Does Walgreens Have A Reward Program in 2021?

Of all the places that you would want to have a rewards program, it’s the pharmacy. Luckily, most of the national pharmacies do have reward programs. However, the key to finding the best one is in the pharmacy section.

Normally, you would visit Walgreens or something like that to pick up your prescriptions. So, most likely, you are spending the bulk of your money on meds.

Does Walgreens Have A Rewards Program?

Walgreens does have a rewards program that is called MyWalgreens. This reward program only has one tier and is free to join. In addition, you earn cashback, called Walgreens Cash, from every purchase made in-store, including at the pharmacy which can be redeemed in-store before they expire.

The reward program for Walgreens is called MyWalgreens and provides Walgreens Cashback on every purchase made online and in-store. This program makes it easy to get discounts on common products bought by most consumers.

There are also many discounts and sales on grocery products carried in Walgreens. You can sign up online or at the store. Your discounts and coupons will be delivered via email or can be looked up online.

The main way to have an account is to connect it to your phone number. However, if you want to spend or earn online, you need to connect your email to the account. Sign-up is free and easy.

You can spend your earned Walgreens Cash on all goods, excluding certain pharmacy-related items like medications. However, your Walgreens Cash will expire. So, make sure you use it often to keep your account active.

All stores participate in the reward program. If you had the Balance Rewards membership, this new membership replaces it. You can still use your prior points, but most benefits will expire. Further, if you were in a paid tier, you would no longer be billed for that membership.

How Does Walgreens’ MyWalgreens Work?

The Walgreens reward program called MyWalgreens is a single tier, a free membership reward program that provides 1-5% Walgreens Cashback on all in-store and online purchases, including all pharmacy sales.

Each time you make a transaction, you will earn 1% of the total cost as Walgreens Cash. This cash has no inherent value but can be used against future purchases. If you buy any Walgreens branded items, you earn 5% back in Walgreens Cash.

What Are the Perks of Walgreens’ MyWalgreens?

The main perks of the Walgreens reward program called MyWalgreens are associated with cashback for all purchases, including anything bought from the pharmacy. There are other benefits. Here is a quick breakdown of the top benefits of MyWalgreens.

  • 1% back on all items purchased
  • 5% back on Walgreens branded items
  • Free Curbside Pickup
  • 1-Hour Delivery in select areas
  • Real-time health and environmental forecasts
  • Earn bonus cash back for reaching health goals
  • Get personalized deals and coupons
  • Donate your cashback to a charity of your choice

What Can I Get with Walgreens’ MyWalgreens?

You can use your MyWalgreens Walgreens Cash for any in-store or online purchase, excluding all medications and other pharmacy items. However, you can only use $50 worth of Walgreens Cash maximum in a single transaction and up to $100 total in a single day.

Because you only earn cashback between 1-5%, it will take a long time to accumulate all the points you need to make the program worth the membership. However, Walgreens offers other ways to earn more points.

You could join the MyWalgreens Credit Card or the MyWalgreens Mastercard. Both cards increase your cashback earning potential. With either credit card, you will earn 10% back on all Walgreens branded items and 5% back on all other purchases.

With the Mastercard, you will earn 3% back on all grocery and wellness purchases made outside Walgreens and 1% on everything else. Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for the Mastercard. However, if you already have a rewards credit card, you probably don’t need another one.

How Much Is $25 MyWalgreens Cash Points Worth?

MyWalgreens Walgreens Cash has no cash value but can be used as a cash equivalent when purchasing goods inside a store or online. There is a 1:1 ratio for Walgreens Cash to US dollars. However, they can only be used in full increments. In addition, you cannot use a portion of the credit. These credits are not able to be used on non-goods like money orders or otherwise.

How Can I Redeem Walgreens’ Rewards?

You do not have to do anything to redeem Walgreens Cash. The only action you need to take is to give the clerk your email or phone number at checkout.

Make sure that you use your Walgreens Cash before it expires. All earned cash expires twelve months from the date it was earned. Further, if you don’t redeem any cash in six months, your account will be closed, and your points will be lost.

So, not only do you need to use your points within a year of earning them, you need to use them often if you want to keep your account.

Is Walgreens’ MyWalgreens Worth It?

If you were a member of the Balance Rewards program, you might find the MyWalgreens program similar in many ways. Further, if you liked that program, you should go ahead and join this program as well. The benefits are similar, and you will still get perks associated with deals and coupons.

The MyWalgreens reward program is worth it if you are a frequent prescription buyer. Because the cashback can be earned in the pharmacy, you don’t lose the benefit like other reward programs.

Further, the MyWalgreens program may seem simple, but it is highly effective and useful for those that frequent the store often. However, if you only go every once and a while, then you probably don’t need to worry about joining the program.

The Walgreens Credit Card gives the biggest benefit to shoppers. The Mastercard isn’t worth the hassle of getting another approval and should be skipped. The bulk of the benefit is in the credit card when it is connected to your account.