Does Walgreens Sell Stamps

During the holiday season, many people mail stuff to their loved ones. This is why they get stamps from the local post office.

Many stores such as Walmart and Albertsons also sell stamps. Walgreens is another which you may be wondering about.

Well, here is what you need to know about whether or not Walgreens sell stamps.

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps In 2023?

Walgreens sells first-class stamps for $0.55 per stamp. You can also buy them in bulk for 20 booklet formats which cost $11. You can find them in the office supplies section or at the counter in Walgreens.

The pharmacy chain has about 9,277 stores in the US. However, not all of them sell stamps.

Consumers report that the drugstore chain does not allow the purchase of stamps in Texas. Some people from Parksville also state the same thing.

Thus, you should always contact the store before going there. It will save you a trip if the particular location does not have stamps.

Besides that, it is also good to understand the types of stamps you can get from Walgreens. This is so that you don’t visit the store in vain.

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What Types Of Stamps Does Walgreens Sell?

Every store of this pharmacy chain only sells one type of stamp. Most locations of Walgreens sell the Forever postage stamp.

You can easily recognize the stamps at the stores. This is because they have a photograph of the US flag on them.

These are the same stamps that you can get from a local post office. However, keep in mind that there are some limits regarding the stamps you can buy at the store.

How Many Walgreens Stamps Do I Have To Buy At A Time?

Typically, you will find a booklet of twenty Forever stamps at Walgreens. This is the minimum purchase limit at this store.

The Forever stamps come in a booklet of hundred stamps as well. However, this pharmacy chain does not sell it.

Besides that, you cannot get six or twelve stamps from the shop. If you want more than one stamp, then you will have to purchase the whole booklet.

There is no amount limit as to how many stamp booklets you can get. You should also keep in mind that only select locations will allow you to purchase a single stamp.

Most stores of Walgreens only sell booklets and not individual stamps. That is why it is good to know their prices.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Walgreens?

One booklet of twenty Forever stamps costs $11.6 at Walgreens. This is the same amount that you will get at the local post office.

This pharmacy chain is an official USPS dealer, which is why they offer the same rates for stamps. Besides that, an individual stamp comes around 55 cents.

However, not all Walgreens locations will let you purchase a single stamp. They also sell them in stores, so it is good to know where exactly you will find the stamps.

Where In Walgreens Can I Locate Stamps?

All locations of Walgreens have an office supplies section where you can find the stamps. Typically, you should look for booklets because that is what most stores sell.

Besides that, some locations do not keep the stamps on shelves due to security reasons. So if you don’t find them in the office supplies section, you should ask an employee.

Typically, many stores keep stamps behind the counter, so you will have to ask the cashier. They will show you the booklet if you intend to purchase it.

In some Walgreens locations, you may also find them at the customer desk. That is why you should always ask one of the employees about the stamp location.

How To Buy Stamps From Walgreens Online?

Walgreens has an online store where you can find the Forever postage stamp and its price. However, they do not deliver or ship the booklet.

You can place an order for one or more booklet from the online website for pickup. Typically, you can go to the store thirty minutes after placing the order to get your booklet.

The pharmacy chain does not deliver postage stamps in the whole nation. If you want to get stamps online, you will have to look for alternatives.

Besides that, Walgreens have different payment options. That is why it is best to know the accepted ones for stamps.

How Can I Pay For Stamps At Walgreens?

This pharmacy chain allows you to pay with the same methods as you use for other products. You can purchase the stamps by paying with cash, credit card, debit card, gift cards, and much more.

Walgreens also accept PayPal and digital wallet payments. For instance, this drugstore takes Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You can use any one of the accepted payment methods to pay for your stamps booklet.

Besides that, when you purchase the stamp, you will get reward points. These will be added to your myWalgreens if you are a member.

A key thing you should note is that with some payment options, your stamp will be non-returnable. This is why it is essential to understand the return policy of Walgreens.

Can You Return Stamps To Walgreens?

The store has a 30-day return policy for stamps. Within thirty days of purchase, you can return your booklet.

Keep in mind that you should submit the original receipt for a full refund or exchange. The store also accepts products without receipts, but you may not get the total price back.

As per their return policy, you will have to show identification proof as well. Walgreens accepts driver’s license, state ID, passport, and military ID for returns.

Can I Still Buy Stamps At Walgreens In 2023?

You can still buy stamps at Walgreens as of 2023. 24 Forever stamps cost $11.60 and you can find them near the office supply section.

Walgreens has been selling stamps for many years. They allow customers to purchase the Forever postage stamp. This is available in most of their stores.

The stamp booklet at this drugstore costs $11.6. Most locations do not offer individual stamps.

Thus, you should always call ahead to check the stamp availability at Walgreens.