Does Walgreens Have ATM Machines?

Walgreens is one of the leading pharmacy and simple home products retailers in the US that also provide money services such as money order.

Shopping at Walgreens has become a very versatile experience. In addition to stopping into the store, you can order online for pick up, ship to the store, or at even some locations receive same-day delivery on orders over $50.

It’s become commonplace for stores to have an ATM on-site, let’s explore and see if Walgreens also has ATM machines in their stores.

Does Walgreens Have ATM Machines in 2024?

Walgreens does offer customers an ATM machine within their stores as of 2024. You can expect the location of these ATMs to be near an entrance or even the checkout counter. The ATM fees will vary between  $1-$4 per transaction depending on your credit union or bank.

It should be fairly easy to locate an ATM inside of Walgreens as most of their stores are laid out in a uniform and familiar way.

If you are cannot find the ATM, you can always flag down one of their helpful employees, they will be more than happy to offer their guidance.

Do All Walgreens Store Locations Have an ATM Machine?

Walgreens stores are partnered with an ATM company called Allpoint according to their locator they have a . According to Walgreens, 75% of the population in the US lives within 10 miles of a Walgreens store, so it should be fairly convenient to find one near you.

The most efficient way to locate a Walgreens store that has an ATM  nearby is to use the Allpoint locator here. In just a few easy steps you can input your zip code, or full address to find ATM machines located within stores nearby.

What Type of ATM Machines Do Walgreens Stores Have?

Walgreens Pharmacy has collaborated with a company called “Allpoint” for their in-store ATM machines. Allpoint is an ATM company that works with over 1,000 financial institutions, banks, and credit unions to provide you with access on-demand to your banking accounts with their ATM machines.

Allpoint+ is a new upgraded version of the normal ATM that can be found in a few select areas. These upgraded ATM machines are able to acc4ept deposits as well.

Being well aware of your account balance will help you avoid any overdraft fees or deplete your bank account of all funds.

There is usually an option to verify what your balance is before you proceed with a transaction. This is always a good idea if you are unsure what your balance is.

What is the ATM Fee at Walgreens?

One of the most accurate ways to find out what you will be charged for in terms of fees go at an ATM are to call the company. They may also at times have a sticker on the machine itself that may be a quick reference.

Usually, before you even proceed with a transaction the will show a message with any fees if applicable before you complete your withdrawal.

If you are still left wondering if you will incur an ATM fee or if you want to make sure you don’t get charged one, another way to get money is to receive cashback when you are checking out. Walgreens will let you get up to $20in cashback.

To reap the benefits of zero fees and get cashback you must ensure you are paying for your order with a debit card only. Walgreens doesn’t accept credit cards or checks for cashback.

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You may want to call your debit card bank account or company to verify if you have any additional limits on being able to get cashback.

As long as you are using a debit card and have made a minimum purchase of at least $0.01 you will be able to receive cashback. This is convenient if you are only needing a quick and small amount of cash on hand during this transaction.

What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

Nowadays you should have no problem in gaining access to your bank account or credit union to withdraw cash almost everywhere you go. You can find an ATM in almost every large store chain like Costco, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and many others.

One of the best places to find an ATM is at your local bank or credit union. There is also a really good possibility that they will have a 24-hour or drive-through option for your ultimate convenience.

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The best thing to do is to search before you go out online to see where the nearest ATM is located.

Many banks will also have additional details like hours, and phone numbers for support when you are searching online.

Doing your homework beforehand will help you avoid any ATM fees if applicable as well. A lot of third-party websites can be a great research tool. Using them is simple and you can type in an address, city, or even zip code to find an ATM nearest to you.

Does Walgreens Still Have ATM Machines in 2021?

Walgreens still has ATM Machines in most of their pharmacy stores into 2021. You can shop for toiletries, healthcare, beauty products, and even pick up your prescription at your nearest location.

In addition to the convenience of shopping Walgreens will give you the option to withdraw cash when you need it using one of their Allpoint or Allpoint+ ATM machines.

Withdrawal limits exist on almost every ATM in the United States and the typical withdrawal limit you’ll find at an Allpoint ATM in Walgreens can range from $200 and $400 depending on the type of machine you encounter.

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