmart does limit which items you can get a refund for without a receipt. Some items, like computers and DVDs, do need a receipt. And unfortunately, since COVID-19 Walmart is temporarily restricting the items you can return like food, paper goods, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, pharmacy, health and beauty, and apparel, but you should still try to get a return.

What is Walmart’s Return Policy for No Rreceipt?

Items for no receipt return must be purchased from Walmart or directly, not dealers or resellers. Additionally, to submit a return without a receipt in-store you’ll need a valid government-issued photo ID like your driver’s license or a military ID. Your ID will be stored in their system to keep track of how often you submit returns.

Typically, you also cannot wait too long to return an item to Walmart. Walmart items without a receipt must be returned within 90 days within the time of your purchase, and some items have deadlines as little as 15 days from your purchase.

What Walmart Items are Eligible for Return without Receipt?

Some Walmart products can only be returned with a receipt. Products that cannot be returned at Walmart include:

Eligible for Return
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Smartwatches
  • Electric scooters
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Prepaid cell phones.
  • Outdoor tools
  • GPS’s
Ineligible for Return
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Pepper spray
  • Go karts
  • Dirt bikes
  • UTVs
  • ATVs
  • Diabetic products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prepaid minutes
  • Syringes
  • Software sent to your email
  • Video on demand
  • Video game download cards

Additionally, Walmart currently has restrictions on returns due to COVID-19. Temporarily, you cannot return many foods, paper goods, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, pharmacy, health and beauty and apparel items with or without a receipt.

However, any items not listed above you can return to Walmart without a receipt.

Can You Get a Refund at Walmart without Receipt?

If you return an item in-store at Walmart, the refund is instantaneous. However, you cannot always get refunds posted to your credit card or debit card when returning items without a receipt.

Walmart’s cash refunds without a receipt are only available for items under $25. You cannot get a cash refund at Walmart without a receipt for items that are valued at $25 or more. If you want to return items over $25 without a receipt at Walmart, then you will get store credit in the form of a Walmart gift card.

Additionally, even if you do have the receipt for your item you also need the original debit or credit card with you to have the funds refunded to your card. If you don’t have the debit or credit card you used to purchases the item with you, then you will get a cash refund for items under $25 or a gift card for items over $25.

How Many Times Can You Return Items to Walmart without a Receipt?

Walmart has a limit to your returns without a receipt to 3 times within 45 days. Walmart tracks how many returns you make using your government-issued ID. They will store information on your ID in their system to keep track of how many returns you make.

You will not get banned from Walmart for attempting to return more than three items within 45 days, but you will get turned down. And, if you repeatedly try to break the three no receipt returns within 45 days policy, you may get a warning from the store manager.

Can I Return Items to Walmart without Receipt?

You can get a refund at Walmart without a receipt. However, Walmart does have restrictions for what items, and the price of what items, you can return without a receipt. And, some rules vary by location.

When making a return at Walmart without a receipt, keep in mind that items must be returned within 90 days of purchase, and you will need the items in the original packaging.

You will need a government-issued ID to make a return without a receipt, and you can only return up to 3 items without a receipt every 45 days.

If you’ve lost your receipt but you paid with a card, try looking up the receipt online with Walmart Receipt Lookup

You can only get cash refunds without a receipt for items under $25, and items valued over $25 can be returned for store credit. Some items, like firearms, are never elidable for return at Walmart