Does Walgreens Have Western Union?

Many retail stores offer financial services to their clients. That is because it allows them to offer convenience to the user, so they don’t have to go to a bank or other financial institutions. Walgreens also offers financial services through Western Union to its customers.

Does Walgreens Have Western Union In 2021?

Walgreens has Western Union self-service kiosks in 2021. The kiosks have been there for many years now as Walgreens partnered with Western Union. You can use the kiosks to pay bills or utilize money transfer services.

The kiosks have been there for a long time now because Walgreens wanted to keep up with the changing times. As other competitors began introducing such kiosks, Walgreens also partnered with Western Union.

Do All Walgreens Locations Have Western Union?

Out of the eight thousand Walgreens, all of them don’t have Western Union. That is because the retail company has more than eight thousand locations nationwide.

Out of these, you will not find Western Union at a few hundred locations that are in remote areas.

You can use the store locator link to check if there is a Western Union Walgreens service in your region. Of course, you must contact Walgreens ahead to understand if they offer a Western Union service.

You can also ask them where the Western Union is located inside Walgreens.

Where Is Western Union Located In Walgreens?

The location of the Western Union kiosk depends on the Walgreens store in the area. When you enter the Walgreens store, you can ask any worker to guide you to the kiosk.

When you reach the kiosk, you can choose the option of “Financial Transaction” to begin.

Keep in mind that if you are using the kiosk for the first time, you will have to create an account to receive or send money.

After that, Walgreens will secure the information, and you can use any Walgreens location in the country to log in. You can use the services after creating the account.

Of course, it is crucial to know what services Western Union kiosks offer at Walgreens. After all, you will not find all the financial services being offered.

What Services Does Walgreens Western Union Offer?

The services that Walgreens Western Union offers include bill payments and money transfers. Many people have this misconception that the Western Union kiosk offers money orders, but that is not true. Besides that, you can indulge in other financial transactions.

Of course, there are also limits to how much you can send and receive at Walgreens. Besides that, the service charges fees. It is important to know all of this before opting for the service.

How Much Does Western Union Services Cost At Walgreen?

You can send up to $6,000 and receive $300 at the Walgreens Western Union kiosk. You will have to pay a fee of $11 for a business transfer within a day and $12.5 for urgent transfers. The fee can also vary by a dollar or two, depending on the location.

These costs are there for each transaction you complete at Walgreens Western Union. You will have to pay the fee for each transaction you make. Of course, it is critical to know how to use the Western Union kiosk at Walgreens.

How Do You Use A Western Union Kiosk At Walgreens?

It is effortless to use a Western Union kiosk at Walgreens. As soon as you enter the store, you can ask the employees to guide you to the kiosk. It will be a touch screen, and you will have to create an account.

To create an account, you will have to enter your personal information. Once you have created the account, you can begin using the kiosk to make transactions.

You only need to create an account the first time, as, after that, Walgreens will securely save your information, and you can log in from any location.

It is also crucial to have the right ID at Walgreens. You have to show this proof before any financial activity.

What Forms Of ID Can You Use At Walgreen’s Western Union?

The various forms of ID you can use at Walgreens Western Union include a passport, ID card, or driver’s license. It has to be recent. Once you show the ID, you can begin using the services.

Any Walgreens location can reject your right to financial services if you don’t show the photo ID. These measures are there to reduce fraud and scams.

Does Walgreens Have Western Union?

Walgreens has a Western Union kiosk you can use. The purpose of the kiosk is to aid you in sending or receiving money. Be sure to keep a government-issued ID.

Once you do, you can use the kiosk in no time. It is best to call Walgreens and check first to see if they offer the service near your location.