Does Walgreens Have An ATM?

It can be a hassle for customers to go outside for cash withdrawal during shopping. As a solution for this inconvenience, retail stores accommodate ATMs in the stores for easy cash access.

Walgreens operates over 9000 drugstores is the second-largest drugstore chain in the United States. 

If you are eager to know whether Walgreens have an ATM, continue reading the article.

Does Walgreens Have ATM Machines?

Nearly 7000 Walgreens drugstore locations nationwide do provide ATM service through the Allpoint ATM network. In addition, U.S bank has emplaced ATMs in store chains in Nevada and California. All Point does not charge an ATM fee. However, your bank can charge up to a $3 service fee for another bank ATM transaction.

ATM in Walgreens is conveniently located near the check-out counters in the store and in some locations it is placed right next to the entrance.

There is a cash withdrawal limit between $200 and $400 across all Walgreens locations. To know more about it, please call your nearest store location and ask beforehand.

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Does all Walgreens Locations Have an ATM Machine?

Most of the Walgreens locations have ATM access after All Point expanded the ATM service at the store.

Since 2018, All Point has added nearly 2000 ATMs at Walgreens that making it a total of 7000 ATMs in Walgreens.

Whereas, U.S banks provide ATMs in California and Nevada store chains.

What Type of ATM Machines Does Walgreens Have?

You can find the All Point ATM network in over 7000 store chains of Walgreens. Allpoint-eligible cardholders can always find the nearest Allpoint surcharge-free ATM using the Allpoint ATM locator app.

In addition, U.S bank places ATMs in California and Nevada store locations.

Walgreens have ATMs of Citi Bank and Plus Alliance as well in some locations. Citi Bank branded ATMs are available in retail locations like Chicago and New York.

What is the ATM Fee at Walgreens?

All Point ATMs offer surcharge-free transaction service. Using the All Point ATM locator, you can find the nearest surcharge-free ATM available.

Citi bank customers can access the fee-free ATM service of Citi Bank ATMs at Walgreens locations. (Chicago and New York.)

However, if you are a customer of any other bank, you will be charged up to a $3 ATM fee which may vary depending on your location.

If you want to avoid ATM fees at Walgreens,

  • Find surcharge-free ATMs at your nearest locations.
  • Go for the Cashback options on purchase at Walgreens.

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What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

You can find the details of other stores that provide ATMs and their respective ATM networks below.

Cvs, Kroger, SafewayAll Point
Target, Rite Aid, CvsCiti Bank
7-Eleven, Costco, Publix, Circle K, Rite AidCo-Op
CVS, Target, Winn- Dixie Plus Alliance
CVSCapital One

More Stores with ATMs:

Does Walgreens Still Have ATM Machines in 2024?

With over 9000 store chains across the country, Walgreens still have ATMs in most of its locations. Of which the majority of ATMs are contributed by the All Point network.

ATM access can be made with a fee of up to $3 for foreign cardholders and a surcharge-free ATM service for bank customers.