Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Many retail stores in the US accept Apple Pay for customer convenience. Walgreens is a famous drugstore that has flu shots, a rewards program, and much more.

If you are wondering whether this pharmacy chain accepts Apple Pay, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about it.

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Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Walgreens is a pharmacy chain in the US that accepts Apple Pay at most of its locations. The store allows you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay through this method. You can also get 3% cashback by using Apple Card with Apple Pay.

A key thing to note is that you cannot use Apple Pay at Walgreens unless you have an Apple device. Besides that, you must go into the store for this payment method.

Additionally, it is best to learn how to use Apple Pay at Walgreens. This is because it does not follow the same procedure as credit cards.

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How Do You Use Apple Pay At Walgreens?

To pay with Apple Pay, you must first download the Apple Wallet app on your device. After that, you have to log in and connect a card with Apple Pay for payments.

During checkout, you must inform the cashier you want to use Apple Pay. They will prompt you towards the NFC reader for the transaction.

You will have to open the Apple Wallet app and use your face ID or touch ID to log in. Then, you should keep your device over the NFC reader.

Once the payment finalizes, your screen will turn green. If you are using the Apple Watch, it will vibrate a bit on completion.

Some stores also do not allow you to purchase all things through Apple Pay. So it is best to know if Walgreens has this restriction too.

What Can I Buy With Apple Pay At Walgreens?

You can buy all things at Walgreens through Apple Pay. The drugstore does not have limitations on in-store purchases.

Walgreens allows you to buy groceries, medicine, health products, and much more with Apple Pay. However, note that all locations may not allow you to do this.

Apple Pay can be used only at locations with NFC terminals. So you may not have them at the gas station sites of Walgreens. That is why it is best to call ahead before reaching any place.

The retail world is changing, and many stores are offering flexible features. For example, you can combine credit cards with Apple Pay at TJ Maxx.

Can I Combine Apple Pay With Another Payment Method At Walgreens?

Apple Pay can be combined with various credit cards and debit cards at Walgreens. You can add the various options to your Apple Wallet and use one of them to pay at the store.

However, keep in mind you cannot divide your payments between different cards at Walgreens. Apart from that, you can combine Apple Pay with myWalgreens Card.

You must open the Walgreens app and click on the add myWalgreens Card to Apple Wallet. When you pay at the store, you will have to keep the device over the NFC reader twice to finalize payment.

Additionally, you can get an Apple Card and combine it with Apple Pay too. Walgreens also offers 3% cashback with this payment method.

The retail chain also has an online store to buy stuff. The good news is that you can use multiple payment methods on the website.

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Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay For Online Orders?

Walgreens allows you to use Apple Pay for all online orders except photo purchases. You can use the method on this store’s website and the mobile app.

During the checkout, you should select the Apple Pay option for the payment. You will have to confirm the transaction through face ID or touch ID.

The screen will turn green once the payment finalizes. If you don’t have Apple Pay, worry no more. Walgreens accept other digital payment options too.

What Other Contactless Payment Does Walgreens Take?

You can use various contactless payment options at this drugstore, such as Google Pay. Besides that, you can also pay by Visa Checkout.

Keep in mind that Visa Checkout can be combined with Visa cards only. Additionally, you can use MasterPass at Walgreens as well.

However, note that you cannot use Visa Checkout for in-store purchases. It is allowed for online orders only.

Meanwhile, MasterPass and Google Pay can be used for in-store and online purchases.